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Sweden has Europe’s highest rate of sex attacks against women.

A sound investment.

European values give way to Islamic values.

He’s now accused of carrying bags containing the explosives that killed 32 people.

“We used to have a safe, monocultural society. Now our welfare state is under huge pressure.”

62 Muslims have returned to Denmark after leaving to fight for ISIS.

“Therefore a tight immigration policy is important.”

Police were trying to patrol a “no-go zone.”

Turning lights off for an hour in Swedish town would be too dangerous.

In Sweden, refugees are 3.6 times more likely to be psychotic than the native-born.

It is a “large and especially expensive problem.”

Sweden has had the steepest drop in international PISA rankings.

Before migrants came, the town “barely had any attacks on women.”

One professor says poverty and youth could explain it.

Facebook must “clean up this quagmire of sexism [and] racism.”

It might upset the “refugee” children.

Attacks were in revenge for the murder of a Swedish woman at a refugee center.

That’s two-thirds of the country’s total number of asylum seekers.

“This used to be a good area. Now look at it.”

Country is preparing to deport 80,000 failed asylum seekers.

Says he would rather go to jail than back down.

The pepper spray the 17 year old used is illegal.

Migrants’ valuables worth more than £1,000 will be seized.

About 200 Moroccan teenagers live in the streets near the station.

Teenage “refugee” killed the 22-year-old woman.

One more step to emphasize that Denmark is Danish.

The goal is to focus policy on “repatriation rather than integration.”

Teachers say students are constantly on the verge of rioting.

For some migrants, “any part a woman shows (is) a sign she wants to have sex.”

And Denmark has taken only 18,000 asylum seekers.

“Can I make sex with you?”

Middle-Eastern men bring “a new level of obscenity.”

“This is a completely new phenomenon in Helsinki.”

Denmark sends a message: “Don’t come.”

Alaa, Ferhat, and Walid top the list.

Europeans cannot bear the horror of watching Muslim civilization collapse.

Basic lesson: “To force someone into sex is not permitted in Norway.”

Norwegian police say the images could be there for innocent reasons.

Immigrants have made Finland “one of the least safe countries in Europe for women.”

20 percent of voters now support the Sweden Democrats.

Short documentary shows hopeful signs framed with the usual hysteria.

Tensions there “are no longer exceptional” in Sweden.

You can give them clothes and money or turn over your spare bedroom.

But he condemns politicians who want to put a stop to it.

360,000 immigrants are expected this year and next.

But prime minister says “My Europe doesn’t build walls.”

Three refugee centers in Sweden have been burnt down in the past week.

To do otherwise would be “stingy towards people of other faiths.”

Rejected asylum seeker stabbed a police officer.

They say it’s too cold and boring.