Grappling with the Black Underclass: Plan B

Joseph Kay, American Renaissance, February 24, 2012

Congress should pass a “2012 Urban Relocation and Development Act.”

Since the mid-1960s the federal government has tried to eliminate the black underclass. These are the folk who rarely work, and survive thanks to welfare. They are prone to criminality, illegitimacy, mayhem, drug addiction, and illiteracy, among countless other intractable pathologies. We are not speaking of African Americans generally, but perhaps the bottom 20 percent of all native-born blacks, though some would put this figure higher.

The cost to society of this underclass far exceeds the billions spent on futile remediation, though that is bad enough. Its presence makes countless cities (and now even suburbs) virtually unlivable for millions of whites and blacks. And matters seemingly grow worse as cities such as Philadelphia and New Orleans edge toward becoming the next East Saint Louis or Detroit.

So, given that every conventional, expensive intervention over the last half century has failed—perhaps even exacerbated matters—what’s Plan B? Let us begin by recognizing that a successful Plan B must have three characteristics. First, black leaders must accept it, so anything that smacks of “racism” or reduces material benefits is DOA. Second, the plan must be cheaper than present futile efforts but without requiring riot-generating cold turkey. Finally, it must be politically feasible (even for skinflint Republicans), consistent with mainstream political values, and be possible to implement relatively quickly.

Believe it or not, Plan B exists. In brief, Congress needs to pass an updated version of P.L. 103-66, which President Clinton signed into law on August 10th, 1993. This act, popularly known as the Empowerment Act of 1993, set up a ten-year trial for urban and rural “Empowerment Zones” that would (supposedly) reduce poverty by attracting businesses to underclass areas via tax breaks, tax-exempt bond financing, accelerated property depreciation, loan guarantees, and social services. Needless to say, everything failed. Atlanta, for example, squandered millions concocting fantasy plans for hi-tech industrial parks. Few employers took the bait, and the chief beneficiaries were bureaucrats and community organizers who were supposed to be transforming the underclass into decent employees.

Our Plan B uses this rhetoric only as window dressing. It is impossible to eliminate the underclass but its impact can be mitigated by concentrating it. So, instead of dozens of cities troubled by a disorderly underclass, let us relocate it to just a handful of cities. Let flash mobs attack each other. Concentration reduces administrative overhead while cutting crime and mayhem in those places the underclass leaves behind. The trick is to persuade millions of people to move. How could that be done?

Under the “2012 Urban Relocation and Development Act,” Washington would buy up vacant houses in just a few already underclass-dominated cities and give them away to anyone willing to put sweat equity into them—in effect, free housing. Washington would pay the local real estate tax and moving expenses, and offer a weekly cash bonus to help these newly minted “urban pioneers” adjust to their new environment. There would be low-interest loans for housing rehabilitation, and local workers would get a strong preference for the construction jobs. Churches and other community organizations would, for a fee, administer the work, but the checks themselves would be government issued to minimize stealing. Unskilled locals would be trained at government expense and receive a “training wage.”

Cities such as Detroit and East Saint Louis, which we would expect to be included in the Urban Relocation and Development Act, would be revitalized by newly arrived, cash-flush residents. Vast tracts of now desolate urban American would be rebuilt, or would at least have lots of activity that resembled a construction boom. Abandoned schools would be fixed up and hold classes again, closed stores would re-open, and the city payroll would explode.

Financially this program would be a wash, since no new funding would be required. Money now spent in, say, San Francisco, would be spent in Detroit instead.

It is important to note that there is nothing about this program that is “racial,” though I’d predict that nearly all transplants would be black. Who else would want to move to Camden, NJ? Moreover, and again not explicitly, nearly all the government-created jobs would go to African Americans; city residence could be a job requirement. The act would also be an electoral windfall for would-be black office holders since population increase means more political fiefdoms and administrative appointments. Democrats would be happy to have more Democratic elected officials, and Republicans would quietly relish the idea of shifting blacks out of their districts to ensure Republican (white) majorities. The days of municipal cut-backs would be over. After all, Newark cannot be turned around on a starvation, short-handed municipal budget. An especially nice feature of the act is that it fits well with the proclivity of African Americans to re-locate to wherever government benefits are greatest.

