Police Lives Matter

Marian Evans and Steven Blair, American Renaissance, January 21, 2015

The anti-police movement is based on anti-white hysteria.

The deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner have prompted a huge “black lives matter” movement. There have now been hundreds of demonstrations, protests, and “die-ins” all over the country to promote the idea that white policemen kill innocent blacks with impunity. Protestors have blocked traffic and been deliberately disruptive. As one spokesman explained, “Since the ‘normal routine’ of America has always included murder of black and Latino people by law enforcement, this week, that ‘normal routine’ must be disrupted.”

The black magazine Essence has devoted its entire February issue to “black lives matter.” There has been be a Black Life Matters conference at the University of Arizona from January 15 through 17, with sessions on “Global Blackness,” “Criminalizing Black Lives,” and “Black Sexualities.” The movement has even spawned a bizarre offshoot in which blacks “invade white spaces” by walking into restaurants serving brunch and yelling the names of blacks who have been killed by the police. Brunch is apparently a form of white privilege.

As anyone who looked into the facts knows, grand juries refused to indict the officers in the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner because the police behaved lawfully and professionally, but facts make no difference to the protestors. But just how many blacks do the police kill every year? Is there any statistical evidence that black lives don’t matter to them?

According to the FBI, between 2008 and 2012, police killed an average of slightly over 400 Americans every year, of which 24 percent were black. Not every police force reports its killings to the FBI, and independent analysts think the actual number is 800 to even 1,000, but there is no reason to think that the racial percentages are different from those reported by the FBI.

Since blacks are only 13 percent of the population, if they account for 24 percent of the people killed by police, it means they are slightly more than twice as likely as non-blacks to die at the hands of the police (see below for how this is calculated). Is this proof of bias that justifies the “black lives matter” movement?

Let’s look at violence that goes the other way. According to the FBI, during the 10 years from 2004 to 2013, a total of 565 Americans “feloniously killed” police officers. Forty-three percent of the killers were black. Last year, the year Michael Brown and Eric Garner were hailed as martyrs, was typical. A survey by co-author Jeff Lipkes found that, in 2014, blacks killed 40 percent of the 47 cops who were murdered on the job. Given their percentage of the population, this means blacks were five times more likely than non-blacks to kill a policeman.

Black violence against cops is perfectly in line with black violence as a whole. For the last year for which arrest records by race are available–2012–blacks accounted for 49.4 percent of arrests for murder, 32.5 percent for rape, 54.9 percent for robbery, and 30.8 percent for burglary. Blacks were therefore more likely than non-blacks to be arrested for all these crimes: from a high of eight times more likely for robbery to a low of three times more likely for burglary.

Liberals try to explain these disproportions by claiming that the police are biased; presumably liberals think police arrest innocent blacks and let guilty whites go. However, a massive annual Department of Justice survey of crime victims finds that the racial breakdown of arrests almost perfectly matches the racial breakdown of reported perpetrators. Victims report that over half the people who mugged them are black–and over half the people arrested for muggings are black. Arrest figures reflect differences in crime rates, not police bias.

Given such high rates black violence, the data suggest that police are shooting far fewer blacks than one would expect. If blacks are five times more likely than other Americans to kill police officers and are approximately four or five times more likely to commit violent crime in general, it would not be surprising if police were four or five times more likely to kill blacks than people of other races–but blacks are only twice as likely to be killed by police. There is nothing remotely resembling the mass murder of blacks that the “black lives matter” movement takes for granted. When Prof. Judith Butler of U.C. Berkeley says blacks are “targeted and hunted” by police as part of a “race war” she is talking dangerous nonsense.

Far from “targeting and hunting blacks,” every police officer knows that a violent encounter with a black could blow up into a scandal that ends his career. Many officers are therefore especially hesitant to shoot a black, and after they have shot someone whose race was not clear, they are relieved to learn he was white and not black.

Given the strikingly violent behavior of blacks, there is every reason for police to be cautious around them. Cops are not appreciated in the ‘hood, and an officer can never be sure that a routine traffic stop will be routine if the driver is a black man.

This 2013 article includes a video of a black man who was driving over the limit with three children in the car. When a white officer stopped him for speeding he got out of the car and opened fire.

Here are some typical cases from 2014 of white officers killed in the line of duty by blacks.

