NYPD Cops Arrest Five Public School Kids Each Day

Ben Chapman, NY Daily News, February 22, 2012

Cops arrest an average of five kids each day in city schools—and nearly all of those students are black or Hispanic, newly released data shows.

The New York Civil Liberties Union said the arrests are “unfair” and introduce minority children into the criminal justice system unnecessarily.

“Children are being sent to the precinct instead of the principal’s office for misbehaving,” said NYCLU Executive Director Donna Lieberman.

The numbers cover Oct. 1 to Dec. 30, 2011, and were released by the police to comply with a city law enacted last year.

Cops arrested 279 students—about five a day in 55 days of classes. They also issued 532 summons to students for offenses ranging from assault to loitering—nine a day.

Nearly 94% of the students arrested were black or Hispanic, and 75 % were male.

Black students were almost six times more likely to be arrested than white students, according to the data, Lieberman said.



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  • 94% of NYPD students arrested at school were black or Hispanic.  89% of NYC homicide suspects are black or Hispanic.  So it’s not really disproportionate treatment.  It’s merely a result of blacks and Hispanics engaging in conduct which results in the cops loaning you a pair of handcuffs.

    From the original:

    Most of the kids who were collared during the period covered by the data
    attended high school or middle school and were age 15 or older.

    Sure, “kids.”  Just wee little tots.  Remember, “Jay,” an AR regular who teaches in or close to NYC, says that 20-year old men are called “kids.”

    • Jay1

      Jay here, nice to be remembered.  I am still surviving in these dangerous places called ‘schools.’ 

      They throw that number out there, that so many of those two groups are arrested, as if there must be some incidious racism causing the ‘disparity.’

      Ah, excuse me.  Nearly EVERY public school in NYC is majority non-white.  Most are all non-white.  (If you acknowledge that the many latinos and middle easterners who are labeled as ‘white are also non-white.)

      So how many non-blacks and latinos are supposed to be arrested to ‘balance’ out those statistics?  Blacks and latinos make up over 75% of all students here now.  I actually think the number is about 85-90% given that our government counts so many latinos and middle easterners as ‘white’.  (So they tell us that Armenians, Turks, Afghanis, Libyans – they’re all white!)

      If they are a super-majority, of course they will be arrested more than other groups, but it is not because of any other factor than their high numbers in the local population.  Liberals, of course, don’t like logic or math so they will dismiss this.

      So then who is ‘causing’ all this racial ‘disparity?’  Those evil, racist teachers and administrators?  Got news for ya’, Bub.  MOST administrators are females (of every race) and non-white males.  They do Everything to cover up the crime in the schools.  We teachers get memos all the time telling us not to report things and not to send kids to the office unless someone is bleeding and near death!

      How ’bout the teachers?  85%-90% are the most liberal people on the planet.   So why the ‘disparity?’  Oh, maybe the 20 year old ‘kids’ are doing something wrong.  Nah.

      • Neo90

        Hi Jay,

        I too am experienced with the “Diversity” of Urban public school.  I went some, until I switched out to a suburban school for High School.
        There are indeed ways to give Black kids structure, but the problem is that the White Liberals teaching don’t know how to do this. 
        Usually more Conservative White teachers are actually good at keeping the Black kids in line, because they hold everyone to the same standard.  They don’t care if there is “inequality of outcome”, because they believe in “equality of opportunity”. 

        It is generally the White Liberal  teachers who end up tolerating bad behavior from Blacks.  This is the “soft bigotry” George Bush spoke of.  Yes, this “soft bigotry” was a “”racist” dog whistle” to all of us who know what that means.   It means that the only way to fairly treat people in a public school, is to hold Black kids to the same standards of behavior as the White kids.

        TBB is tolerated by White Liberal teachers, who don’t have the stomach to hold Black people to the same standards.  Black people CAN succeed, if given strict discipline, and strong structure.  High creativity can only flourish if placed into a strong structure.

        I think we need to push this line in a positive way, that can’t be confronted by “anti-racists”.   Yes, if you hold everyone to the standard of good behavior, more black kids will get caught in the net.   However, those Black kids who DO want to succeed will not be held back by the behavior their truly un-fellow kind. 

