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Insightful reflections on a 30-year friendship with a black man.

League is 75 percent black.

Whites chant “USA,” “Get a job,” and “Africa!”

He thinks non-white soccer coaches in Britain should get special consideration.

FCC chairman says he finds the name offensive.

Another black NFL player in trouble.

Some wonder if it is racially motivated.

He wrote that black fans were scaring away white fans.

The team is still “the Arabs” but will get an updated image.

Cubans smuggled first to Mexico, then the US.

“It should never be anything but the Washington Redskins.”

Redskins mascot gives young Indians mental problems.

Pointy hoods attract unwanted attention.

Immigrants bring with them their concept of sportsmanship.

Bureaucrats bossing us around for our own good.

Americanized Hispanics offended by what they consider “slurs.”

Practice isn’t enough.

Moving on from their Redskins victory.

“Tactical alert” by police managed to keep the peace.

More groveling.

If the ruling stands, anyone could make and sell Redskins merchandise.

Ghana bought energy from Ivory Coast to power televisions .

A black person remembers: “It was a victory for my people.”

Star basketball player hardly ever went to class, got A’s anyway.

During the Super Bowl, crime in Chicago drops 26 percent.

Virginia’s two senators did not sign the letter.

Even billionaires grovel.

He’s called “racist” even while trying to be “anti-racist.”

Identity Defies the Global Marketplace


The search for authentic diversity.


Black coach and referee took their argument off the court.

61 percent of white basketball fans say Sterling deserved his punishment.

Three star players reportedly raped her in a moving car.

They want more non-white executives.

Intolerance reaches new lows.

He doesn’t like blacks playing for teams owned by whites.

Fox News is confused.

But he went on to win the Heisman Trophy and the national championship.

The New Faces of Baseball, Sports on Earth

Not even black colleges can field a black baseball team.

“Back then they had hoods. Now they have neckties and starched shirts.”

South African government raises pro sports racial quota to 60% for blacks.

There are many black coaches in Division I basketball, but their teams do badly.

All blacks are required to think alike.

The 146-word final essay is riddled with errors.

Black Coaches in Pro Sports


Accusations of racism are not plausible.


He’s been to 26 Indian reservations in the past four months.

Even the Japanese are getting skittish.

How many yards for “cracker”?

Drunks and gang members have been an increasing problem the Los Angeles stadium.

The Washington Post complains that the Winter Olympics are “powdery white.”

An unusual example of backbone.