Mob of 200 Youths Pelt Police with Bricks and Smash Up Shops ‘In Anger at On-Going Sex Grooming Trial’

Charles Walford, Daily Mail (London), February 24, 2012

Police were pelted with bricks and other missiles last night as hundreds of youths went on the rampage.

Takeaways were targeted in an evening of disorder understood to be linked to the on-going trial of a suspected grooming gang at Liverpool Crown Court.

A mob of around 200 youths congregated in the centre of the Heywood area of Rochdale, Greater Manchester, last night as trouble began.

One shop-owner told how he was abused by a group of youths , who called him a ‘dirty b*stard’.

A police officer suffered bruising to his legs and arms in the disturbances.

A car belonging to a member of the public and three police vehicles were also damaged.

Greater Manchester Police has confirmed more police will be out on patrol today amid fears of a second night of violence.

A 35-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of a public order offence and police assault and a 14-year-old boy was arrested for causing danger to a public highway.

The area became swamped with police in riot vans and the mob of young people was eventually dispersed by officers at about 11pm.

Zeeshan Khokhar, 23, owner of Bits n Pizza, a take-away on Market Street, said he was verbally abused, though his shop was not damaged.

Mr Khokhar said ‘white friends’ came to his shop to protect him as trouble began brewing.

He said: ‘It started about 4pm, kids banging on windows. They were shouting, “Why are you still open you dirty b*******?”.

‘The police came and told us to shut up shop. We are just doing business.

‘Our white friends, they came here and they are protecting us and customers were standing outside our door.

‘They said we have just come to keep an eye on you.

‘But it’s not good, it hurts and we are very worried about what’s going to happen.’

Mr Khokhar said he only took over the shop seven weeks ago and his business has nothing to do with the trial in Liverpool.

Assistant Chief Constable Terry Sweeney said last night: ‘Greater Manchester Police, in conjunction with its partners and communities, is aware of the tensions in the borough that have come about because of an on-going court case in Liverpool.

‘I understand that there will be concern following this evening’s events, and to offer reassurance there is a significant police presence in the area this evening.

We will maintain and increase police presence in the coming weeks to keep up our reassurance.

‘We ask that the community acts responsibly during this difficult time.

‘We are monitoring social media sites and ask anybody who is concerned or has information to share with us to go either through their local neighbourhood policing team, Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or by GMP using the 101 service.’

Inspector Steve Clark, GMP’s neighbourhood police inspector for Heywood said: ‘There were a number of young children out this evening and I would like to ask that their parents are conscious of this in the coming days and weeks.’

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  • loyalwhitebriton

    This is a good beginning.
    Nice to see British Whites taking a stand – not counting the traitors, “White friends”, who stood with the Asians; they should, but I doubt that they are, be thoroughly ashamed.
    The problem of Asian gangs grooming our women, and girls!, is becoming more and more recognised.
    And so are the reasons behind such grooming becoming more and more understood.
    Most Whites know that most Muslim men view western White women as being ‘inferior’ in some way.
    And so, White anger is growing.
    Hopefully, these relatively small scale, and localised, disturbances will increase in impetus.
    And then, Lawful Rebellion.

    • Commenter

       There were no “white friends” defending this rat-hole “restaurant”. It’s a pathetic fig leaf for the liberal media in order to pretend that these angry young white men, sick of seeing their womenkind treated as lifeless meat, are some kind of aberration who are preventing Rochdale being a multi-cult paradise.

      The lies and codewords are not remotely difficult to decipher. Wake up.

      • loyalwhitebriton

        Don’t tell me to wake up!
        I can only comment on what has been reported!
        If you see something different, between the lines, then OK.
        But I am very awake, thanks. You cheeky bugger!.

        • Commenter

           I accept the rebuke, and withdraw the phrase “wake up” . Occasionally what I can see between the lines appears very obvious to me. I did not wish to be derogatory towards you.