Rochester Police Office Daryl Pierson was shot and killed by a suspect who was fleeing on foot after a traffic stop. The 32-year-old officer left behind a wife and two small children.

Allen Bares, an off-duty Louisiana officer, was mowing his lawn when he saw two young blacks drive a stolen Lexus into a ditch. He walked up to the men and identified himself as a police officer. They fatally shot him, stole his truck, and drove away.

Alexander Thalmann of New Bern, North Carolina, approached a man who was behaving suspiciously. The man ran away, pulled out a handgun, and killed Thalmann, who was 22 years old and had been on the force for only seven months.

Indianapolis police officer Perry Renn was killed when he responded to a 911 call about a man firing a rifle. The killer’s family blamed Renn for his own death, saying that he wouldn’t have been shot if he had just stayed in his car.

Rookie officer Melvin Santiago of Jersey City also died answering a 911 call, when a black who had stabbed a Walgreen’s security guard and stolen his gun shot Santiago as he was getting out of his patrol car.

In Gary, Indiana, Jeffrey Westerfield responded to a domestic violence call and was still in his patrol car with the engine running when a black man walked up to the car and killed him. It was the officer’s 47th birthday, and he left behind four daughters.

Office Jair Cabrera was ambushed by a member of the Phoenix East Side Bloods when he was lured into making a 3:00 a.m. traffic stop.

Another officer may have been the victim of the knockout game. Robert White, a 45-year-old El Paso County constable, was working as a security guard at a Halloween event when he was sucker-punched by a 19-year-old black. He was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Justin Winebrenner, of the Akron Police Department, was in a bar when an unruly patron got into an argument with the bouncer. Winebrenner was fatally shot when he tried to help get the man out of the bar. The black patron shot four others but did not kill them.

In Tarpon Springs, Florida, Charlie Kondek was shot and killed when he answered a call about a black man blasting music from his car and pounding on doors. Kondek left behind six children.

You have never heard any of these names. Unlike the black criminals Eric Garner and Michael Brown, who have become world famous, they were simply white police officers doing their jobs. There is no movement to protest their deaths.

Can it be a surprise that police officers all around the country are furious at government officials, from the president on down, who clearly care more about blacks who died because they committed crimes than about officers who were murdered trying to stop crimes?

This situation cannot last. If it does, responsible whites will leave the profession, and we will be left with white thugs and affirmative-action hires. America will long for the days of officers like Darren Wilson and Daniel Pantaleo.

*Blacks are thirteen percent of the population, but account for 24 percent of all killings by police. Everyone else accounts for 76 percent. To get the relative rate at which blacks are killed by police, divide 24 by 13, to get 1.846. To get the relative rate at which non-blacks are killed by the police, divide (100 – 24) by (100 – 13), or 76 by 87 to get 0.874. The multiple of the black vs. non-black rate is 1.846/0.874 = 2.1.

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  • JohnEngelman

    If black lives matter to blacks why to so many blacks kill other blacks? Why do most black men refuse to marry the mothers of their children and raise them properly?

    • BloodofAlbion75

      “Why do most black men refuse to marry the mothers of their children and raise them properly?”

      Because most black men fail to meet the rigorous standard of what a REAL man truly is.

      • Samuel Hathaway

        Far easier to just let the white taxpayers bear the burden of “fathering” and providing for their children.

      • Spikeygrrl

        “Any healthy adult Human male can be a [biological] father, but it takes a REAL MAN to be a ‘Daddy.'”

        • JohnEngelman

          Most black men would rather be “a sex machine with all the chicks,” than a responsible father.

          • David Ashton

            Frozen adolescence?

          • Spikeygrrl

            Sad but true.

            For them, a woman is not a 3-dimensional, individual Human being (“warts and all”); she’s just another notch on the bedpost. Now and again I wonder if they actually enjoy the sex itself…or if it’s ALL about “bragging rights.”

          • bilderbuster

            Black women/girls are no better than Black males.
            They know the BabyDaddy gonna be a deadbeat and they will still have eight chillin’ with eight different deadbeats.
            Then raise all eight of the boys and girls to repeat the process as soon as they’re old enough to breed.

          • Spikeygrrl

            Again, sad but true.

