Sweden Braces for Family Immigration Boom

The Local, February 23, 2012

The number of people seeking permanent residency in Sweden as relatives of immigrants already in the country will increase with 45 percent to 59,500 in 2012, a number comparable to 41,000 last year according to the latest predictions from Swedish Migration Board.

The main reason behind the expected increase is a recent verdict in the Migration Court of Appeal (Migrationsöverdomstolen) which is set to make it easier to seek a residence permit for people from countries where it is difficult to produce valid identification documents.

The larger part of the rise in applications is expected to come from Somalia.

Two years ago, two precendential verdicts from the court had demanded tighter controls on ID papers for those seeking residency permits on the grounds of having relatives in Sweden.

This hit Somali applicants the hardest as there are no official authorities in Somalia to issue the kind of identification papers which could be recognized by Swedish authorities.

But in January this year, the court loosened regulations. The verdict means that if someone can confirm consanguinity through DNA-testing, there is no need to affirm the applicants’ identity in any other way.

The Migration Board is therefore expecting a surge in applications from Somalia.

“Legally the verdict will increase the chances of close family members to be reunited,” said Jonas Lindgren of the agency to TT.

According to the Migration Board, there was already a large backlog of applicants who had been turned down when the court had asked for national ID papers. The rise is expected to come from Somali applicants.

“We have started to look at that group but the verdict will probably affect applicants from Afghanistan as well,” said Lindgren.

However, Lindgren is confident that the agency can cope with the rise in applications, with some help from the government.

“There is already long waiting times and there are many open cases that we are working on completing. We have therefore turned to the government and said that we are counting on needing an extra 100 million kronor ($15 million),” said Lindgren.


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  • Family Reunification=Chain migration.

    Just the amount of non-Swedes coming in will be 50,000 a year. Sweden only has 10 million people in it and at least 500,000 of them are not Swedes, Finns or Nordics!

    What insanity.

    Oh, and it isn’t just going to be say, 50,000 Greeks or Poles or Dutch people. 50,000 Somalis per year.

    Mogadishu is such a Shining City on the Hill how could Sweden not want 50,000 of the dusky paragons of virtue each and every year?

    • Flytrap

      ” Dusky paragons of virtue” has to be the best phrase I’ve heard all week.

  • Sweden better get a lot more rape kits, and hair dye for blonds that want to be raped less

  • Goodbye Sweden, we hardly knew ya

  • Dan


  • What in God’s name is Sweden trying
    to do to itself. Commit suicide!

  • KenelmDigby

    This complete misnomer ‘family reunification’ (what’s stopping them ‘reuniting’ the other way?), always, but always spells the death-knell for the nation silly enough to nstitute it and ensures very rapid increase to majority status of the third world immigrant population.
     It also makes a mockery of any supposed ‘economic’ justification for immigration, since the dependants foisted on the host nation are generally economically inactive and eligible for state support.
     You notice what a scam it is.Supposedly the receiving nation importants economically active persons, but secretly through guile and cunning every supposed ‘worker’ becomes a mutiplier, an apparently infinite multiplier of myriads of immigrants, must of whom make the nation poorer.
     Can’t the elitists realise they are being ‘taken in’ ?

  • JackKrak

    “…for people from countries where it is difficult to produce valid identification documents…..there are no official authorities in Somalia to issue the kind of identification papers which could be recognized by Swedish authorities.”

    Ok, I love to make fun of how socialist lefty Euros have to choke on their own generosity as much as anyone else but this is a new low. The Swedes are actually taking positive steps to facilitate the mass arrival of people who have not only created the world’s worst hellhole out of their own country, but are NOT EVEN CAPABLE OF ISSUING IDENTIFICATION PAPERS to themselves.

    I don’t even think the Swedes are bothering with American-style arguments to justify this, like “Somalis do the jobs Swedes won’t do”. Even they know damn well the work option isn’t even on the table and they will go straight to permanently receiving every handout available. This is just straight up “We hate ourselves for being white and prosperous and we need to import savages to sooth our guilt”.

    Farewell, Sweden.

  • Dirk_Pitt

    Bye Bye Sweeden.

  • ageofknowledge

    It’s akin to putting five rounds in a relvover and playing Russian Roulette with your country’s demographic.

  • I understand suicidal stupidity in totalitarian regimes, but in democracies….
    And -interesting- there are no Jews or “Zionists” to blame.

  • swedes paying for their own invaders. how stupid can a country be?

    • I don’t know.  Maybe we Americans can answer that question for the rest of the world.

  • razorrare

    Mind Boggling Madness.

  • bluffcreek1967

    Isn’t it just wonderful what White liberal countries do to themselves?! This is just one more nail in the coffin for Sweden. They just don’t know yet what a horrific disaster this will cause for their country, but they soon will. 

  • Detroit_WASP

    What is the purpose of letting these 3rd worlders into Sweden?  Seriously, what do does the country hope to gain from this?  Is their population dropping that much?  Do they need more taxi cab drivers?  Is is just a matter of “growth” in the economy?  Why would they consider even letting these folks in?  Does anyone have the answer?

  • Lime Lite

    Well said. White South Africans are having a good laugh.

  • mikejones91

    Do we really need diversity? Visually/Aesthetically speaking…Whites have PLENTY of diversity. We have Greeks and Italian like me who are tan. The Swedes, Fins, and Norwegians who are beautiful. Usually blonde and have a lighter complexion. Then the “hybrids”, so to speak lol. The Germans ect. The British, French, Portuguese, Spain!!! Do we really need diversity?