          • loyalwhitebriton

            Apology accepted. We are, after all, on the same side. We need solidarity. We need to encourage each other. Then perhaps, one day, we will achieve our goal. Take it easy, brother.

      • How do you know those “friends” weren’t White?  It would be a GREAT Relief for me to know they weren’t Brits.  So, were they not actual Brits?

        My God.  I just wrote “actual Brits”.  This is where we are.

      • The only white friends defending him might have bought into the sex ring.

    • These are not Asians, these are Pakistanis, 11 were arrested for a little girl child sex ring.

    • Whirlwinder

      Islam views all non-muslims literally as crap, you know s*it. Their Koran tells them that Muslims are the superior peoples. God that we would nuke these people back to their stone age origins.
      The problem is that they will not stop until they have dominated the world and we should get rid of our liberal elite socialist leadership and give Islam a one way ticket to their valhalla.

  • I wish this reporter would have asked them how they voted in the most recent election, assuming they were old enough to vote.  Most either didn’t vote or voted Labour.

    You’re right.  Why do something the hard way (riot) that you can accomplish in the easy way?  (Vote BNP).

    • anonymous_amren

      Because a few people rioting has more power than a few people voting (especially in a First Past The Post election). Plus people can do both.

      For example, in Australia, Indian students, and therefore the media and the politicians, kicked up a big fuss about supposed violent racist attacks on Indian students in Australia. These racist attacks didn’t actually exist of course, white Australians are too heavily indoctrinated for that. But the Indians worked in dangerous occupations, like taxi drivers, and occasionly got mugged by other cultural enrichers that Australia let in (much like happens to white people), and those sort of incidents are always considered white-on-Indian hate crimes.

      Before these imaginary attacks occurred, the number of Indian students in Australia had more than tripled in five years. After the imaginary violence, the number halved. And then dropped some more. I think other international student numbers dropped too. Note that there are other possible factors such as the high Australian dollar while the rest of the world’s economies were doing badly, and a slight crackdown on student visa fraud. But the non-existant violence was a big factor.

      Of course the official statistics show that assaults on Indian students are lower than assaults on Australians. And assaults on international students in general are lower than assaults on Australians too.

      But this leads me to believe that violence would actually work as a strategy, and even just the perception of violence, without any real violence being present, would work. Maybe we should encourage foreigners when they make outrageous false claims of racist violence, and get them to do it some more.

  • ViktorNN

    Trying to find the downside of whites organizing in a racially aware way, hitting the streets, and letting non-whites know how they feel about them preying on young white girls.

    Can’t think of any.

  • “recently took over shop” says the non-white and the non-white’s “”white” “friends”” have NO idea that they just cemented their place in their own Country but their non-white “friend” does.

    The Brits are separating like “We” too are separating.  I Love My Fellow Whites but “We” are not at any sort of Consensus and it’s causing us to take sides but I consider this to be a good thing.

    Last thought:  I wonder if those “white friends” are going to be okay being second to non-whites in their own Country.  Brits won’t be Business Owners’, they’ll be employees and eventually, Brits won’t be in Office or Authority, non-whites will and finally, Brits won’t be living under Brit Rule, they’ll be living under caste and muslim rule.  And then, they will have the nerve to wonder why…

    •  Those “white friends” of the outlander are, very simply, outside of the “masses”. They are mostly die-hard enemies: worshipers of the blood of the colored peoples. They see the satanic mixing of white and dark blood as the path to salvation, and must be regarded as foes to our existence: they want us all extinct.

      The consensus comes through action, not before.

  • They are no longer accepting comments for so called “legal reasons.” The MSM is terrifed that Whites will awake and finally do what should have been done long ago in response to this brown invasion.

    • I saw that.

      The Brits have two choices:  Stay and Fight or Cut and Run.

      I like to believe The Brits will NEVER allow themselves to be wiped out.  NEVER!  I have a thing for The Brits.  I Love Them.

