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Another “gap” that must be closed.

He’s the “clock boy.”

The fights–involving 200 to 300 students–were racial.

Even Obama is guilty of continuing this “legacy of oppression.”

No word on the offender’s race.

Teachers can no longer suspend students for defiance. Consequences were predictable.

Both black and white students say “#BringBackFields.”

Asians outscore whites in most states.

District spends over $13,000 per student each year.

The FBI is opening a civil rights investigation.

No mention of shifting demographics as a cause.

The few whites in DC public schools dramatically outperform non-whites.

Because white people can’t relate to Hispanic students.

Much agonizing over the inevitable.

Also suggests they host events such as “Undocumented Week.”

Advocates think pre-K will narrow achievement gaps; evidence suggests otherwise.

The principal withheld the results because too many winners were white.

In the city’s public schools, math and reading proficiency have gone down.

Who’s My Teacher Today?, Tampa Bay Times

No one wants to teach schools full of poor blacks.

Non-whites not tapped often enough for special ed.

Black head of schools had “tuition to pay and casinos to visit.”

30 children kept home from school because of the little fiend.

It featured no blacks.

An injured pregnant student kicked a pregnant ambulance attendant who was treating her.

Black students didn’t like the flag.

This is true for both black and white students.

She has “Love” tattooed on her neck.

Black student threatened to rape her and her daughter.

Both blacks and whites resist proposed school integration.

They were upset the school board voted not to close school for Muslim holiday.

Hundreds of millions go to waste as test scores drop.

Whites get similar treatment but no invitations to the White House.

Share of black teachers actually declining.

They say they are defending their heritage.

Black player says his hand got stuck in the helmet.

He attacked a teammate after an argument about a helmet visor.

Victim needed ten stitches.

In the 2011-12 school year, an average of 1,175 teachers and staff were physically attacked each day.

Pass rates in math: Asians–69% , Whites–49%, Hispanics–21%, Blacks–16%.

And a leftist one at that.

He killed a 9-year-old white boy.

Why School Reform Failed, National Policy Institute

Because it denied the importance of race.

The Egalitarian Illusion


The futile fight against the achievement gap.


Perps are “leaders in the Somali community.”

Another futile uplift program.

The gaps are as large in science as they are in English.

Non-whites chasing whites into private schools.

They all lived at a Job Corps camp.

When five schools turned black, they became some of the worst in Florida.

Why I’m a Race Realist


Safety, fear, and racial consciousness.