        Hold all schoolchildren to the same standard of behavior.  Schools with unstructured but spontaneous Black kids need MORE structure, discipline, and expulsion of those who don’t want to learn in order to properly serve the Black community.

        That Black kids need firm discipline, intense structure, and concentrated motivation is WELL KNOWN to Black educators.   Before “desegregation”, when Black people ran their own schools, there was more structure and discipline in Black schools.

        Having WHITE HIPPIES take over Black schools has been the utmost disaster for those Blacks who do want to succeed.   Have you noticed this Jay, or anyone else?

  • Chances that this extreme NYCLU libtard Donna Lieberman sends her own children to a school with any more than a 10% student population of blacks: ZERO.

    Chances that her children go to the Whitest private school available: VERY high.

    • You guys will LOVE this video of Rahm Emmanuel!


      • Detroit_WASP

        Don’t forget Obama’s kids.  They also attend private schools.  Amy Carter was the last presidential kid to attend DC public schools.  I’ll bet she could tell you some stories even though the CIA was a few feet away!

        Only the lower class kids of Chicago attend public schools.  We were driving out of Chicago and I noted all private schools I could see just from the highway.   A friend later told me they still have forced busing in Chicago and nearly all the white kids go to private schools since their parents want to remain in the city.  

        • It isn’t just that they go to private schools. I went to a private Lutheran high school for religious and academic reasons and it was about 6 grand a year.

          No, Sasha and Melia, Obama’s kids, go to the Sidwell Friends School at an elementary level and the tuition is 30 grand a year per kid.

          I understand why a famous political figure wouldn’t want kids in public school just as much as I understand why Whites don’t want their kids in public schools: Public schools are non-White insane asylums and prep schools for prison.

          I just don’t see how he can spend 60 grand a year just on the tuition and say he is a big fan of public schools.

      • So typical. Thanks for that link. 

    • Lieberman is also Jewish.She will,like 75% of her “countrymen” vote for Obama.

    • Beloved Comrade

      NYCLU libtard Donna Liberman sends her children to a school that contains NO blacks and NO whites.  It is religious based.  

      • You mean a Jew School that is ONLY for Jews?

        EVERYONE is allowed EXCEPT White People.  One day, people will get fed up.

  • candide

    wE NEED TO MAKE ABORTION ATTRACTIVE FOR BLACKS and unartractive for whites.

  • I agree with this.

    The are far too many non-whites being picked on and so, we need to give them their own Schools.  Or, pull out the White children and bus them to the White Schools.

  • slobotnavich

    The criminal class in this (and probably any) nation is of lower than average  intelligence.  Blacks are mainly the criminal class in our nation.  They have markedly much less than average intelligence. 

    No mystery or surprise here, though at this point trillions have been spent trying to undo the “root causes” of black criminal behavior and chronic failure. 

    Attributing black failure to white discrimination is one the greatest falsehoods in human history.  And unlike many widely propagated falsehoods, nobody really believes this one, though most people feel compelled to act as though they do.  And well they might.

  • JohnEngelman

    It is not our fault they are that way. 

    • blight14

       True but try convincing 99% of the people that voted for Obongo….(blacks and loony white liberals)

  • razorrare

    “Children are being sent to the precinct instead of the principal’s office for misbehaving,” said NYCLU Executive Director Donna Lieberman….perhaps you would prefer these ‘children’ be sent to your home or office instead.I am sure the police arent being called for merely acts of child mischief or other non-violent behavior.

    • Or they played the following board game:

      • blight14


      • Beloved Comrade

        They played the following card game:

    • JohnEngelman

      No white person would have her attitude who has had to attend a predominately black public school, who has had to try to teach at one, or who had to send her children to one. 
      Attitudes like that only occur to affluent whites. The few blacks they interact with are exceptional, or they occupy subordinate positions without resentment. They have not learned from personal experience, and they reject evidence, that when blacks are in the majority many of them are dangerous.  

  • They really do have psychopathic tendencies but they’re triggered and this is why they must be left alone.  I cannot help but feel that living in White Societies puts too much pressure on them and that pressure causes those tendencies to surface.

    I mean to say, we simply expect too much out of them.  They just aren’t capable of simple things like, keeping their hands to their selves, being angry without resorting to violence or even giving basic respect to others.

