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And the SAT measures it.

Intelligence test given to infants moderately predicts intelligence in adulthood.

Author: “What we’ve done over the past 40 years hasn’t worked.”

The Son Also Rises


The heritability of social status.

Reviewed by F. Roger Devlin

Son of Ghanaian immigrants is ranked 11th in his graduating class.

Whites and Asians score twice as high on new “success index” as blacks and Hispanics.

Fred Reed sets Tim Wise straight.

The 146-word final essay is riddled with errors.

Gene Linked to Low IQ, Medical Xpress

It negatively affects four percent of the population.

The federal government spends $11 billion on disabled students; 5 million on gifted students.

Can you spot the “racial discrimination?”

De Blasio wants $98 million awarded to non-whites who claim written tests were discriminatory.

The SAT Upgrade Is a Big Mistake, National Association of Scholars

Author claims the SAT is being dumbed down to match Common Core standards.

That Old-Time Whistle, New York Times

Even oblique critiques of black shortcomings are not allowed.

Says John Derbyshire.

Half of applicants are black and Hispanic but only 12 percent are admitted.

Feds investigating the same problem in Buffalo.

And institutions require social trust.

Two Myths About the SAT, Real Clear Policy

Persistent myths convincingly put to rest.

Analysts debunk Google’s claim that intelligence doesn’t matter.

The percent of students who met standards at Harlem Village Academy dropped from 100% to 21%.

Test makers hope to reduce the score gap between rich and poor.

Perhaps it favors the intelligent.

Tall people are smarter on average.

Petitioners want murderers with IQs as high as 75 to be able to argue mental disability.

Nicholas Wade Takes on the Regime


The troublesome persistence of genes and race.

Review by Jared Taylor

But “putting too much stock in standardized tests can put minority candidates at a disadvantage.”

More good sense from Walter Williams.

New teaching techniques for today’s students.

Large study of surnames finds that, because of genes, “large-scale, rapid social mobility is impossible to legislate.”

Small differences in genes can have profound biological–and political–consequences.

Harvard senior thinks “academic freedom” should be abandoned in favor of “academic justice.”

Science is making racial reality undeniable.

Thorough analysis of racial preferences completely ignores differences in intelligence.

They say it accounts for 0.5 percent of total variation in intelligence.

Epitaph for America.

Race Differences in Intelligence


Jared Taylor discusses the evidence.


We hope to see you in Nashville this April.

This is not controversial in China.

Phenomenon is called “skin tone memory bias.”

Study finds genes associated with intelligence vary by race.

Genes associated with intelligence are also linked to latitude.

The Latest Educational Gimmick


Common Core Standards come to California.


Just three high school seniors in Camden scored “college ready” on the SAT.

Nicholas Wade’s book–to be released in May–is sure to cause a huge stink.

33 percent of the state’s Hispanic third graders are proficient in reading, compared to 64 percent of whites.

Largest proficiency gap since the study began in 2003.

Both whites and Somalis in Minneapolis have abnormally high rates of autism.

76 percent of Detroit eighth-graders scored “below basic” in math.

Good schools may improve crystallized intelligence, but not fluid intelligence.