Will the act reduce the size of the black underclass? No—schools will still overflow with gangs and drug dealing, and crime will remain as high as ever. This is not about manufacturing a black middle class. But sacrificing a few cities that are already disaster zones would reduce the underclass presence in other areas, and this alone justifies the cost. Cities losing their black underclass would benefit handsomely in reduced education and policing costs, and improved quality of life.

To be sure, further concentrating the black lower class may exacerbate certain pathologies. However, the problems that result from this migration would be problems for underclass blacks and their leaders, not for decent whites and blacks who want to escape the mayhem.

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Joseph Kay
Joseph Kay is a retired academic who suffers from compulsive truth-telling disorder.
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  • Waywont

    I like the idea. The problem would be selling it, as I can hear the screams of “Concentration Camps!” even now.

    It might be an easier sell in the aftermath of a major inner city riot. Just a thought.

    • Hirschibold

       Think of how the blowhard, Alex Jones-loving conspiracy theorists would fall all over themselves telling everyone how these were the “FEMA Camps” they had warned them about, and that the same people who pulled off the “inside jobs” of Katrina and 9-11 are now going for the coup-De-grace, so to speak.

      • A few months ago, there was a piece on the Alex Jones website all in a tizzy that the Federal government was conspiring to put blacks and Hispanics into concentration camps.

        As if I’m supposed to be upset about that?  It’s just too bad I gave up drinking, otherwise I’d have some champagne on ice waiting for the occasion.  99% of the civil unrest the Alex Jones types worry about come from blacks and Hispanics, factor them out and we’re basically Sweden (sans its own minorities) but with warmer weather.

        Which is why I say: Caveat Emptor when it comes to Alex Jones. He’s about half right, the trick is figuring out which half.

  • Neo90

    This would not work.  That is all I have to say.

    Any government intervention in this area could equally well be used against Whites.

    I think these things will naturally separate out on their own, if the government gets out of the business of forced integration. 

  • candide

    A black female clergy person told me that the black underclass during segregation had a black middle class to look to for GUIDANCE AND MORAL EXAMPLE.  That black middle class has MOVED INTO WHITE NEIGHBORHOODS AND LEFT THE RIFFRAFF to manage themselves. 

  • Detroit_WASP

    Yikes!  I hope this article is a joke.   This will never work….too “racist” to even be discussed in a serious manner.

    Seriously, we need a civilized eugenics program to eliminate (as much as possible) the under class.
    PAY low IQ, troubled, violent people of all races to be sterilized.   And encourage high IQ people to have more kids.  Right now the lowest IQ people have the most kids and the highest IQ people have thefewest kids.  We have to reverse that!  Other than Democrats having their voting base eroded, I honestly can’t think of any drawbacks!

    We also need to eliminate welfare and replace it with an actual workfare program.   If you cannot find a job in the private sector, and must go on workfare, here is what is expected of you.  

    1.   You show up for work each day at 8 AM.  You show up on time and sober or you will be sent home and NOT PAID for that day. 

    2.  If you have kids, they go to the day care center ran by other people like you.  So, having kids is not an excuse for not working.

    3.  Your work will be sweeping streets, raking vacant lots, cutting grass, cleaning up trash, painting houses, tearing down houses that are too far gone to save.  Anything that needs to be done, you will do rain or shine.

    4.  You will be paid slightly less than minimum wage which will give you an incentive to GET OFF of workfare.   

    5.  If you cause trouble, you go to jail where the work is even harder.  Chronic offenders of law will be sterilized, no choice and no payment for it.   If you don’t show up for work each day, you don’t get paid.  

    6.  Capital punishment is a must.  Some crimes are too terrible to EVER release the individual who did them and taxpayers should not be expected to feed and house them.  If a guy kills people, there are 15 witnesses, it is on video tape and he confessed, do we really need to waste decades on trials and appeals?

    It’s really pretty simple.  Reward good behavior and punish bad behavior. 

  • jackellis

    Try various forms of benevolent feudalism. 

    Underclass Blacks will work some time – just not all the time and shouldn’t be expected to achieve 1950s suburban affluence, social morals.

    The benevolent forms of feudalism with provide underclass Blacks with food and shelter, basic medical care, social activities like sports that don’t involve murder and mayhem (boxing, NFL football are OK).

    Population control has to be a key component – fertility must be replacement level and nothing more – so the 1970s programs of AFDC Black welfare mothers having 10 children, that has to be ended forever and it looks like great progress has been achieved in this area.

    Everyone associated with programs, education of the Black underclass has to become tough but fair, understanding that this demographic group has destroyed every city it has touched. 

