Posted on July 9, 2024

Ryan Garcia Says He Is Checking in to Rehab After Being Expelled From the WBC in the Wake of Racial Slurs

Alastair Talbot, Daily Mail, July 5, 2024

Ryan Garcia has apologized for posting a series of racial slurs and profanity on social media as he has revealed that he now plans to go to rehab after months of concerns for his mental health on social media.

Earlier this week, the troubled boxer said the n-word and mentioned both the KKK and George Floyd in Instagram spaces audio that has gone viral online.

As a result, the WBC issued an expulsion for Garcia that was even backed by the 25-year-old’s promoter Oscar De La Hoya, although its unclear what the terms of his ban are.

Garcia has previously been banned from boxing for a year after testing positive for PEDs after his fight against Devin Hanley.

He shared in an Instagram post on Friday: ‘I grew up in a neighborhood where everyone said that word that now I’m abolishing from my vocabulary.

‘I’ve supported many black men and black communities. I’m not mad at the outrage and I sincerely apologize if I hurt and offended anyone.

‘But my pain deserves to be felt, black and brown have always until. And it will always be that way.

‘I’m just a shade lighter then you, but I love you and I love black children to the point I’d die for a black child. I was actually speaking against black-on-black crime. [Again] I’m sorry.’

In a comment under his post, Garcia added: ‘I’m also headed to rehab.’

Over the last couple of months, Garcia’s social media activity has often shown him behaving erratically online.

But after his win against Haney (and before he tested positive for PEDs), it seemed entirely possible that Garcia was just putting on a stage act so that his opponent could underestimate him.

Earlier this week, Garcia shared a post of himself with his ‘new girlfriend’ whose ID is unknown

In his Instagram post, Garcia also shared a statement in which he insists he is not racist and says things were taken out of context.

‘Let me get this straight I’ve actually supported black communities,’ he wrote.

‘Have taken racism from Tim Bradley calling me a zoo animal on ESPN. And turn the other cheek but I’m racist [because] everyone was just drunk and saying s*** people say all the time including black men.

‘If you get triggered by a word it means you are too sensitive. God knows my heart and how I would protect black children until the day I die. I was speaking against black on black crime. They took everything out of context. Including the [Muslim] part I spoke against pedo activity in every [religion] and how I don’t stand for that.’