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Unmasking the Cucks


How “conservatives” betrayed America.

Review by Jane Weir

Germans deluding themselves.

Along with a new explanation saying race is a myth.

Widely touted study ignored several Muslim terrorist attacks, including 9/11.

A Gun Problem or a Race Problem?


Jared Taylor talks gun control with Paul Kersey.


Wages of unskilled and semiskilled workers are most affected.

Author is described as “a scholar at Harvard.”

Heresy at National Review.

Probably not among whites.

“The media use their own lack of coverage as proof that mass murder by non-whites almost never happens.”

Sketch includes only one white man.

Governor’s speech: I benefit from “privilege of white skin . . . every single day.”

Hard facts on crime, incarceration, and “black lives.”

Researchers find non-white households were particularly “vulnerable” to foreclosure.

Much agonizing over the inevitable.

The media refuse to mention mass shooters’ mental illnesses.

More wacky research.

The Mariel boatlift did reduce wages of low-skill workers.

The movement was founded on a lie.

Why School Reform Failed, National Policy Institute

Because it denied the importance of race.

The Egalitarian Illusion


The futile fight against the achievement gap.


Ann Coulter schools more “experts.”

Jared Taylor’s reply to the magazine’s article on Trump and white nationalism.

A Blow Against Anti-White Science


Scientist demolishes a half century of bias.

Review by Thomas Jackson

‘Black and Unarmed’, National Review

Washington Post continues to slant the news.

Debunking another liberal theory.

Blacks are still pretending Michael Brown was a martyr.

It may be “suicide by cop.”

Says it’s “clear as could be” that the justice system favors whites.

There has been no sharp rise in public mass shootings.

Ta-Nehisi Coates: The New Messiah


His new book is even worse than you think.


A black man’s diagnosis of left-wing fanaticism.


The Power of White Racism


It’s like magic!


Atticus Finch Grows Up


The hero of To Kill A Mockingbird is now a “racist.”


MTV’s “groundbreaking” documentary on “white privilege.”

Ann Coulter dismantles studies that claim immigrants are less criminal than natives.

Head of agency says diversity is “absolutely critical to CIA’s success.”

Hysteria about “black lives” should not be directed against whites.

Race is not a mere “social construct.”

There aren’t many “macro-aggressions” to speak of.

The Anti-Science Left, Real Clear Politics

John Stossel says liberals are afraid of race differences in IQ.

Startling good sense from a major Canadian newspaper.

Ann Coulter dismantles myths about drug sentencing.

Teachers learn that “planning for the future” and “adherence to rigid time schedules” are “white traits.”

Blacks were less violent in the 1950s, when poverty and discrimination were much higher.

Ethnic Diversity and Social Trust, American Sociological Review

It’s one or the other.

A “helpful guide” to ease the transition.

Study assumed “that different people’s . . . innate abilities shouldn’t differ by demographic group.”

Slide about “white privilege” was titled “The Luxury of Obliviousness.”