          • Why not be that with just one, and then be a responsible father? As a rule of thumb, women are more into relationships. Maintaining one of these can be difficult for a self-absorbed “yoof”. How many of them love working at their mothers’ homes? I do, and make replacement parts for things there. The last was only a mounting bracket for a screen door. Mine was twice as thick as the original part, and stainless, from scrap metal I had scrounged; I made a paper template from the original. I have taken up her father’s mantle in this respect, as he has been dead for the last 20 years; I miss him very much. I spent a morning shoveling snow there just after Christmas.

            I have been married eight years, and Sayaka has also come to expect me to be able to make replacement parts for things. Even Glenn once exclaimed while he was staying here, “Jesus Christ, Mike, when you need something you usually just go to the basement and make one.”

            N’DeShitavious doesn’t do that. He completely lacks the sense of responsibility as well as a level of intelligence remotely up to the task.

      • B.A_2014

        Marry a black woman?

        That’s a good one. I thought for a second you were serious.

      • Voland

        Maybe they are not sure if the kids are theirs?

        • bilderbuster

          Black men in Africa will treat their sister’s kids better than their own because they know for sure that they’re related to them.

    • LHathaway

      Perhaps this latest ‘black lives matter’ inversion of the truth will reduce the number they murder, and that would be a good thing?

      • bilderbuster

        No it won’t, and not at all.

    • LexiconD1

      Because when it’s about the police or whites, baby Mama, and sometimes baby Daddy (if they know the biological Daddy, that is) can try to win the ghetto lottery against them.

      Cha-Ching….Because you know, making money off their dead ‘child’ is the new norm to these ‘parents’.

    • Jason Lewis


    • pcmustgo

      Because they are selfish, childish a —- holes, that’s why

    • Telemonian Ajax

      A person who holds a sign with the slogan has no responsibility when someone else kills another person of their genetic lineage. There is no way for a person to stop everyone else from killing, or there would be no killing.

      You could just change the wording to “people with mustaches” and it would make no less sense.

    • Lord Sandwich

      The truth is that black lives are cheap. They always have been. They don’t marry for lots of reasons. There is more welfare money for single mothers. That, and because black women are universally obese. Why have an obese black baby-momma when he can have an obese white baby-momma?

    • Harry Savannah

      No matter what statistic, what utterly logical argument, what slap-in-the-face stark reality, blacks will not internalize it. They are morally unwilling to acknowledge it because as a people they are simply depraved. But what is worse is that all of the white power structures from all of government from the executive to the town councilman to all media, electronic and physical, to military and corporate, to curch and social organizations, etc. are on board with the intellectual and information blackout. This is mass-delusion and hypnosis on a scale that is very nearly impossible to credit. It is also perfidy on a scale unmatched in human history. If it wasn’t for the internet we would be doomed without a shadow of any doubt.

  • AmericanCitizen

    Those black lives only matter to cynical White Liberals who use racial tension to maintain political power and influence. The irony is that the black life doesn’t matter, only the manner in which the life was lost. Black killed a black? That’s a common daily occurrence in many of our urban cities. Nothing to see or get excited about. White killed a black? Could be national news if the white is member of law enforcement.

    • They do complain about blacks killing other blacks. When N’DeShitiavious kills LaTrine for “dating” someone else, loudmouths like Al $harpton gripe about whites having guns.

  • superlloyd

    Well argued piece exposing the illogical, ignorant positions adopted by black activists that have been supplied their baseless arguments by their lying, liberal manipulators and teachers.

  • Caucasoid88

    Please spread awareness.

    • shawnmer

      LOL’d for about a solid minute!

  • These protest and attacks on police officers – in fact, on the entire U.S. police establishment – by blacks and their white liberal enablers is really more about breaking down order, civility, and allowing the black undertow to run amuck.

    This entire protest movement is being promoted and equipped by communists and anarchists who intend to break-down the ‘system’ and, apparently, implement one that’s more socialist in orientation. This is an attack on our Constitution, our way of life, and upon the founding stock of this nation.

