Posted on June 22, 2020

Small Ways to Fight the Madness

Chris Roberts, American Renaissance, June 22, 2020

A comment on one of my recent blogs grabbed my attention:

This is one of the most frequent criticisms we hear — but there are things you can do every day to help white Americans.


It is impossible to boycott every company that has donated to organizations that hurt our race, but you can punish the worst offenders.

Buy Second Hand

Buying used goods supports a local retailer rather than the big company that made it, and your local vintage store, antique mall, or pawn shop don’t give money to Black Lives Matter the way nearly every major company does. Those are good places to get clothes and furniture. The big-box stores where most people shop all support the worst causes.

Buy Politically Incorrect Things Now, While You Still Can

Last week, I recommended going to antique stores and buying political memorabilia, traditional Southern knickknacks, and books from wiser eras before such “controversial” items are yanked from shelves. You should support any business brave enough to stand up to liberal pressure. If you stop at a gas station that sells Confederate flags, buy some. If you’re in a used bookstore that carries old James Burnham volumes, buy something else to support the store and leave Burnham for someone for whom he may be a new discovery. An AmRen reader recently emailed me to say he took my advice and bought a portrait of Justice Roger B. Taney:

Roger Taney

He is as happy with Taney as I am with Wallace:

We can all do small things to make our country a better place. Please leave your recommendations in the comments.