    Back when White People were willing to put non-whites in their place, this sort of stuff rarely happened but now that White People are only willing to give them more Non-White Privilege for these types of actions, it just keeps getting more and more severe.

  • Detroit_WASP

    A friend told me that all people with money in NY go to private schools and the public system is a wreck.  Same in Chicago, so I am told.

    I wonder how much longer it will be before they round up all the civilized people and put us in cages…for our own protection.  

  • Wait a minute here. Where are those other “People of Color,” the Asians??? Seems like they’re AWOL. Probably hiding out in the library or at home practicing the violin, piano, go or chess…. LOL!

    With so little in common with blacks and Latinos (other than not being white (although some East Asians literally are white)), Asians need constant indoctrination in liberalism to keep them believing they need to politically align w/blacks and Latinos against whites.

    Usually they realize by their mid-20s they’ve got more in common with whites. Like whites, they are generally: pro-education, pro-work, pro-saving, pro-marriage, pro-family, pro-manners (polite behavior), pro-private property rights, pro-lower taxes, law-abiding (and “anti-” all the opposite behaviors), whereas Latinos and — even to a greater degree — blacks, are against those things.

    We’ve got to use get the term “NAMs” (non-Asian minorities), out in public so that Asians won’t be duped into aligning against us politically. The TEA Party movement should have an active outreach to various Asian communities. That will help the TEA Party movement to show that it is not racist.

    Many public policies (basically, returning to the country as envisioned by our Founders, racial slavery excepted), that help our people are not inherently racist! Similarly, many of the public policies that hurt our people are not inherently racist (e.g., socialism). But, because of the disparate impact of just (and unjust) laws, as we have strayed from our Founders’ ideals, whites have been hurt economically, politically, educationally, and even physically (from crime), and NAMs have been unjustly enriched, politically empowered (e.g., non-taxpayers and/or non-land owners voting), given slots in colleges over better qualified whites, and been emboldened to attack white men and rape white women (emboldened by ever restricting the death penalty).

    While AmReners don’t like to hear this, “in politics, you can’t have too many friends, or too few enemies.” Asians should be our “natural” friends & allies in politics (due to common values mentioned above). That DOES NOT mean you have to marry one of them, if you don’t want.

    Some AmReners need to focus on accomplishing real political change vs  just posting comments about news articles….

    “Asians & Caucasians”/”Occidentals & Orientals” FTW in politics!

    • ViktorNN

      Are Asians interested in slowing down or stopping legal and illegal immigration into the US from Asian countries?

      Are Asians interested in changing the constitution to end the anchor baby phenomenon which many illegal Asian immigrants use to get citizenship for their children, and then a backdoor pass into entry into this country for the entire extended family?

      Are Asians interested in ending H1-B visas which put importing foreign workers from Asia ahead of incentives to educate and develop native born kids?

      Yeah, that’s what I thought.

      • With all due respect, I think we need to be much less concerned about Asians  and much more concerned about the libtards. Whatever Asian, or Hispanic for that matter, problem you believe there to be, it wouldn’t be much of a problem if not for the INSANE liberals. Even blacks wouldn’t be as big of a problem if not for liberals and the ultra-left media.

        • And one of the ways that the liberals have attacked the TEA Party movement is over the fact that it is primarily whites and the MSM has aided this attack by suggesting racist motives behind the movement.

          The liberals have been pushing the “People of Color” mantra in the hopes of politically *dividing* us from Model Minority allies so that we’ll be that much easier to *conquer* in 30 – 50 years. I don’t want to end up like the whites in SA….

          There are many political changes we need and if Asian Americans can help us achieve those goals (because they also want them), why not be allies???

      • Some Asian Americans, like some Latino Americans, are AGAINST illegal immigration and have taken public stands against it.

        Re. H1-B visas: I’m sure many Asian Americans are against them. Not all Asians utilize those equally.

        For some reason, some AmReners assume that all Asians are all the same and are some monolithic entity, that the interests of foreign born Indians are the same as the interests of Chinese or Japanese Americans who have been here for generations. That is a false assumption. Many of the latter are AGAINST importing foreign competition and FOR educating their “native born” Asian American kids, just like we’re for educating “native born” white American kids.

