Posted on July 9, 2024

Tax Cuts for Foreigners Only as Germany’s Liberal Elite Once Again Shows Its Disdain for the Locals

Denes Albert, Remix, July 8, 2024

How much can you actually despise the citizens of your own country? To answer this question is to ask it in the case of the budget agreement of the traffic-light coalition.

In the future, foreigners who come to Germany will receive a generous tax rebate — 30 percent less in the first year after entry, 20 percent in the second year, and 10 percent in the third year. This is only for “skilled workers,” of course, whoever that is supposed to be.

It’s a slap in the face of all those who — as the saying goes — have lived here longer. They don’t get a tax rebate, even though they’ve been keeping the place running for decades. They continue to be fleeced like a Christmas goose. The creation of the rebate for foreigners shows that the government is well aware of how grossly unfair things have become in the country.

This discrimination against the country’s own citizens, expressed in budgetary policy and presented by a federal finance minister who proudly sells it as a success, is truly the pinnacle of a press conference full of impertinence by the three “traffic light” leaders Olaf Scholz, Robert Habeck, and Christian Lindner. After the three years of “tax rebate,” foreigners will also be entitled to a German passport. This can then be picked up in passing, so to speak. And then you can also enjoy all kinds of social benefits when the work ethic that has been brought into the country starts to wane again.

As the federal government’s anti-discrimination commissioner put it so nicely, there are still enough “potatoes” who, in case of doubt, will have their pensions taxed out from under them and will want to work even longer. Is that still possible? And anyone who rebels against this will have to deal with an army of taxpayer-funded no-goods from the political fringes of the aging parties who run denunciation portals. If necessary, Habeck, Baerbock, and co. will even call in the state security and break down doors because citizens are making fun of fat Green politicians or their clothes. What have we actually come to? Asking this question is the first step to answering it.

Of course, the shift to the right in the country has to serve as a justification for this budget of contempt. Scholz reprimanded this shift, not only here but also abroad, at the beginning of the press conference. Scholz, whose party was completely beaten in the EU elections with a highly embarrassing 13.9 percent.

So now, the political wrangling continues until the next general election. None of the traffic light parties have enough of a backbone to put an end to this miserable spectacle. Have fun at the upcoming state elections in the east.

Of course, to be fair, the country’s downsizing really began under Angela Merkel. As things stand at present, her party will probably provide the next chancellor, but not alone and not in a two-party coalition with the FDP. It will then inevitably have to get back into bed with the Greens and SPD in order to get the lucrative posts. Friedrich Merz and co. will then have recourse to such budget cronyism themselves. The Union governments in the federal states are already doing this diligently. It is well known that the CDU and CSU do not want to work with the AfD.

So, the prospects are bleak. At least for those who still work in this country, pay taxes, and do not benefit from discounts for foreigners. At some point, however, there won’t be too many of them.