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Ann Coulter: “Look to Mexico for your future–or any Third World country.”

Includes more police, and incentives for businesses to move to black areas.

Schools must teach students to read, but illiteracy is the norm at many Detroit schools.

Yuppie cafe is tagged “you gentrified scum”; locks glued shut.

It’s just coincidence that all known attackers are black and all known victims are white.

Aldermen upset he compared Chicago to a “war-torn, third-world country.”

“Indians” name and mascot means Cleveland should lose.

Production’s attempt to “reimagine” the opera and “subvert authorial intent” not good enough.

The population is down 0.8 percent since last census in 2010.

Thousands march against muggings by perps “generally of Arab or African origin.”

Whites who live among Hispanics have the strongest identity.

Anchor babies were 7 percent of all US births in 2014.

“The smugglers are telling them if Hillary gets elected, that there’ll be some sort of amnesty.”

“[A]s a Latino, [Rubio is] a freaking sellout. I would not vote for him if they paid me.”

Washington DOJ appears to have overruled New York DOJ, which did not want to indict.

Violence is usually reported only locally.

“What if someone walks in a polling location with a backpack bomb?”

They want $11 million in state funds for things like “culturally sensitive prenatal care.”

Gambia’s information minister calls it the “International Caucasian Court.”

Police battle “migrants” in central Paris.

DACA recipients do their part to oppose Trump.

Clinton canvassers listen for their distinct accent since they widely favor her.

The DOJ announced charges against him the day early voting began.

Non-white demonstrators blocked a bridge on campus and demanded whites “go around.”

Dean of Students threatens violators with “serious disciplinary sanctions.”

The hire will help protect the environment with a “diversity strategy.”

Left-wing comedian accused of “cultural appropriation.”

They’ll get that and a free flight home to leave Britain.

Thousands are determined to stay and go to Britain anyway.

Long-time immigrants complain that “the Germans all moved away.”

He promises “the kind of change that only arrives once in a lifetime.”

Neanderthal genes help Europeans “live in peace with the microbes.”

Sixth body in just over a month. MS-13 thought to be doing the killing.

150 “juveniles” flash mobbed the campus.

In 1995, Bill Clinton sounded almost like Donald Trump.

They speak languages such as Quiche, Mam, and Chuj.

With Internet, poor people get fat and do worse in school.

Blacks and whites differ in 24 prostate cancer-related genes.

Gains in IQ are starting to reverse in several countries.

Migrants threw rocks at the 1,200 officers trying to remove them from the camp.

LA Mayor Garcetti: ‘“We are well past the tipping point–everywhere.”

MacArthur “genius grant” will help start “Racial Imaginary Institute.”

POC’s have “shared interests and common goals.”

Blacks from the neighborhood joined an attack on officers investigating a hit-and-run.

“It’s very much a message of empowerment to people of European heritage.”

She’s losing 44-56 percent in a theoretical matchup against Nicolas Sarkozy.

Up to 30,000 people could live in this all-white–and legal–South African community.

Free schooling and jobs will also help them fit into society.

19-year-old Moroccan rapes nonagenarian in alley.

Only bitterness and fear can explain why whites say things like, “I don’t want my community changed.”