        So, 100% of Asian Americans may NOT align 100% with whites re SOME immigration issues. You conveniently ignore the other 8 issues I raised: education, work, pro-saving, pro-marriage, pro-family,… pro-private property rights, pro-lower
        taxes, law-abiding (and “anti-” all the opposite behaviors). ViktorNN, are you against having Asians as political allies in fighting for those? Do you really think in our current political landscape, having a primarily white political movement (e.g., the TEA Party), is better than including sympathetic Asians?

        Yeah, that’s what I thought.

        • I’ve never seen any asians stand up for American Ways.  I have however, seen them demand and get their own Chamber of Commerce and Congressional Caucus and I’ve seen them create their own ethnic groups and all this was done with no one calling them “racist” for doing things that were only for their race.

          I’ve also seen them demand “apologies” from us for bombing them but no apology from them for them bombing us and I’ve seen them demand the VA Hospital take down newspaper clippings because they were “offended”.

          I don’t want asians included.

          • Your 1st two paragraphs are the result of conservatives not reaching out to Asians — liberals reach out to them and, therefore, the only  political activity you see by Asians is a typical pro-Left wing, anti-American agenda by liberal Asians.

            Lots of Asians don’t like blacks, esp blacks’ behaviors, any more than you do (http://amren.com/news/2012/02/seeing-the-dragon-of-racial-prejudice/ ). A lot of Asian Americans are fed up w/the black welfare class and black criminals. Those Asian Americans can help us pass legislation that is in both of our racial communities’ interests.

            Your statement that you “don’t want Asians included” doesn’t make sense. Included in what??? I was talking about a political alliance on an issue-by-issue basis to pass legislation that is in the interest of both groups. Are you saying if Asians support a bill that would benefit whites as well as Asians (e.g., Shall Issue Right-to-Carry for concealed weapons permits for law-abiding citizens), that whites should pull their support from that bill simply because Asians support it?

            If whites are so politically strong that we can pass whatever legislation we need or want without political allies, well, how’s that working out for us??? Where’s the list of federal and state legislative victories for 2011?

          • CA-WASP,

            “reaching out”.  WHY do Americans NEED to “reach out” to anyone?  Those people CHOSE to live here!  They CHOSE it.

            If asians need “reaching out” to, they should go to Asia as it is Asia’s responsibility to “reach out” to asians.



            I can’t take anymore groveling, begging, giving extra to this poor little “forgotten” group, no, I’m done.

        • ViktorNN

          You’re making this way too complicated. Let me help. Ask yourself this:

          Do most Asians want to keep the US a majority white nation?

          Now, tell me again why you want “allies” like this?

          • VNN, you’ve focused on a single issue: the racial composition of the US population. I’m focused on more and AmRen focuses on more. AmRen and Jared Taylor have focused on racial aspects of crime, education, health care, drug use, and many other issues.

            If you want to ignore all those other issues: fine, that is your choice. But many AmReners are interested in those other issues (as seen in their comments on articles about those other issues).

            Where our interests are in common, aligning with conservative Asian Americans on those other issues makes us politically stronger AND disarms our political opponents when they try to stop our agenda by labeling it “racist.”

          • ViktorNN, let’s make this even more simple and productive:

            Do you actually believe that any *explicitly* pro-white legislation (i.e., a pro-white racial discrimination bill of some sort), has a chance of passing both in both chambers of a state (or the federal) legislature, being signed into law, AND pass federal judicial review within the next 20 years?

            If so, we should probably ignore each others’ posts because our understanding of the problems whites face in this country and our understanding of the current political climate and legal terrain are so different that a productive discussion really isn’t possible.

            For me, I don’t plan on doing nothing for the next 20 years to protect our people and the civilization our ancestors developed over two millennia. If passing legislation that benefits whites is more quickly, easily, and efficiently accomplished by strategic alliances with conservative Asian Americans, so be it.

    • I don’t want to share my Country with asians.  There are Billions of asians and they can very  easily overwhelm us White Folk.

      Why can’t asians stay in Asia?

      • ViktorNN

        “Why can’t asians stay in Asia?”

        It doesn’t get any simpler than that, does it? Well put. 

        If someone can’t get that, then they’re ineducable.

