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Fox News is confused.

But he went on to win the Heisman Trophy and the national championship.

The New Faces of Baseball, Sports on Earth

Not even black colleges can field a black baseball team.

“Back then they had hoods. Now they have neckties and starched shirts.”

South African government raises pro sports racial quota to 60% for blacks.

There are many black coaches in Division I basketball, but their teams do badly.

All blacks are required to think alike.

The 146-word final essay is riddled with errors.

Black Coaches in Pro Sports


Accusations of racism are not plausible.


He’s been to 26 Indian reservations in the past four months.

Even the Japanese are getting skittish.

How many yards for “cracker”?

Drunks and gang members have been an increasing problem the Los Angeles stadium.

The Washington Post complains that the Winter Olympics are “powdery white.”

An unusual example of backbone.

Press? Threaten is more like it.

Underlines the idea that America is up for grabs by whoever wants to come here.

Not likely.

Indian leader will meet with a “human rights” bureaucrat from the UN.

The word was mentioned 625 times on TV the day after his boast.

The school denies a researcher’s claims–but won’t let her continue using the data without their approval.

The university now falsely denies it knew of her research.

They disagreed over how the barbecue should be sliced.

Nearly a fifth of basketball and football players at some universities read at an elementary school level.

Vise closing on Washington Redskins.

Starting lineup may have only three players born in the United States.

No non-white coaches or GMs were hired last year, despite the “Rooney rule.”

Croatian chant: “For the homeland.” “Ready,” was all it took.

Julius Nyang’Oro ran a fraudulent “black studies” course for football players.

. . . where the President picks up The Sports Gene.

Some people blame racial profiling.

Team will sit out the rest of the season because of one spray-painting incident.

Atlanta baseball is following its fans out to the suburbs.

Who qualified to play for the “English” soccer team?

Visiting professor defends research on group differences.

A Very White World Series


America’s pastime as it used to be.


Pat Buchanan recalls a time before racial sensitivity ran amok.

A 17-year-old has been charged with the murder.

Hail to the Whiteskins!


Let’s rename Washington’s football team.


Anything whites enjoy must be diversified.

In keeping with the spirit of the sport, of course.

They bring in an “outside element.”

Blacks continue to express their own verdict.

Is it “America” that’s backward?

Rugby has long been considered a white sport in South Africa.

Walter Williams gets it right . . . mostly.

Boone is a “polarizing figure” who non-whites and women could not identify with.

Owner wanted an “all-Mexican” organization.

Even blacks can be fired for using the dreaded “n-word”.

Race differences discussed on Good Morning America.