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Black/white differences also included.

The Biological Reality of Race


AR reissues our video on this important topic.


There was a different lactose-tolerance mutation in Africa from that of Europe.

Europeans were darker-skinned 5,000 years ago.

Nicholas Wade Takes on the Regime


The troublesome persistence of genes and race.

Review by Jared Taylor

Some ancestors of the 12,600-year-old Montana skeleton probably lived in present-day Germany.

The oldest genome found in the New World is ancestor to 80 percent of American Indians.

Fascinating map explains genetic consequences of historic events.

Genes from two groups help Tibetans survive at high altitudes.

There is some Spanish and Italian admixture in isolated East African tribes.

Some Neanderthal genes affecting skin and hair are common in non-Africans.

Light skin may have spread later than we think.

Whites share a gene mutation for light skin with some Middle Easterners and Indians.

Amerindians and Hispanics are most likely to have the variant.

Nicholas Wade’s book–to be released in May–is sure to cause a huge stink.

“Neanderthals show some of the lowest genetic diversity of any life form studied.”

Human lineage gets more complicated.

Body found in Siberia is evidence Europeans and East Asians mixed before traveling to America.

We’ve known about Neanderthal and Denisovan mixture, but now there is evidence of a new crossing.

Dogs first tamed in Europe, not Asia, as previously thought.

White Apocalypse Republished, Special to AR News

Adventure novel explores the Solutrean Hypothesis.

Indians acquired some of their European admixture at least 24,000 years ago.

They do not look African.

Barack Obama honors “our rich Nordic-American heritage.”

Why Clans Persist


Do they threaten the modern state?


When the conquistadors arrived in the Andes, they were amazed by the light-skinned “Chachapoya.”

Genetically Tamed?


Are we declining for the same reason as the Romans?


Who were more advanced: early modern humans or Neanderthals?

Tracing the origins of Northern Europeans’ ability to drink milk.

Our most recent common ancestor goes back further than we thought.

Not Africans, as some have claimed.

There was a major genetic shift but researchers don’t understand the cause or the consequences.

Is Democracy Possible in America?


Alain de Benoist would say no.

Review by Jared Taylor

You have to look back 338,000 years to find a common ancestor between his and other known human Y chromosomes.

Are the races just a bit different after all?

Some researchers say Europeans made the trek more than 20,000 years ago.

Scientists find genetic differences help some groups survive in the cold.

They would have a strong case for reparations.

They had already diverged from the ancestors of whites.

“Jurassic Park”-like effort could revive the long-extinct species.

A new honor for our President.

The redhead mummy nicknamed “Ginger” lived near the Nile.

What You Can’t Say, Lew Rockwell

. . . but Walter Williams can . . . about slavery.

Ancient skeleton was not related to modern-day Native Americans.

It also revealed previously undiscovered etchings.

Human origins are a lot more complicated than “out of Africa.”

And interbred with some modern Africans–including pygmies.

The Islamist Pyramid Scheme, Washington Times

Egypt’s pyramids are “symbols of pagan idolatry” and must be torn down.

Did you know a black man built Stonehenge?

The labor of thousands was required to move the stones.