        • Thank You and Vik, 

          It seems pretty reasonable to me that if asians are Truly the Great People they’re made out to be then there should be no need for them to be here or in any White Country as their own Countries should be Paradises beings those asians are so great and all.
          I just don’t think it’s really that bad to just want to be left alone.  All I want is just ONE White Country where I don’t have to deal with Foreign.

          • Neo,

            I’m not turning on a “highly successful” and “smart ally”.  I’m stickin’ to My own Kind and I feel, no, I KNOW it is My Right to do so.

            They will control NOTHING!  Everything they know, everything they have, is BECAUSE of White People.  That and what they stole.  It is my belief that only those who created such can maintain such.

            Fiber – You actually believe White People need or EVER needed asians in order to get their Nutrition?  Please don’t tell me that Neo.

            4.7% PROVES MY POINT!!!  Can’t you see Dear Sir?  Please, please understand that when you have 5% of the Population having this much Power, you’ve got a serious problem.  I speak of all the asian groups, concern, apologies, TAX Monies paid to Japs for the Pearl Bombing Round Up, etc.

            smarter immigration policies – but you want US to accept them.  I like you Sir but I cannot accept any sort of One Way (what’s good for us ain’t good for them immigration policy), Double Standard or any such Integration Type Stuff.

            When White People understand that in order to Preserve Self is to be Left Alone in order to do it, will be The Day White People Survive.

      • So, Stephanie, what do you propose we do to get Asians out of the USA???

        I assume that will also apply to blacks and Latinos too.

        Unless you are planning a government takeover by violent means (coup/revolution), what I wrote to VNN above applies to you too:

        “Do you actually believe that any *explicitly* pro-white legislation
        (i.e., a pro-white racial discrimination bill of some sort), has a
        chance of passing both in both chambers of a state (or the federal)
        legislature, being signed into law, AND pass federal judicial review
        within the next 20 years?

        If so, we should probably ignore each
        others’ posts because our understanding of the problems whites face in
        this country and our understanding of the current political climate and
        legal terrain are so different that a productive discussion really isn’t

        • Of course I want Deportation but I do understand, contrary to the way I write, I do understand that’s not gonna happen so my idea is:

          STOP GROVELING!  NO APOLOGIES, and to CONSTANTLY pester Congress and Local Politicians about the assault on White People.  It seems to me that if White People, a whole bunch of us were to make ourselves heard, maybe, just maybe, they’ll stop Funding these non-white groups and stop allowing them to call the shots.

          Non-whites are given so much because “We” don’t let Congress know “We” don’t approve.  Congress has been allowed to go against us for so long now, I’m not sure if our pestering would even help at this point but that’s my suggestion at this particular time.

          “pestering” is in regards to all the Non-White Privilege non-whites get at the expense of Tax Payers’ for example (government non-white set-asides).  That should be an easy start as it is definitely UNequal.

          “We” could also pester them about wasting TaxPayer Money on printing their language for them as it is not our Financial Responsibility to pay for them so they don’t have to learn our Language.  I could go and on so let me know if you’re interested before I bother you with anymore of my ideas. 

          • Off Topic: The problem about comments on articles is that the articles and their comments soon get buried under newer articles and their comments. You can’t find them by looking in the history of your postings, and you cannot search the website for keywords to track them down. Plus the indenting limits the number of replies back and forth. Thus it is difficult to carry on a conversation to develop ideas, hash out pluses and minuses, etc., which is why I’ve suggested AmRen start an online forum. IMHO, the % of total whites who would be willing to visit and/or join an AmRen forum would be at least a magnitude greater than “the forum that shall not be named” — SF.

             back on topic: I’m glad to read we’re both on the same planet. 😉 Now we’re differing on strategy and tactics. I think you believe that we who are here should: (1) start calling/emailing/whatever our federal, state, and local reps and explicitly state that our position is based upon us as whites and defending “the white community” (analogous to what minorities do). I think you also believe that the focus of those calls should be (2) curtailing/eliminating the various laws and policies that make it easier for foreigners to immigrate (either legally or illegally).

            Here I’ll have to disagree w/you: we are far too few/weak for that at this time. IMO, it will take probably about 5 years of promoting AmRen (if it gets a forum so that a community can easily form around it), before we’ll have the numbers to have enough political clout to not be dismissed out of hand. My *guess* is this will require about 1M members (NAACP has 300k, NRA has 4M, and AARP has 40M) and take about 5 years. Those should be *paid* memberships, not just members of a free online forum. We’ll need so many vs the NAACP because the MSM is for them and against us. We’ll have to be too big to ignore and too big to dismiss. We’ll have to get so big they’ll have to deal with us. 1M is *my guess* of the minimum number.

