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Some called it “overt racism.”

One team held up a Trump poster and chanted, “Build a wall!”

At Ohio State, a black student is 70 times more likely than a white to be on a football or basketball scholarship.

It’s a protest of her Super Bowl performance, which extolled the Black Panthers.

Her dancers dressed as Black Panthers and made black power gestures.

But should the Chinese be offended?

Turkish and Greek prime ministers were in the audience.

Non-whites said he ignored their complaints; demanded he admit his “white male privilege.”

“Culture clash” may pit players against each other.

Black player says his hand got stuck in the helmet.

Victim needed ten stitches.

Ad hypes US/Mexico soccer game by quoting Trump: “We don’t have victories anymore.”

Black players allegedly robbed and assaulted students on several occasions.

Another gift from the Third World.

Team will appeal.

World champions but not diverse enough.

Unless the team changes its name.

NASCAR has asked fans not to wave them.

Coaches created a “racially hostile environment.”

The fact that there are more crime stories about them is pure “stereotyping.”

He claims phony news story explains American indictment of FIFA officials.

The Old College Try


How blacks stay eligible for college sports.


Should trademarks be an expression of free speech?

Successful basketball team regularly starts four white players.

They say the name is “commercial speech” and is subject to “relaxed First Amendment review.”

States that fly the Confederate flag are usually not allowed to host tournament games.

University president says “we believe in second chances” for black football players.

Hotel bar charged 15 percent surcharge during event for blacks.

University allegedly covered up accusations of sexual assault.

A way for dud students to extend their sports eligibility.

Suggests that blacks cannot be authentic representatives of Italy.

All-black team is disqualified; all-white team takes title.

Why I Hate the Super Bowl, American Thinker

Jared Taylor proposes a new national holiday.

The opposing team was mostly Hispanic.

Confessions of a Fixer, Chronicle of Higher Education

Cheating was the only way to keep “student” athletes eligible.

Redefining the Word, Washington Post

The “n-word” is here to stay.

He says it was a problem of “imperfect semantics.”

They say society just doesn’t understand “blackness.’

They left their victim bleeding and unconscious.

Accusations of “racism” after black football players arrested for assaulting white players.

NASCAR started its Drive for Diversity program in 2004.

He was fired over a post-game ritual involving watermelons.

3,000 students took “irregular classes” in black studies.

One protester yelled “F*** all you white motherf***ers” and spit in a man’s face.

Insightful reflections on a 30-year friendship with a black man.

League is 75 percent black.

Whites chant “USA,” “Get a job,” and “Africa!”

He thinks non-white soccer coaches in Britain should get special consideration.

FCC chairman says he finds the name offensive.

Another black NFL player in trouble.