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School was right to make students take off US-flag shirts to avoid racial violence.

Police broke up the fight and placed the school on lockdown.

Some were worried non-Americans would feel excluded.

Indians are serious about their cheating.

Indoctrination starts in third grade.

Bill may meet opposition in the Florida Senate.

Blacks and whites slug it out.

$40 million school has only 706 students.

“Affinity groups” have to be kept together.

Study: Students of all races benefit from teachers of same race.

Unmentioned in article: School is full of immigrants.

Robert Weissberg dissects a sick trend.

In one year, nearly 50 percent of blacks students were suspended in Michael Brown’s school district.

Learning about “unearned skin privilege” is a “21st-century skill.”

More good sense from Jason Riley.

“As science teachers, we have to take an active role in undoing the bias in our society.”

De Blasio says new policies “treat students of every background with dignity.”

No urban school is doing well enough to deserve the prize.

Teach for America Splits the Multiculti Left


Slapping on an Obama sticker may no longer be enough.


No free speech for teachers.

White parents in San Francisco deprive their children of the benefits of diversity.

Black student misunderstood white teacher and beat him bloody.

Somalis tell us how to run the country.

School superintendent may get the axe because of racial gap in achievement.

ICE does not vet them carefully.

White teacher attacked in a 93 percent non-white school.

The opposing team was mostly Hispanic.

A majority of public school students now qualify for free or reduced-price lunches.

Britain is a brave new world.

Blacks are 44 percent of students and 68 percent of expulsions.

Black studies classes are required by a federal desegregation order.

Just being born in the US does not mean you speak English well.

Twenty second-graders urged drivers to “honk if you want justice.”

Mohammed Islam is not the precocious investor the media hoped.

Dark-skinned black girls are three times as likely to be suspended as those with light skin.

It will take $75 billion to provide universal pre-K.

$2.25 billion over a decade hasn’t been enough to keep whites around.

A black woman’s public obsession with race.

Four men loaded up two cars with loot.

Students want to protest “systematic racism.”

Another swipe at whitey.

“It is expected that children will continue to arrive in large numbers . . .”

The Return of the Inadequate Black Mother


Education theorists grasp at an old straw.

Review essay by Raymond Wolters

The school is 80 percent Bengali Muslim.

Racial Quota Punishment, Washington Examiner

Thomas Sowell sees political calculation in all the noise about school suspensions.

Oregon schools must not discipline blacks at more than four times the white.

Muslims want an official holiday for Eid.

It’s supposed to ward off unwanted male attention.

She will be fired.

Black superintendent just established this rule.