            Off Topic: one of the main things whites (and others) don’t like about blacks and Latinos is the crime, esp violent crime, that they bring. Thus, I have found online gun forums to be particularly “target rich environments” for promoting AmRen and Jared’s work. I encourage others to do the same. I usually suggest watching at least the first 10 min of his C-SPAN video (a credible source) (http://www.c-spanvideo.org/program/124103-1 ) and then throw in how Dr. Walter E. Williams, Econ prof at George Mason and African-America (http://econfaculty.gmu.edu/wew/ ) independently verified Taylor’s work (http://www.jewishworldreview.com/cols/williams081899.asp ). That usually shuts down claims of bias.

            back on topic: Then we *might* be able to attack those various laws and policies. The MSM will parade various weak/vulnerable and sympathetic minorities who will be “hurt” by our “hateful” agenda.

            Some of our agenda could be won thru the federal courts. We need lawyers who have specialized in civil rights and constitutional law and political strategists to determine what to attack/defend/promote politically (and at what level), and what to do judicially.

            As you can see, prior to all of this, we’ll need a very large “war chest” to succeed. Our opposition has been very well funded, has the MSM and teachers union and college professors in their pocket, and lots of sharp lawyers and political advisers.

            Until we’ve got those 1M paid members of some pro-white organization (which may be primarily political, or it may have a political activities branch), that is where creativity in political strategy is required (vs brute force of numbers). That is where winning “race neutral” policies that benefit whites by using the TEA Party and even alliances with, probably, Asians, may come in.

          • The problem is and has always been is:

            asians.  Asians want Power.  They will not side with us until they have some sort of Power over us and that, I have a problem with.  I mean to say, I’ve yet to see any asian(s) side with The White Peoples and this is with the untold Billions in Aide they’ve received from America and Europe.

            To Give Power Before it is Earned is to Surrender Without so much as a Peep.

          • Steph, in your post below (since I cannot reply to it there, I’m replying above it), I don’t know what you’re talking about (again)….

            1) I’m talking about Asian Americans. Those are the ONLY Asians I’ve EVER talked about forming a political alliance with.

            Asians in Asian CANNOT vote in US elections and US reps won’t give a
            hoot what Asians in Asia think, only about what voters in their district

            We have NOT given Asian Americans “untold Billions in Aide”.

            2) How often do you deal w/Asian Americans per month? Were they your classmates/friends in high school? in college? Were they your coworkers? Are they members of your church?

            As for me, I’m attend a church that is 90+% Asian Americans (mostly UCBerkeley students and grads), and so I deal w/Christian Asian Americans on at least a weekly basis. Before I was a Christian, Asian Americans were my friends in a public HS and I trained w/them in the martial arts (protection against the blacks). They were classmates and friends in the hard sciences in college as well as in grad school and law school. They have been my coworkers. IMO, they are our political “natural allies.”

            I really wonder if the anti-Asian American contingent of AmRen even know what they’re talking about….

  • sbuffalonative

    The New York Civil Liberties Union said the arrests are “unfair” and introduce minority children into the criminal justice system unnecessarily.

    offenses ranging from assault to loitering

    Naturally the NYCLU doesn’t release the full range of crimes and their numbers. We’re supposed to believe that many of these arrests are for little more than loitering.

    The NYCLU is deliberately withholding the full details on all the crimes to make these arrest appear to be trivial.

    I’ll bet there are a lot more arrests for assault than for loitering.

    • Did you ever notice–of course you have!!–the extraordinarily male orientation of the “movement”. The black male is glorified by the left,while the WHITE male…The black males sexual desires are catered to and  sanctified,with interracial “marriage” being a sacrament. Race mixing is the ultimate good. Now,looking at these numbers,can you imagine how many black females (let alone WHITE,if,God forbid,there are any withing striking distance)have been assaulted,groped,molested,slapped,kicked,punched,used and abused,humiliated and flat out raped? Yet their suffering is an inconvenient truth and is pushed aside. Only when–Hallelujah!!-a white “boy” can be charged with attacking the innocence of a dear woman of color does the black mans,and the liberals,glorious chivalry kick into Overdrive!!