    • Texan1st

      Exactly! George Soros and his Open Society Network helped fund the Ferguson riots. Back when the Occupy movement was in full swing, I noted on here that when they were cleared out of a city park, bags of groceries were left behind. Inside those bags were receipts showing that SEIU had paid for the Occupier’s food. SEIU also helped organize both of these events and handled the logistics. The National Lawyer’s Guild offered their services pro-bono to any protesters that were arrested. ACLU attorney’s were on hand, walking amongst the protesters, to monitor police responses.
      When SEIU was protesting in my city and snarling traffic, attorneys for the ACLU were there as well, as was the offers of pro-bono representation from the National Lawyer’s Guild.
      It’s always the same small group of players. The problem is their pockets are deep. Open Society Network, SEIU, ACLU, SPLC, ADL, National Lawyer’s Guild, (the former) ACORN. They all have each other on speed dial, coordinating their efforts to break down “the system”.

      • Veritas

        And they are never held accountable for it or exposed for what they are. They are given complete shielding from scrutiny by their stooges in the media.

      • bilderbuster

        Soro’s and the media?
        They’re Irish aren’t they?

    • connorhus

      And in all fairness there are many Whites and Conservatives that have felt the iron boot of Police actions themselves and are simply staying out of it. How many Patriot or Conservative groups have been branded as “terrorist” by law enforcement all over the country? When the Liberals show up with the protests, marches or activist judge rulings it’s those same LEO’s who are there adding force to their will.

      • True, and you make a valid point. The vast majority of cops, however, are NOT abusing nor looking to abuse whites and conservatives.

        And while it’s true that these same cops show up at protests and marches, they are not there to target whites or conservatives, but to keep the general order knowing full well that both political groups would be at each other’s throats if no police presence were there.

        Some whites and conservative protesters have, at times, been guilty of provoking and antagonizing the police. I’ve met some in my career who while in the right politically, were quite hostile and unreasonable.

        Also, it’s not the average cop who works the streets who labels patriot or conservative groups as “terrorists,” but law enforcement administrations based on what they are told by such groups as SPLC.

        • connorhus

          Yet they still go and punch in on the clock and do what they are told. If they had a problem with Conservative groups being labeled terrorist by their masters then they should walk away. No matter how they feel personally the average cop is still the enforcer of Multi-Cult laws being handed down.

          Just following orders and needing to make a living might be enough of an excuse to keep many from outright condemning them but it ain’t enough of one to get us out supporting them either.

          It might be best to treat this as a fork in the road. Law enforcement in general needs to start deciding which fork they are going to follow.

          • Greg Thomas

            Most of the cops in this part are anchor babies and mestizos. Which fork do you think they are going to follow?

  • shawnmer

    Every clear eyed person here at AR states the obvious: Black lives DON’T actually matter, merely, as one astute commenter states below, simply the manner in which they were killed. This prompts a further question, why?

    Because there is no MONEY in holding protest marches against gangbangers! There is no political favor to be gained with liberal politicians in attacking black criminals. There is, as a corollary, a bit of physical danger in being a highly visible activist in your neighborhood pushing cops to get the drug dealers out of business.

    Conversely, there is ZERO physical danger in protesting against cops and unprovable intangibles like “white privilege, ” and plenty of political capital to be had in pushing redistribution from the productive (whites) to the unproductive (blacks.)

    • pcmustgo


      • pcmustgo

        It’s not about Cops, It’s not about Police Brutality, It’s not about Obama, it’s about how their problems are white people’s fault.

    • MathMan

      Isn’t ‘White Privilege’ simply due to White Superiority?

  • Albert

    I’d love to see an in depth study of how much black lives really matter based on two simple things- how much they produce vs how much they cost the government.

    • The government doesn’t have any money. They extort it from people who work to earn it.

      • ShermanTMcCoy

        They extort it from non-black/brown people.

    • ShermanTMcCoy

      Remove AA and 90% of them would be unemployed. Blacks are a net loss no matter where they are.

  • KenelmDigby

    The only real solution is the revival of the Liberia colonization project.
    Then blacks can happily police themselves, and won’t have whitey’s ugly face glaring at them.

    • bilderbuster

      There’s Liberians coming here claiming to be refugees.
      And Black South Africans claiming to be refugees from Black run South Africa.

  • John Jackson

    I still say people should quit equating MB and EG, these two cases were completely different, I know the lefties will do it for obvious reasons, but why are whites on the right doing it too? The MB thing is cut and dry, to me EG is more murky and I don’t necessarily want to plant my flag with some of those officers.

