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That would be the result of basing admissions on “holistic” criteria than test scores.

Principal Aiddy Phomvisay didn’t like how one student showed school spirit.

Nelson Mandela Park Public School enjoy stories like Chocolate Me and I Like Myself.

Now, high school students could be forced to take them.

How I Learned the Truth About Race


And lost my liberal illusions.


Study confirms genes account for “most of the differences” in learning ability.

White students found her racial views offensive.

Poor non-whites in Britain have a racial/cultural identity; poor whites do not.

Elite, Separate, Unequal, New York Times

Standards must drop so blacks and Hispanics can get in to elite public schools.

Muslims parents wanted their children to go to school with only Muslims.

British schools are marked down in they’re too white.

America in 2034


The triumph of the boring.


They’re “as American as apple pie.”

Columnist says Britain is fighting “barbarism and ignorance.”

Are crackdowns on “zero tolerance” policies to blame?

Students to be sent on sleep over so they can mix with non-whites.

Education Secretary says his department will combat the “Islamification” of some schools.

Other messages included ‘racist scum’ and ‘Enfield Council loves an imigrant’ (sic).

It’s the only way to close the discipline gap in schools.

Students will take a “Stop Hatin, No Mas” pledge to solve the problem.

“The whole point of ethnic studies is American at its core.”

But has he figured out what went wrong in Newark?

Students stand around doing nothing.

Unusual behavior for an honor-roll student.

State senator: The ban on bilingual education is “linguistic tyranny.”

School is 95 percent black.

Kindergarten was accepting registrations anyway.

Hispanic administrators said to be picking on black students.

The law can’t abolish “racism” but high school students will.

Desegregation has not improved the performance of blacks.

Running Out of White Folks, Washington Times

Liberals want blacks to be surrounded by whites but can’t find enough.

Readers of The Nation are beginning to see the light, even if the magazine doesn’t.

Muslim radicals were taking over public schools in Brimingham, England.

Undercover camera at the “white privilege” conference.

Blacks say protecting school children from stray bullets is “racism.”

Researchers examine the differences between Asian and European families.

Only 23 percent of blacks attend majority-white schools.

Money doesn’t buy success.

“Everybody’s getting paid but Raheem still can’t read.”

“The African-Americans and the Hispanics, they were just attacking each other today.”

Four out of five foreign children subject to “racism” at least once a month.

He already has all the wrong answers.

Three-quarters of high school seniors aren’t proficient in math.

Principal gave instructions about cheating over the school PA system.

Schools can’t require identification and must provide interpreters to illegals.

At least this gap is finally getting some attention.

Senate Education Committee approves a ballot measure on bilingual instruction 8-0.

Non-white students need non-white role models.

Some students laughed as they watched the attack.

There will be a curriculum-wide focus on blacks.