      • JohnEngelman
        • loyalwhitebriton

          Nice one, John.
          Realistically, I would be happy for Britain to rule ourselves – which means quitting the Soviet Brussels machine.
          Then, restore Britain to it’s native indigenous population.

      • loyalwhitebriton

        Thank you for the endorsement. I have strong affections for my White American cousins, too. In my experience, most ordinary Britons do.
        I like to think, and sincerely hope, that us native Britons will never let ourselves get wiped out. I would fight, and be prepared to die, if I was literally the last White Briton left on the Island. It’s interesting to note that during the Roman occupation (55bc-about 420 ad), the Romans never fully subjugated the indigenous British tribes. There were many periods where they were more afraid of us, than the reverse. And of course, we fought off the Spanish Armada, the French, and the Germans. Oh, and we forged the biggest empire the world has ever seen. And the world is better for it, too.
        However, and I say this with a heavy heart, we are simply (as a whole) not the same people that we once were. We have had decades of rampant consumerism, welfarism, cultural marxism, political correctness, and aggressively enforced secularism. We have become weak, complacent, only interested in the next ‘fix’ – whether the fix is easy sex, drink, drugs, or the next reality TV show. Things are not looking good.
        But, I actually believe that somewhere, deep down, there is some of that old British spirit; lurking away in some recess, sleeping, dormant. This has to be the case, because human nature can only be altered (and not necessarily irrevokably), and not changed completely. A physical reaction can be effected on human nature, but not a chemical one  – if you see what I mean.
        For myself, this British spirit is close to the surface; just waiting for the day when it can break free, causing me to do the things that need to be done. And that day is not too far away.
        And of course, everything I’ve said of the British spirit, is also true of the American spirit, and of the spirit of all white indigenous peoples. It’s there.
        Anyway, this reply is at least twice as long as I had intended. So, I’ll end it.    

        • You sound like me.  I’m waiting for that first gun shot to ring too…

          In all seriousness, I feel that nothing is going to happen until America and Europe can literally, no longer Honor any Welfare Checks.  When the money’s gone and I mean really gone, we will be attacked for our goods and then the War will begin.

        • loyalwhitebriton

          In reply to Reelist:
          After the fall of the Roman Empire, King Vortigern, leader of the Celtic tribes in England, invited Hengist, Saxon leader, to settle on the Island around mid 5th century ad. Not only did Vortigern recognise the Saxons as being kin, they were also also additional swords against the Hibernians (Irish) and Caledonians (Scots), who were sending raiding party’s to England after the Romans left. In return for this extra protection, Vortigern gave the Saxons the County of Kent as a Homeland.
          May I recommend “The Drama of The Lost Disciples”, by George Jowett. No other book explains early British history like this one.
          As far as the Norman Invasion of 1066; Yes, I accept that mistakes were made on the battlefield. But Norman rule was more or less ended in 1290 by Edward I. 
          See “The Oxford Popular History of Britain”, edited by Kenneth Morgan.
          The fact is: We have won most of our fights, and repelled most threats.

  • JohnEngelman

    From what I have read about “Asians,” those who cause problems come from Islamic countries. Those who come from Oriental countries and India nearly always behave and perform well. That is why I use the word “Oriental,” even though some think it is politically incorrect. 

  • KenelmDigby

    They’d be better off smashing up the local Labour Party branch office.

  • Dirk_Pitt

    May be that you are correct. However th e’underclass’ as you put it are the only people with the balls to stand up to this invasion.

    The ‘ middle classes’ don’t have to live next door to these thrid world savages who hate whitey and the Kafir.

  • usapatriot1776

    We don’t need consensus to either fight or win. It was only 10% of American population that actively supported the Revolution. 10% at the time supported the King. And 80% in the middle were apathetic.

    What it does take is a core group of informed people willing to take action, whatever it takes, to win. And if people are taking their action to the streets in the UK, then its a good sign.