    • BlueSonicStreak

      Agreed; I wouldn’t immediately leap to defend the officers in the latter case. I don’t think they’re exactly guilty of “murder,” either, but…

      Defending both cases as if they are equally clear actually undermines the argument for Wilson’s innocence.

      • John Jackson

        Exactly, I’m not claiming they should be charged with murder or anything like that either, just I do think all things considered they got a bit to rough to quick.

        I certainly am not buying into all the “racist” nonsense or that they had any intention of killing him, but I certainly wouldn’t say it was anything like the Darren Wilson incident.

    • Yancy Derringer

      It’s critical to know, however, that it was a black female police sergeant, on site, who ordered the cops under her command to take Garner down to arrest him, after Garner resisted non-physical arrest. The media hide this fact from readers and viewers; this is a very serious lie by omission.

      The broader serious lie by omission is the content of the article above. The article does no less than very clearly answer what logically should be the initial question: “Is this so-called epidemic of white cops murdering blacks true?”

      Yet our major networks, newspapers, and their websites avoid that question like the plague. And right there is gravest issue in all of this.

      • bilderbuster

        You’re right of course, but the subject of who owns the media and why they hate White people isn’t allowed to be discussed.

  • The Dude

    • Jason Lewis

      Just out today Feds cleared the officer of any wrong doing. I bet they’re glad they burned down the town.

      • bilderbuster

        They are, and so are the ones who allowed them to burn it.

  • Lt. Greyman, NVA

    “This situation cannot last. If it does, responsible whites will leave
    the profession, and we will be left with white thugs and
    affirmative-action hires. America will long for the days of officers
    like Darren Wilson and Daniel Pantaleo.”

    I think that is the point.

    Obama and Holder have been very effective in eliminating the White from the ranks of the Federal Government, essencially creating a new black middle class. For example the “EEOC is 90% black. The Police ranks are next. Third are the teachers, to stigmatize a new generation and lastly the military.

    With those four pillars in place the table is set. White are ruled over by a black government that serves only black needs, with a black education system to watch Whites and instill guilt and rob them of their heritage, black police to keep any attempts of “racist” resistance crushed and a minority filled Army to watch the young aggressive ones that might become leaders of such resistance.

  • Realist.44

    Black life only “matters” to a black person if a white kills one of them, especially a white police officer. MSM and the race hucksters among other factors have convinced blacks (and many liberal lemmings) that white men are evil and guilty of everything from bad weather to incorrect fast-food orders. Multiculturalism=destruction of Euro culture. So in a crazy land where Maslow’s lower stepped behavior is touted as “cool” and shiny objects and dry humping the air is normal, blacks expect to have free reign to attack whites anytime they want to.
    As a sidebar, when those loud mouthed fools started yelling while I was in a restaurant trying to eat I would cheer and clap every time these racists read a name off their “death roll.” I predict a call to the police would have to quickly follow of course….you know.

  • In Building 6 (a.k.a. “The Monkey House”) of the Denver County Jail, I was once called “nigga” by the “yoof” I taught to play chess. He was as black as the ace of spades, just turned 18, and in for car theft. He used to cry at night, in full understanding of what he’d done to his future. Maybe he didn’t have one, but he seemed pretty sad, so I cheered him up I looked up from the chess board and he started laughing. “We’re all n!&&ers here,” I explained in a soft, low voice. He nodded and grinned. Laundry there was a bucket of water and some soap.

    • HE2

      “We’re all n!&&ers here”

      Dang, Michael. I know you were being hail-fellow-well-met, we are all equal here, but please never ever say that to me even if we sit next to each other on the Group W Bench of Dante’s Inferno.

  • ShermanTMcCoy

    I won’t the first, nor the last to say that “blacks lives don’t matter.” They are a pestilence on the planet.

    • bilderbuster

      Even the “protesters” don’t give a rat’s rear end about them.
      They only use them as an excuse to hate on the White man.

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      Just think of all the poor parasites and diseases in Africa that wouldn’t have been able to survive over the last several hundred thousand years without the Negroes to feed off.

      Parasites feeding off parasites.


  • bilderbuster

    When Tarzan saw his first Black man he said: “Bless my heart and bless my soul, I just saw a walking Tootsie Roll”.

