Posted on December 28, 2011

Race, Immigration and the Fear of European Elites

Robert Henderson, American Renaissance, December 28, 2011

Europe may be at a watershed. A toxic mixture of economic turmoil and an invasion by immigrants is beginning to break the liberal internationalists’ grip on mainstream politics and the media, and their censorship and intimidation of those who reject their dream of a multiculturalist Eden.

The Norwegian killer, Anders Breivik, is the most extreme example of the consequences of liberal suppression of the interests and natural instincts of human beings, but the pressures which led him to his massacre are shared by millions. Their dissatisfaction is being expressed by voting for parties that stand against multiculturalism, mass immigration and, in particular, the Islamification of their countries.

These parties are invariably described by liberal elites as “far-right.” It is true that some have neo-Nazi or similar pasts, but their voters are mainly without such connections and vote for them because no mainstream party will restrain further immigration. In most cases the voters are simply people who have normal human feelings of not wanting their country to be invaded by foreigners. Nor are all European parties resisting the multicultural message tainted by a fascist past. It is striking that very liberal Holland has produced Geert Wilders and the murdered Pim Fortuyn, both of whom started from a desire to preserve the liberal nature of their society, which they saw as under threat.

But Europe is not a single entity when it comes to race and immigration. The assiduity with which European elites enforce the dictates of multiculturalism vary considerably. There are three broad divisions within the continent: the countries of the old Soviet bloc including Russia; the Latin countries, and the west northern Europeans.

The old Soviet bloc was effectively quarantined against the idea of multiculturalism, and generally healthy attitudes continue to this day. Southern European elites are more attached at the theoretical level to the multiculturalist credo than the old Soviet countries, but much less enthusiastic than the elites of north Western Europe in enforcing it. North Western Europe is where the multiculturalist plague is at its worst, especially in Scandinavia and, sadly, Britain. There the elites are fully committed to the multiculturalist creed, and are willing to go to any lengths to display their ideological purity.

But liberals know in their hearts that the societies they have created are not the multicultural paradises they hoped for, but a fantasy as obvious and absurd as the fable of the emperor’s new clothes. This fear drives the elites to unreservedly authoritarian acts such as denying Mr. Breivik the dignity of sanity or imprisoning Emma West “for her own protection” for the “crime” of speaking her mind about immigration on a tram, a protest which was recorded by a fellow passenger and put on YouTube.

Because it is only in the north Western European countries that there is both a strong elite ideological commitment to and an effective enforcement through state institutions of the multiculturalist creed, the liberal elite consensus could die very quickly. If the European Union is broken by the Euro crisis, the throwing over could come quicker than the liberal elites fear.