Posted on January 15, 2021

Verified Hate: The IQ Debate Rages

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, January 15, 2021

There is a fierce debate about IQ on Twitter. This is the tweet that started it:

It’s real:

The IQ in the bio is a dig at liberals’ emphasis on credentialism. It went over their heads.

I hope nobody mentions what Yankee General Sherman did to American Indians.

“Wait, wait, wait.” Is the issue that IQ doesn’t matter or that someone is falsely claiming to have a high IQ?

There are race differences in IQ. These differences have consequences. Denying IQ leads to predictable disasters.  Of course, all this was in reaction to a troll tweet. Still, if it forces people to talk about IQ, it’s productive and funny.

Elsewhere, a bluecheck cartoonist:

If racism is a “crime” and an accusation makes you guilty, a lot of people will have nothing to lose. What may end up “eradicated” is not “racism” but white guilt.

On “transracialism”:

It’s not against transsexuals. If claiming to be non-white brings benefits, people will claim to be non-white. No one wants “white privilege;” it brings only insults.

Isn’t this a white supremacist signal? I always knew the Alt-Right was a Hispanic movement.

I also want white people to stop watching the NBA.

I endorse this:

I suspect it will quickly go from “owning” the racists to “problematic” very quickly.

No comment.

I’m not even sure what this means, but it does suggest diversity isn’t an advantage.

Well, fellow white people, best to keep our opinions to ourselves. In fact, we should probably just stick to our own altogether. It’s best for our non-white fellow citizens.