  • Southern__Hoosier

    Racism! Since Blacks and Hispanic together make up about 40% of the population,  then 60% of the students arrested should be white.   Police need to arrest 3 whites for every Black and Hispanic student arrested. Isn’t that the way quota systems are suppose to work?

  • I agree but only for those non-whites who can actually understand what you’re saying.  

    Too many non-whites out there don’t understand how to identify personal weaknesses, don’t know how to address them and don’t know how to control them.

    Sir, I’ve been trying really hard to lighten up but I gotta tell ya, my feelings aren’t changing and so, here it is:I believe most non-whites need to be assigned their Duties and I mean from the minute they waken to the minute they go to sleep.  Allowing them Free Time is inviting these behaviors we see.I believe it is up to the White People (the best of us) to pick out the best of the non-whites (each ethnicity) to Rule their own Countries and People and once that’s done, it will go forward with White Oversight in order to ensure they all stay Right.  Or, we need to allow non-whites to have their own Countries (White People need to get out, Military Bases and all), and just let them be.I really do want to believe non-whites, as a general rule, are okay but they’re not.  The more Freedom they’re allowed, the worse they get.

    • Neo,

      I hear ya but I find it to be impossible to live Freely among non-whites.

      If they’re not demanding AND receiving with no thanks to my Fellow Whites, they’re attacking us and if they’re not attacking us they’re destroying Property and if they’re not doing that, they’re pumping out Welfare kids and if they’re not doing that, they’re being disruptive in some other manner.

      I’m just tired.  For my entire life through, it’s been nothing Non-White Privilege and I’m all filled up.  I just want one, just one White Country where I don’t have to pay for non-whites and their non-white children, deal with the Depressed Wages they bring into White Countries, pay so they don’t have to learn my language and on and on and on and My God, on and on.

  • usapatriot1776

    Blacks demanded the government do something about all the gang bangers bringing guns and major league violence into their schools. The only rational response was law enforcement.

    Then when the police officers do their job, the blacks go into crybaby mode.

    What are the chances these arrests are for crimes weapons, violence, rape as opposed to being late for class…

  • Beloved Comrade

    WHITE HIPPIES have helped destroy Black culture (along with Black race itsself).  

    LBJ and his Great Society destroyed black culture by replacing fathers with the government.

  • Do you know what the real psychopathic thing about it all is? Fear of racism charges and relentless anti-White man prejudice from middle aged Marxist/statist women likely means blacks and hispanics should be turned to the cops maybe 10, 20, 50 times a day instead of 5.

    It is absolutely impossible to educate these morons. They get more dumb by the day. Rap anybody?

    In the past 60 years America brought upon itself approximately 50 million hispanics who are less likely to graduate high school or college than blacks. The hispanics perform worse in school than a double digit IQ permanent welfare leech and criminal underclass that commits half of all violent crime and half of all total crime in the country. Viva la raza retarda!

  • Re. para. 2: I am talking about Asian Americans. I am talking about issue-by-issue political alliances to pass legislation that both groups support.

    Re. para. 3: “Their “culture” is utterly foreign to us and they care NOTHING for our
    culture. And talk about racists, most have nothing but contempt for
    Whites, blacks, latinos, non-asians, and even other asians.” Really? If they care NOTHING for our culture and hold us in contempt, then why do they learn (and disproportionately master) the piano and violin? Why have they adopted our style of dress? Why do almost 1/3rd of Asian American women marry white American men? Why have so many adopted our religion and become Christians? Why aren’t they assaulting white men (using weapons to make up for any size/strength deficiency) or raping our white women the way blacks do?

  • Thx for the book Rx.

    Yes, I was saying *some* Asians have skin as white as the whitest white.

  • Tom,

    You Sir, are in America and Privacy is a Cherished Right.  I remember when Court Houses were unarmed and you could literally, waltz right on in to anywhere be perfectly safe everywhere.

    It is the KIND of people My Poor Old Tattered, Abused and almost Dead but still Greatly Beloved America of Mine is forced to accept, that you have what you do Today.

    Please admit, Once Upon A Time…..