Posted on March 18, 2020

Conservatives Blame ‘Democrats’ for Black Violence

Robert Hampton, American Renaissance, March 18, 2020

Conservatives have a bad habit of seeing politics when they should be seeing race. Last November, a group of blacks attacked a white teenager on a Florida school bus last November. The victim’s mother said her son had been wearing a Trump hat and a video of the beating was widely viewed in December.

The school insists the fight wasn’t over a Trump hat, and police say they will not pursue hate crime charges. The parents of one of the blacks claimed the victim used a racial slur. Blacks often try to justify assaults or even murder this way. The boy’s mother says students were bullying the boy for weeks.

It now appears that the boy never wore a MAGA hat. Race probably explains the attack. Most people on the bus were black, and a white boy is not likely to start a punch-up with a bus full of blacks. Many conservatives shut their eyes to race and continued to believe that a MAGA hat was the spark.

The blacks on the school bus are too young to be progressive activists or Democrat voters, but conservatives often ignore race when blacks attack whites. For example, in 2015, Texas senator Ted Cruz said most violent criminals are “Democrats.” It’s unclear what his source was, but if he’d said non-whites commit proportionately more crime than whites, he’d be right.

Conservatives also blank out race when they try to explain collapsing black-run cities. Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk routinely blames “Democrats.”

Conservatives often complain about the collapse of Baltimore and Detroit. Both cities used to be majority white but are now majority black. The whites fled crime and riots. The black-majority schools are failures. Black residents are a meager tax base. Many black leaders are corrupt. Conservatives blame “Democrats.” “Riot-Plagued Baltimore Is a Catastrophe Entirely of the Democratic Party’s Own Making,” National Review’s Kevin Williamson said in 2015. “Detroit is what Democrats do,” he wrote in 2014.

There are several livable Democrat-run American cities. Boston is a Democratic bastion; the last time it had a Republican mayor was during the Coolidge Administration. A survey rated Boston among America’s best cities. Its murder rate is 8.35 per 100,000 people, while Baltimore’s and Detroit’s rates are 55.77 and 39.80 respectively. Boston is majority white.

Seattle is another nice Democratic city. Seattle’s last Republican mayor left office 50 years ago, but WalletHub rated it the third best large American city to live in. It has a murder rate of 3.74 per 100,000. It is also majority-white, with blacks only 7 percent of the population.

The problem is blacks, not Democrats. Conservatives won’t acknowledge this, even when the proof is right in front of them. They blame shadowy “Democrats” for blacks’ behavior, not blacks themselves.

Conservatives will keep trying, but you can’t avoid race forever. It will do them no good. And when you’re the one white kid on the bus, it doesn’t matter which party runs city hall.