Posted on November 7, 2020

Verified Hate: 2020 Election Edition

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, November 6, 2020

At first, it looked as though Election Day would be a repetition of 2016. Then, states where President Trump was winning mysteriously stopped counting ballots, Fox News made a premature call for Joe Biden in Arizona, and the momentum shifted. Nonetheless, liberals still worried about “racism” even after it looked as though Joe Biden might win.

President Obama’s Secretary of Education wrote this:

That’s the former Secretary of Labor. But what kind of a democracy led to the racial transformation of California despite the people voting against their own replacement?

Of course, there was worse:

Remember this lady, Give Us Free, when they say we need “unity.”

Some people were surprised:

Deleted or hidden, the Internet is forever:

This was deleted before it could be archived, but we have the screenshot.

To that, I say I never want to hear about “systematic racism” from people who get official race preferences.

Maybe she should leave.


Meanwhile, from the Speaker of the House.

In 2010, this man asked: “Why aren’t more white people trying to pass as black?” They are. It pays.

CPAC hosts that conversation every year, and President Trump offered blacks a $500 billion “Platinum Plan.” The conversation Republicans need to have is how to win white people. It was a drop in white support that is costing them the White House.

“Ida Bae Wells” is the half-white Nikole Hannah-Jones. She was one of the main writers behind the New York Times’s “1619 Project,” which made silly historical claims. Now that she has kicked certain Hispanics out of the Coalition of the Oppressed, I hereby welcome my new friends to the ranks of People of Light. Castizo Futurism will lead us to victory.