    I would suspect the government will be 10 times more concerned about white actions of this sort than the similar actions of the ‘asians’. Western governments are acting more like foreign occupying powers as the move closer and closer towards the globalist one world government scenario favored by the world financial system.

    And it is the world financial system that is behind all of this. Once you learn that, you will then understand that EVERYTHING these governments do actually makes sense, and is done with planning, purpose and intent – directed towards us.

    Free intelligent white people are the enemy of a global fascist government.

    And this is the same fight our forefathers dealt with in the American revolution.

    • If the Consensus thing is to me, I say this:

      BECAUSE, America and Europe was WHITE back then and it was an entirely different thing.  This is White vs. Non-White.

      Without Consensus, what we have Today will only repeat and when it does, it will be White vs. Non-White again except that time, Whites will be so outnumbered, they’ll be completely wiped out.

      I want to believe what you write but I’m skeptical.  I just don’t see the White People who don’t believe in all White Communities actually allowing us to be left alone to our all White Communities.  They haven’t so far and I just don’t see that changing.

      • That is, if you believe in “democracy”. We might never (nay, will never) have an appropriate “consensus” in such a system.

        There is only ever around 10% of a people who will willingly “fight the power”, and an opposing 10% who will defend it. The masses will not do anything, unless they are starving, dying, directly threatened, or drafted to a cause. The consensus of believers we need is 10%. More may join out of family loyalty or personal fealty, but we will never appeal to the masses without power: the power to promise, as Lenin did, “bread and work”.

  • I agree.  I find it to be time for people to understand just exactly what it is they’re choosing to defend.

  • AWoLsco

    Well I’m British, but this is the first I have read of this affair.
    Press coverage of this is muted and discussion, non-existent in Britain.

  • ViktorNN

    When the “underclass” takes action like these folks have, then frankly, people who belittle them with such slights look like worthless cowardly snobs.

    And as far as “violence” goes, what violence? Some cop cars banged up, one policeman bruised a bit, and some foreigner with hurt feelings.

    Compared to the riots of the real underclass last year, and that the left holds on a regular basis, this was a model of self-restraint.

    I would say that they are dissenting in speech.

    I would call it “sending a warning.”

  • Good, but the necessary following step is organization. Without planning, organization etc. everything dissolves.

  •  I have heard that they’re known as the “Socialist Worker’s Party”, because there is only about one member!

  • “Friend of the worker”. What a joke!

  • MartelC

    Lets see the elite, without consent, try to eliminate the nation state by opening borders, on the ‘theory’ that everyone loves freedom and will hold hands and sing ‘its a small world’ when it doesn’t happen – they ignore or downplay the violence and crime of the people who are helping to eliminate the nation state (immigrants) to the point where everything they tell us is important -like treatment of women and children, goes by the way side.

    They stifle dissent, rig elections, distort the media. arrest us for the most petty offenses whilst giving immigrants a slap on the wrist for violent crimes..

    They have left us few options -they have criminalized dissent, restricted criticism through hate speech laws (the truth is not a defense) .. if someone gets elected, or a law is passed in our favor, they are bribed or kajoled and the law ignored (prop 87 in California for example) 

     Amren can’t even meet anymore without death threats that the FBI doesn’t seem interested int. what options have they left us?

    • Periapsis

      You know the answer to that question, as does every other white American who reached the same point as yourself. What is to come is inevitable, what whites must do is concentrate on ensuring the survival of future generations.

  • My God.

    I never thought of it that way but YES!!!! I see that.  The Whites who don’t like me because I’m “racist” have that common thread.  They don’t know their own History!

  • England will stay White as long as Brits stay with Brits.

    Please don’t tell me Brits are race mixing like Americans are.  Please don’t tell me that!  Are they?

  • Blacks are more likely to have  guns than common street cops in the UK. They had to make a special SWAT team to deal with black crime called Operation Trident.
    You can legally get a shotgun in the UK.