  • mike j

    “This situation cannot last. If it does, responsible whites will leave
    the profession, and we will be left with white thugs and
    affirmative-action hires. America will long for the days of officers
    like Darren Wilson and Daniel Pantaleo.”

    We Americans have allowed ourselves to be dominated by non-productive, criminal minority, which now demands exemption from all of the laws that bind us. Our country is not redeemable by normal political processes. At this stage, worse is probably better. When Americans truly understand that Africans threaten their very lives and that there’s no point in calling the cops, perhaps they’ll take up arms and put a stop to all this foolishness.

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      “This situation cannot last. If it does, responsible whites will leave
      the profession, and we will be left with white thugs and
      affirmative-action hires. America will long for the days of officers
      like Darren Wilson and Daniel Pantaleo.”

      It has already happened around here. 99.999% of cops are complete idiots. I am sure I have mentioned it before on this forum. Almost all have a bully attitude. I have only met 3 cops who seemed to be honest, and saw what was happening around them. Strangely one of those 3 cops was a black woman. The other 2 were white men. If I mention the people who are behind it, I am called a Nazi raciss by the Republican right wing whack jobs.

      This isn’t only with law enforcement. I have the same problems with Doctors and health care.

  • laura r

    a black life is worthless unless its taken by a white.

  • laura r

    a black life is worthless unless its taken by a white.

  • hubert j cumberdale

    the thinly veiled racism and paranoia in this comment section was at first astounding, but after looking at what website I was on I can’t say I’m surprised.

    • BlueSonicStreak

      There’s no “thinly veiled” racism, brah. We’re racist. You seem to be lost. Were you looking for something? Perhaps we can direct you to whatever it was you were looking for.

      • hubert j cumberdale

        oh sorry i was looking for a civilized society that can accurately assess and discuss complex issues while recognizing their own biases and retaining empathetic viewpoints. i guess ill keep moving i’ve clearly landed in the wrong place

        • BlueSonicStreak

          Don’t lie; no, you weren’t.

          • hubert j cumberdale

            Sorry m8, it’s what I’ve been searching for for a while, and I’m still looking for it

          • BlueSonicStreak

            Historically, many societies we recognize as “civilized” were very “racist.” Our insistence now that it’s primitive and uncivilized is only a few decades old, and has hardly stood the test of time as a wise move.

            Complex issues also get discussed here all the time, with varying degrees of empathy and acknowledged bias – like pretty much everywhere else on the internet where educated people have strong opinions.

            So if you were really looking for what you claim, you’d bookmark this place as maybe an “alternate viewpoint” to check up on sometimes even if you disagree with it.

            But you’re not that intellectually honest.

          • hubert j cumberdale

            uhhhhhh so I take it you didn’t read any of the other comments in this thread then?

            and not sure who the “we” is referring to when you say “we recognize.”

            Alternative viewpoint hahahaha wow yes, that’s a good pc spin.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            uhhhhhh so I take it you didn’t read any of the other comments in this thread then?

            The thread is old, but I’m sure I read 90% of it at the time. Regardless, I’m familiar with the tone of AmRen comments. I agree with some, and not with others.

            and not sure who the “we” is referring to when you say “we recognize.”

            Um. Okay, would you like to list a culture – ANY culture – prior to 1960 which you would consider both “civilized” and not racist?

            If you consider NOTHING but the Western world post-1965 “civilized,” you are going to have to justify that.

            Alternative viewpoint hahahaha wow yes, that’s a good pc spin.

            Well, that’s precisely what it is. Actually, I should have said viewPOINTS, because there’s no one monolithic opinion here on race relations or how we should all live.

            The knee-jerk characterization of sites like this as [whatever you want to call it – “neo-Nazi,” “white supremacist,” etc.] ALSO silences more moderate dialogue that even the likes of liberals ought to consider valuable.

            Prof. Carol Swain has expressed the concern that it is folly to write off white nationalists without consideration, because the movement has grown out of racial tensions that are not being fully addressed in Western society. It fell on deaf ears, of course, with her being called, “an apologist for white supremacists,” even though she clearly disagrees strongly with white nationalism.

            People like you are essentially doing the same thing as the people who attacked Prof. Swain without listening to what she was saying.