    Read  “Code of the Street” by Elijah Anderson 
    Manchild in the Promised Land by Claude Browne
    Sexual Suicide  – by George Gilder
    Losing Ground – Charles Murray

  • You want Whites to buy houses and give them away to the completely abominable black and brown menace.

    Yuck. I’d sooner buy a fleet of ships and buses than buy 1 house for these psychopath ingrates.

    This is such cowardice, man. This really is the Great Society bribery scheme all over again.
    I have noticed this lately on the race realist front. It isn’t so much that you are opposed to paying protection money to a permanent, non-White criminal and dependent underclass, it is just that you’d like to possibly pay a little less and in a so-called “better” or more efficient way.

    To Hell with that! I say not one more welfare handout of bribe or “gibsmuhdat” and all the current stuff is abolished. Cold turkey and lets have the rioting. Bring. It. On. I’m prepared for a long, hot nationwide summer. I’d say it is at least 50 years overdo. Lets quit giving black and brown our lunch money, band together and fight back.

    • JohnEngelman

      From 1964 to 1968 American cities were devastated by black ghetto riots. The Kerner Commission blamed the riots on “white racism.” In other words, the riots were not the fault of those breaking the law, but on whites who were not breaking the law.
      The Kerner Commission did not explain why the riots began after the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was signed, rather than before, when presumably white racism was more of a problem. The Kerner Commission did not explain why there were no riots of any size in the former Confederate states, where white racism was probably still more problematic. The analysis of the Kerner Commission does not explain why the riots ended as soon as Richard Nixon, who condemned the report  of the Kerner Commission, was inaugurated president. 
      More than any other single factor the black ghetto riots turned the United States into a Republican country. During the 1960s the Democratic party  went out on a limb to help the blacks. Blacks cut off the limb. 

  • Also, your little fairy tale assumes an awful lot. Chiefly that blacks will show up and put forth “sweat equity.” The last time that happened was at whip crack and shotgun blast in cotton patches 150 years ago and they still complain about it.

    Good luck getting all the ghetto residents to accept no more food, clothing, shelter, babysitting (I won’t call it education for these morons) and guilt-trip employment in an artificial middle class in exchange for “sweat equity.”

    Also, you make the mistake in thinking that black “churches” are a positive to this enterprise or any other instead of being some of the most loathsome parasites on blacks and on the world in general.

  • JohnEngelman

    This plan is too complicated, and too expensive. I have learned to distrust major efforts by the government to solve problems caused by the underclass. Nevertheless, from 1980 to 2010 the crime rate per 100,000 inhabitants in the United States has declined from 5,950.0 to 3,345.5. From 1991 to 2010  the rate of violent crime per 100,000 inhabitants has declined from 758.1 to 403.6. The murder rate during this time has declined from 9.8 to 4.8 per 100,000 inhabitants.
    What has happened since 1980? For one thing, the prison population grew from 315,974 in 1980 to 1,428,187 in 2000.
    Increasing the prison population, unlike moving underclass blacks around the country,  is a policy of proven effectiveness, that has broad popular support. The high cost of incarceration can be reduced by the thorough exploitation of prison labor, and an end to educational and recreational facilities. Criminals do not deserve those. They have debts to pay society.
    In their book, “Freakonomics,” Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner argue plausibly that the Roe v. Wade decision of 1973 is primarily responsible for the decline in the rate of violent crime that began in 1992. The kind of females who are most likely to have abortions are most likely to raise boy babies who grow up to become violent street criminals. They are also most likely to raise those boys on Aid to Families with Dependent Children. 
    A potential mugger who was aborted in 1974 would have been eighteen in 1992.
    The conservative in me favors incremental policies that have worked in the past. I lack confidence in expensive social experiments where the results are uncertain. 
    The problems of the underclass are essentially biological. Qualities that had survival value in the African jungle several centuries ago threaten more evolved humans in the twenty first century. Moreover, we are running out of jobs for people with low IQs. We need to reduce the birth rate of those people. We can do this by replacing Aid to Families with Dependent Children with free abortion on demand, and by putting congenital criminals in prison when they are younger, and keeping them there longer so that they cannot procreate. These are directions we have been moving in since 1973. They are policies of proven effectiveness. 

