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Heather Mac Donald dismantles more liberal myths.

A Muslim massacres homosexuals in Orlando. LGBTQ protesters blame Trump.

“Lone wolves” have families and communities that help radicalize them.

United Church of Christ lectures whites on their privilege.

Whites must use their “privilege” to further black interests.

White Slavery Denial, Taki's Magazine

White privilege? What about the slavery suffered by whites–in America.

Heather Mac Donald supplies the facts on race and crime.

What will they think of next?

Not us.

Human Universalism, the Most Dangerous Doctrine


We must destroy it before it destroys us.


He admits he “got almost everything wrong” about Muslims.

“Race trumps class, at least when it comes to incarceration.”

“The DNA of blacks cannot be distinguished from the DNA of Asians or the DNA of whites.”

George Borjas calls immigration “just another government redistribution program.”

Why are “intelligence genes” so hard to identify?

Students and faculty call him a “white nationalist.”

Survey of studies finds little to no link between racial diversity and workplace performance.

The blank slate myth is surprisingly resilient.

They’re told the “powerful forces” of “white racism” keep the black man down.

Environment explains failure.

White men are simply better than others at making people think they are smart.

Blackboard Jungle


The perils of trying to “make a difference.”

Review by F. Roger Devlin

Science discovers the obvious.

“We sit inside an ideology of white superiority that gives us enormous advantages.”

The Myths of Black Lives Matter, Wall Street Journal

40 percent of cop-killers are black, but only 26 percent of people killed by police are black.

Only 17 percent left because of “violence and insecurity.”

Unmasking the Cucks


How “conservatives” betrayed America.

Review by Jane Weir

Germans deluding themselves.

Along with a new explanation saying race is a myth.

Widely touted study ignored several Muslim terrorist attacks, including 9/11.

A Gun Problem or a Race Problem?


Jared Taylor talks gun control with Paul Kersey.


Wages of unskilled and semiskilled workers are most affected.

Author is described as “a scholar at Harvard.”

Heresy at National Review.

Probably not among whites.

“The media use their own lack of coverage as proof that mass murder by non-whites almost never happens.”

Sketch includes only one white man.

Governor’s speech: I benefit from “privilege of white skin . . . every single day.”

Hard facts on crime, incarceration, and “black lives.”

Researchers find non-white households were particularly “vulnerable” to foreclosure.

Much agonizing over the inevitable.

The media refuse to mention mass shooters’ mental illnesses.

More wacky research.

The Mariel boatlift did reduce wages of low-skill workers.

The movement was founded on a lie.

Why School Reform Failed, National Policy Institute

Because it denied the importance of race.

The Egalitarian Illusion


The futile fight against the achievement gap.


Ann Coulter schools more “experts.”

Jared Taylor’s reply to the magazine’s article on Trump and white nationalism.

A Blow Against Anti-White Science


Scientist demolishes a half century of bias.

Review by Thomas Jackson