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Feds may force police departments to adopt new training.

Eric Garner was responsible for his own death.

The “diversity explosion” will “reinvigorate the country.”

Officials held meetings in Ferguson teaching residents about “white privilege.”

America “does not care about the lives of black people, period.”

Obama thinks “people of color” are uniquely targeted.

New York Times: Police see black men as “not quite human beings.”

Congressional Black Caucus says there is a “scourge of police violence.”

Facts shouldn’t get in the way of racial outrage.

He says protests are “rooted in realities.”

“Those of us who are white have a remarkable capacity for delusions.”

“Young black men are the convenient target of choice.”

Family dinners and bed-time reading don’t raise IQ.

This does not stop people claiming Muslims got here before Columbus.

Liberals Deny Science, Too, Washington Post

Many sociologists doubt evolutionary underpinnings of human behavior.

Major media uncritically reported on a faulty analysis.

VDARE documents more sloppiness from Harvard.

Harvard University Press Defames American Renaissance


New book is riddled with falsehoods.


Fred Reed is as shocked by Salon.com and Robert Sussman as we are.

Dr. Murray says the “roof is about to crash in” on race deniers.

O’Reilly gets stuck because he won’t talk about racial differences.

All they need is counseling.

Having more black cops does not reduce the number of police shootings.

White lesbian mistakenly gets black sperm. Sues sperm bank.

Irrefutable . . . and Ineffectual?


Will another conservative book make a difference?

Review by Thomas Jackson

An astonishing tale of white guilt.

He agonizes over “white privilege” and his “proclivity for dominance.”

Obama pretends Michael Brown was shot for “walking while black.”

Racial Disparity Is a Bitch, American Thinker

Even during Obama’s speech about biased policing, black mobs raged.

Obama says black shortcomings are the fault of an unjust society.

Company mandates diversity training to combat “unconscious bias.”

“Will we yet again turn a blind eye to the hard truths that Ferguson exposed?”

Except that it is the fighters’ professed religion.

The company responsible, FCKH8, wants “anti-racists” to buy their t-shirts.

Report says even statistics are racially biased.

Whites hesitate longer before shooting armed blacks than armed whites.

Study of St. Louis police shootings finds black and white officers equally likely to shoot suspects.

“I am also a black man.”

Ferguson: A Police Officer’s Perspective


Jared Taylor interviews officer John Sullivan for AR’s inaugural podcast.


Her “heart just broke” for the Brown family.

She thinks whites are to blame for black failure.

Whites “vision is occluded by the darkened glass of white privilege.”

“White supremacist logic: the problem with black people is . . . well, black people.”

Columnist says “disassociation of whiteness and American-ness” is “the key to our survival.”

Sick of White People


A white savior speaks for blacks.


President also said, “Islam has always been part of America.”

Integration Minister says “We know that different human races actually do not exist.”

Obama: Muslims helped build “the very fabric of our nation.”

Child Refugees? No, They’re Stealing Our Country


Straight talk about the “border crisis.”


Each century of colonization raised GDP by 40 percent.