  • sbuffalonative

    While it’s a plan, it will never get off the ground for the first reason:
    “…black leaders must accept it, so anything that smacks of “racism” or reduces material benefits is DOA.”
    Black leaders and their liberal-progressive apologists would never go for it simply because, as much as you would protest,  it smacks of ‘racism’.
    Blacks and liberal whites want integration. They see it as the means to an end; racial utopia. Anything that would segregate blacks, even if it was what blacks wanted, wouldn’t be allowed.

  • MikeofAges

    The people here who are talking about “workfare and “industrial feudalism” might be a bit extreme, but they are on the right track. What we are talking about here are people with limited education, in many instances sobriety problems, and little or no work history. They also have no personal transportation in most cases and cannot reasonably be expected to make it on their own to jobs any large distance away from their own communities.

    Becoming an adequate worker takes time and experience. Many will never be more than marginally adequate for any kind of work. One answer is to have people arrive in the morning at some local location. If they were not impaired, they would get on a bus or in a van, go to wherever they were working, work for the day, and then get taken back at the end of the day. No need to talk about the achievement gap anything else. Those who can advance will, those who can’t will remain at the bottom. I don’t like the idea of a sub-minimum or “workfare” wage. It is demeaning and a little merciless especially for the people who will remain in this kind of work program for the rest of their working lives. And I do hope they have one, a working life. Better this than what the bottom 20 percent has now.

  • Works for me.

  • Hirschibold

    One problem is that congress (and government in general) have been able to remain heedless of reality and consequence for so long, that it does not occur to them that we are headed over a cliff. California (in part due to being Minority-Majority) is now dead broke. The solution of politicians on the Left and Right? Let’s do everything in our power to make the rest of America look like California as quickly as possible.

    Charles Murray talks about this phenomenon in his new book. When he was in the Ivy League in the 1960s and 70s, the elite still lived in and among the people to a certain extent. Now, students at elite colleges (and soldiers, and politicians) live in almost entirely separate, bubble-like enclaves. When the people who rule over / have decision-making power over a group with whom they have very little contact, they usually do not do what is in the best interest of the masses.

  • Hirschibold

     A lot of medical jobs seem to pay decently. An RN can easily make $60,000 at an entry level position, working in the public sector. That is not incredibly lucrative, but is certainly enough to dissuade one from armed robbery.

  • ograf

    I think it would be easier to just give black minorities any and all social benefits without qualification.
    They have lived with racism, and discrimination for a very long time.  It has actually got to the point where they are expected to follow laws which are definitely “raciss” in nature.  These poor people shouldn’t ever be corrected for misbehaviour from assaulting whites, to not paying for merchandise in Korean or Muslim owned convenient stores.  Actually each major metro area should be appointed an advisor similiar to Al Sharpton, or that other fool who wants to defend the poor 18 black men that raped an 11 year old girl.  That was truly her fault, and an apology should be forthcoming from the hispanic (in this case) community for letting the girl seduce these otherwise chaste indivicuals.

    P.S.  and when I wake up please shoot me in the head as painlessly as possible.  

  • anarchyst

    There would be a  problem with “allowing” blacks to do the “gang work” (roadwork) from the many municipal “labor unions” that would scream bloody murder if the unemployed were to “do union work”.  How many people have witnessed government employees doing “road work”–three people standing around while one person with a shovel throwing cold patch towards a pothole (and missing it entirely).

  • slobotnavich

    Interesting thoughts but I suspect ultimately this would merely relocate typically indolent blacks. I would suggest relocating them to Haiti instead.

  • 1gravity

    When I first read Professor Kay’s article, I was offended.  The state of black America, with its woeful effect on the rest of us, is not a proper subject for a tongue in cheek essay.

    That being said, may I comment.  There is no Plan B.  We have been providing the black underclass with what is known in the medical profession as hospice care.  Few now, and certainly no one on this board, expect the patient to recover.  

    The black underclass, and its many allies, continuously remind the rest of us of the ongoing price for racial peace, such as it is.  I say we stop paying, organize and wait.


  • Cyb

    everyone pays 4,000 a year in additional taxes per child. if ur on welfare and receive 20,000 a year, with 2 children u will receive only 12,000 a year. no matter how many children u get no more than a 2 bedroom apt. having kids puts you to the back of the line for free housing

    free sterilization days in every high school when kids turn 16

    poof problem solved

  • Cyb

    I wonder if all the blacks in prison lived on potatos that they grew themselves, no electric lights or AC, and had to spend 8 hours a day peddling bike generators how much electricity 3 million incarcerated americans can generate. I bet it could make a big dent in the energy crisis

    • If your very life relied on a heart-lung machine, would you plug it into the outlet that led to potato-fueled black prisoners on exercise bikes?

