Posted on June 15, 2020

Voting with Your Dollars

Chris Roberts, American Renaissance, June 15, 2020

So many companies are giving money to Black Lives Matter, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and similar groups that boycotting them all is impossible. More concerning still is what products may suddenly become unavailable in the name of “racial sensitivity.” In 2015, many big-box and online stores stopped selling anything with the Confederate battle flag it. Now, streaming services are nixing Gone With the Wind from their digital libraries and TV shows that portray police officers sympathetically are being pulled from the airwaves.

One can’t be sure what could be yanked next, but my advice is this: Head for the antique stores and buy politically incorrect merchandise while you can. Antique stores are generally locally owned, making them less susceptible to pressure, but they might stop carrying certain political memorabilia, traditional Southern knickknacks, and books from wiser eras. Liberal scolds could start complaining and go online to shame shopkeepers. Most will give in, so buy now.

To celebrate my region’s reopening, I went to an antique mall and was happy to find these:

They don’t make these anymore, and many people would happily burn them. But they are mine now.