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Without court orders forcing it, integration is waning.

Education secretary: “And it’s frankly inspiring.”

The private school isn’t bound by the First Amendment.

Teachers who try to stop cheating may be attacked.

An idea of the Oakland school district.

Muslims who were fasting at exam time could get extra points.

He stole $2 million in lunch money for poor children.

Denver Public Schools deliberately hire DACA-status teachers.

Give all children free lunches so there will be no stigma for anyone.

New rules in the 11 towns the National Front controls.

Schools with admissions criteria are being sued for “discrimination.”

Author: “What we’ve done over the past 40 years hasn’t worked.”

Behavior–not teacher “racism”–appears to lead to high suspension rates for blacks.

Discipline Disparities, National Review

It’s foolish to think that people who are criminals outside of school would be models of behavior in class.

Son of Ghanaian immigrants is ranked 11th in his graduating class.

“These children don’t care about life no more. They just live to be violent.”

Reporter sneaked in and filed a story.

. . . once they move out to the white suburbs.

Can’t have outsiders reporting on sessions such as “Using Cellular Wisdom to Dismantle Whiteness.”

Fred Reed sets Tim Wise straight.

“Being recruited by a gang is a real threat to even elementary school-age kids in metro Detroit.”

73 percent of the city’s charter schools have less than 1 percent white enrollment.

A “conflict resolution specialist” gets a fractured skull in a 92 percent black school.

Even native English speakers must take lessons in English as a second language.

Blacks make up nearly half the preschoolers suspended more than once.

The abuse began in second grade.

The federal government spends $11 billion on disabled students; 5 million on gifted students.

Half the students in Texas public schools are Hispanic.

The district agreed to drop the language after media inquiries.

Muslims have started “Operation Trojan Horse” to Islamicize British schools.

The SAT Upgrade Is a Big Mistake, National Association of Scholars

Author claims the SAT is being dumbed down to match Common Core standards.

Freedom of association means self-segregation.

Consolidating the location of two LA schools would be “a recipe for disaster.”

American students were forbidden to wear the American flag because it might offend Hispanics.

Are You In?, CollegeBoard

College Board wants more non-whites in AP classes.

Half of applicants are black and Hispanic but only 12 percent are admitted.

Feds investigating the same problem in Buffalo.

She was probably using the language her students understand best.

Two Myths About the SAT, Real Clear Policy

Persistent myths convincingly put to rest.

The percent of students who met standards at Harlem Village Academy dropped from 100% to 21%.

Test makers hope to reduce the score gap between rich and poor.

Perhaps it favors the intelligent.

New discipline techniques include “restorative justice” and “culturally responsive education.”

“. . . officials’ concerns of racial violence outweighed students’ freedom of expression rights.”

The National School Boards Association says public schools should add it to their curricula.

Blacks don’t want whites put in charge of their failing school districts.

More good sense from Walter Williams.

New teaching techniques for today’s students.

It discouraged illegal immigration.

Baton Rouge whites want to escape a school district that is 80 percent black.