  • Federale

    I don’t think this would either be attractive to blacks or would work in the end.  A better plan is just to use the five year plan of benefits limit to wean blacks off welfare.  Deporting illegal aliens would open up employment with demands commensurate with their job skills.  Basically in the end treating them like the Joads.  If they want to live, they will have to work.

  • Carney3

    The 1996 welfare reform was imposed by fed-up whites over the vehement opposition of blacks.  The Bill Bratton / Rudy Giuliani crime crackdown, California’s imposition of “three strikes and you’re out”, Virginia’s abolishment of parole, all happened over the vehement opposition of blacks.   All were not only good ideas, they were actually passed AND IMPLEMENTED, with very positive results, over much yelling about “racism” from  blacks and their enablers.  So I don’t buy the proposition that any further reform grappling with the black underclass needs to get the support of blacks.  They’re only one-eighth of the country.  If enough of us make up our mind, we can impose our wishes on them and they are utterly helpless to resist, squawk and threaten though they may.  That’s not just big talk, it’s a conclusion based on repeatedly documented fact.

  • mikejones91

    Do you think whites will ever take the cities back? I have always wondered that. My dad grew up in Philly during the 70s, when it was a TRUE white majority. The way he would describe it, made it sound like a utopia. Lots of people, lots of girls, and lots of fun things to do. Obviously there was crime, but not NEARLY as much as there is now. Not to mention, the music that the “majority” listened too during that time didn’t promote/glorify violence/racism/degradation of women.  He can’t even drive through his old neighborhood without being “flagged down” to buy drugs. You see, the only reason for a “white man” to be “there” is to buy heroin. Which sadly, is completely true. I live in a suburb of Philly. Its not rural, at all. There is a lot going on, and a lot of people to meet lol. I love where I live and can’t help but think it has shaped me into who I am today for the better. Nonetheless..I know there is cities with a white majority but I have never been to any of them. For me, a resident of S.E Pennsylvania, this concept is “foreign” to say the least. I wonder what an ALL black city would look like…If the residents listened to “Queen” “The Who” ect, ect.

  • Well wouldn’t we have to get rid of the white underclass too?

  • davejon

    It’s comical, here in the UK, to see the lengths supposedly intelligent members of “our” elites  go to in order to “deny” racial differences, especially in general intelligence.

    Leading members of the criminal justice system refuse even to contemplate and factor in any idea that blacks are such a problem due fundamentally to low average IQ. So what do we do?

    The Emperor has no clothes!

    Watching them wriggle and squirm as they deny is hilarious – I often wonder how the UK has been so succesful over the years if our rulers have been so pusillanimous, or have I missed the point?

  • Detroit_WASP

    Making people work for what they get isn’t Draconian…is it?

    My Masters Degree is in education.  Most of us understand that there is more than one way to skin a cat, and more than one way to tell how smart someone it.

    I doubt that we will accidently execute or sterilize the next Einstein!  My dad had a 6th grade education from a one room school house in the mountains of Kentucky.  He didn’t read and write very well, but well enough to found and run a successful business for 35 years and obviously not a dummy.    An academic record of 12 years (for most people) is also a very good indicator of intelligence.  It all doesn’t come down to one test….LOL (as if).   

    “Freedom” isn’t defined by mindlessly breeding out of control… it? 

    My solution to breeding out the dim people is color-blind and MAY stand a chance of being accepted by reasonable people.  If you have better ideas, other than “freedom” I am all ears.    

  • anarchyst

    At the risk of sounding “sexist” (I don’t care), there were good reasons why women were not given the right to vote or to own property, etc.  While I don’t wish to go back to the “good-old-days” (they weren’t) it is important to see WHY things were the way the were in those times. 
     When asked by a black man for a “date” many (white) women will fall for the “you won’t date me because I’m black” line and will end up being taken advantage of by the black man.  Look at how many women bear biracial children when the black man is nowhere in sight.  ATTENTION white women–once you go “black” we don’t want you back.  White women (and many men) who follow the white racist line are some of the biggest race traitors and DESERVE shunning and ostracization.

  • chris8lee

    Civilization and ontology