Posted on March 18, 2020

YouTube Says American Renaissance Is ‘Extremist’ and ‘White Supremacist’

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, March 18, 2020

It’s not enough that we aren’t allowed a Twitter account. It’s not enough that Twitter tolerates hateful threats against whites from verified accounts. It’s not enough that we aren’t allowed on Facebook. Now, YouTube brands us as “American Extremists” and “White Supremacists.” If you search for our YouTube channel, this is what you see:

Google/YouTube offers to redirect you to a website called Counter Extremism Project (CEP), an organization that trades in guilt by association and brags about getting groups kicked off Facebook. (Notice that Google encourages you to donate to this worthy cause.) CEP produces critical reports on ISIS, al-Qaeda, and Boko Haram. However, it also puts the Greek political party Golden Dawn in the same category. It includes Germany’s Alternative für Deutschland (AfD), Lega Nord, and Generation Identity in a report on “European Ethno-Nationalist and White Supremacy Groups.”

CEP reports that AfD condemns the “ever-increasing number of Muslims in the country . . . as a danger to our state, our society, and our values.” Is this even up for debate?

On its Twitter feed, it attacks benign groups such as Generation Identity, and promotes stories that call for purging nationalists and Identitarians from the military.

There’s also a report that Christchurch shooter Brenton Tarrant is “financially linked” to the European Identitarian movement. “Financially linked” is a sly way of tarnishing the name of an organization because some criminal lunatic gave it money. (Incidentally, Mr. Tarrant stated in his own manifesto that he was hoping to provoke a crackdown. He got his wish. Identitarian leader Martin Sellner, for example, can’t even have a bank account.)

Without actually making the explicit claim that Identitarians are responsible for Mr. Tarrant’s horrific act, CEP “links” them to him.

Somehow no one blames Bernie Sanders for the shooting attack on Republican legislators by his supporter James Hodgkinson, and no one is calling for to be deplatformed. Of course, no public official blames Islam for Islamic terrorism. Only the non-violent right has to endure this kind of smear.

We’re used to smears and bias, but there’s a larger problem. The Department of Homeland Security has explicitly called “white supremacism” a terror threat and wants to discourage online hosting for any so-called “hate” sites, and it encourages tech companies to censor white advocates. The techno-left has the support of the federal government.

If censorship and redirection by proxy don’t work, there’s always outright repression. Germany’s security services are intensifying their spying on the Alternative für Deutschland’s “extremist” faction Der Flügel (The Wing), which has an estimated 7,000 members. “Rightwing extremism and rightwing terrorism are currently the biggest danger for democracy in Germany,” said Thomas Haldenwang, president of the the domestic intelligence agency.

Apparently, mass sexual assaults, Islamic terrorism, and left wing violence are not big worries for Mr. Haldenwang. The real threat is the small but growing opposition to the importation of a new people. Germany’s “democracy” is dying. Politicians and domestic spies are killing it. The same is true in the United Kingdom and France. If you see your country being overrun by foreigners but can’t speak freely, are elected to office but can’t participate in government even after successful elections, and can’t evade the scrutiny of the political police, you aren’t free. I see no difference between the political regimes of Russia and Western Europe, except that President Vladimir Putin doesn’t seem to be actively replacing his own people, unlike Angela Merkel.

It’s not quite so bad in America yet, but we’re getting there. Here, repression is coming from tech companies such as Google, not directly from the state. However, we know that the government (even under “nationalist” Donald Trump) is encouraging their actions. When the Democrats reclaim power, the federal government may become more open about repression. After all, Democrats have already called for a “counter-insurgency” against white advocates.

Perhaps that’s for the best. I’d prefer our rulers dispense with the charade. Just drop the pretense of elections and let tech oligarchs and NGOs pick our political leaders, impose the laws, and be done with it. At least that approach would be honest.