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Kentucky was the first state to adopt Common Core.

Huge study found associations with 74 genetic variants.

Another prodigy.

Only 17 percent of black 12th-graders are proficient in reading; only 7 percent are proficient in math.

She’ll be teaching her young viewers about “girls’ empowerment.”

Some “scientists” think data on IQ should be “rejected or suppressed.”

Researchers have made several new discoveries of genes associated with intelligence.

Many experts consider “genetic-evolutionary factors” the leading cause.

Only 5 percent of variance between students is due to teachers or schools.

Why are “intelligence genes” so hard to identify?

European ancestry has high correlation with intelligence and wealth.

Blogger argues that it’s not IQ.

Students and faculty call him a “white nationalist.”

Prolific psychologist was out front on race and IQ, too.

Blacks most vulnerable, followed by whites, then Asians.

Interview with a Pioneer


Richard Lynn reflects on a career of discovery and controversy.


Asians do well academically, but many admissions officers think their personalities are flat.

34,000 of the 37,000 students failing in Alabama schools are black.

Education’s latest silver bullet is a blank.

Scientists find gene variants related to being taller, healthier, and smarter.

Chinese Reflections on Europe


Why have Europeans lost their racial consciousness?


Black teachers assign black students to gifted programs at nearly the same rate as white students.

At this rate, it will take 250 years for the black-white math gap to close.

In one district, 85 percent of students graduated, but not one was “college ready” in reading or math.

Cap: As usual, liberals are afraid of the truth.

Gene “networks” may be governed by a common “master switch.”

Breitbart dethrones liberals’ favorite scientist.

Hispanics fall in between.

“Out of the 1500 grandmasters in the world, only three or four are black.”

Said regarding failing schools: “We can’t make an African American white.”

Even Obama is guilty of continuing this “legacy of oppression.”

Asians outscore whites in most states.

District spends over $13,000 per student each year.

No mention of shifting demographics as a cause.

SAT’s Racial Impact, Inside Higher Ed

Race is a strong predictor of SAT scores.

The few whites in DC public schools dramatically outperform non-whites.

Much agonizing over the inevitable.

New Prospects for Eugenics


Advanced techniques for improving our species.


Advocates think pre-K will narrow achievement gaps; evidence suggests otherwise.

Racial preferences lead to a “mismatch effect” for blacks.

Non-whites not tapped often enough for special ed.

But there is a “robust but weak association” between the two.

Smart people may have better communication between parts of the brain.

This is true for both black and white students.

Pass rates in math: Asians–69% , Whites–49%, Hispanics–21%, Blacks–16%.

Diversity-mongers used to ignore smaller tech companies.

Controlling for IQ and lifetime violence eliminates disparities in incarceration rates.

Study finds strong links between intelligence-associated genes and national IQ.

Why School Reform Failed, National Policy Institute

Because it denied the importance of race.

The Egalitarian Illusion


The futile fight against the achievement gap.