An End to Racial Preferences?

Henry Wolff, American Renaissance, February 23, 2012

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  • Anan7

    I remain hopeful but skeptical that Affirmative Action will be overturned. It has been with us since 1965, so the onus is on us to stand up for ourselves against this injustice.

    The culture has instilled a sense of White guilt into everyone.  Here at my graduate school if I even suggest that blacks and Hispanics be held to the same standards as Whites I would be crucified.

    Obviously I keep my mouth shut most of the time!

  • Herman

    Like it or not racial preferences are here to say.

    No matter what the Court decides people will find ways around it.

    And if Obama gets another one or two Supreme Court picks legal anti-white discrimination will probably be the law of the land.

    • ageofknowledge

      Which he probably will because the GOP has pushed away so much of their base in an attempt to please the 1%.

      The millions who lost their jobs and couldn’t find any work afterwards due to free trade, immigration, and the Great Recession see no economic recovery in the GOP’s platform to continue free trade and immigration while cutting any help they currently get.

      These middle-aged law abiding people paid taxes for decades and the GOP wants to put them all on the street where they’ll eventually be thrown in jail for trying to steal food rather than end free trade agreements and restore economic nationalism so they can go back to work.

      Everyone who is sick and in need of medical care can’t vote for them.

      It’s a long list of former Republicans turned independent that the GOP has created. And at the end of it, that’s the reason why they aren’t going to win. They pushed too much of their own base away to protect the wealth and power of the 1%.

    • Hirschibold

      Or if someone like Newt Gingrich becomes president. Call it class warfare on my part if you like, but a man who spends hundreds of thousands on gifts from Tiffany & Co. for his girlfriend is not going to give a fig for some white man who’s losing out on a job at 60,000 per year.

  • libertarian4339

    “Justice O’Connor, writing for the 5-4 majority, argued that “diversity” is such a compelling interest that public universities may discriminate against whites and Asians in order to achieve it. ”

    Anybody that thinks diversity is a “compelling interest” doesn’t really understand the ramifications of tribalizing a society and to my way thinking isn’t playing with a full deck.

    This same SCOTUS deemed integrating the races in prison was necessary, because, in so many words, the majority believed it was a good thing.  Diversity to them is so good and necessary it should be forced on killers and other criminals who despise any race other than their own.

    This is a pretty good example of what people mean when they speak of educated idiots.


  • sbuffalonative

    At the time I said Gutter solved nothing. All it did was say race could be used as a criteria for admission but overt quotas were illegal. Apparently, it has even made things worse.I don’t know how much out of court social fraternizing goes on after hours. Is Justice O’Connor still in contact with current members of the court? If so, will she be an advocate for her own ruling? I have to believe she will be interested in seeing her ’25 year’ remark  upheld or even extended as she argued in an option piece. While I’m hopeful, I won’t be counting the chickens before they hatch.

  • radical7

    The fact is that racial preferences are no different than gender, veteran, regional, religious and alumni prefernces. If we target just race than this is unjust. We should outlaw all preferences not target just one.  I anticiapte that the Supreme Court will do the right thing and uphold the current law.

    • If SCOTUS upholds it, they’ll be doing so because it’s not a racial preference de jure, even though it is one de facto.

      However, if you want the judiciary to end the strict scrutiny test for racial classifications, be my guest.  You don’t realize the Pandora’s Box you’re opening.

    • The_Bobster

      Six wrongs don’t make a right.