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Even Eric Holder admits Officer Wilson is innocent.

These Paints Can Teach Us a Lot About Labeling


Color categories are obsolete.


They won’t have the staff to have face-to-face interviews with executive amnesty applicants.

Andean population is particularly good at ridding the body of arsenic.

“This is a real in-your-face slap at the president, and black folks know it.”

But she did not report him.

Family is now pocketing about £40,000 a year.

Steve King says “This is the signal of capitulation.”

“The first large-scale federal probe of birth-tourism.”

A way for dud students to extend their sports eligibility.

Mexico is drifting north.

Second largest seizure in history.

Lega Nord is making a comeback with a new leader.

Despite prime minister’s promise to cut to less than 100,000.

There are still 300 white farmers in the crosshairs.

Foreign support for mosques is banned; Imams must speak German.

Unmentioned in article: School is full of immigrants.

DOJ couldn’t indict Darren Wilson so it went after the whole department.

Amnesty: Talk about it and they will come.

Article on the Flynn effect cites Arthur Jensen and Richard Lynn.

United Daughters of the Confederacy to celebrate victory on May 23.

“Diversifying” is the polite word for turning non-white.

The Next Great Migration, New York Times

America is so racist, blacks might have to move to . . . France.

How whites should teach their children about “white privilege.”

Police and social workers ignored the problem.

“The Hungarian man, by nature, is politically incorrect.”

Names of “dead white men” will be replaced with women’s rights activists and black academics.

He’ll be back with his unique blend of humor and insight.

Nigel Farage warns against mass immigration and multiculturalism at CPAC.

He agrees with Al Sharpton.

At a speech at Cornell.

A comprehensive survey of polls that show what ordinary Muslims really think.

Robert Weissberg dissects a sick trend.

Chairman of American Freedom Party explains his views.

Or a “President Chen.”

Not talking about the number of blacks who would benefit would be “political malpractice.”

Waitress: Management thought “black people were lazy.”

Documentary of immigrant neighborhood would “encourage social division and hostility.”

Ties to American Renaissance are dragged out again.

Most popular speaker snubbed without explanation.

This is the kind of column that keeps Ann Coulter out of CPAC.

They’d be able to get tax benefits for the past four years.

He’s upset that feds didn’t prosecute George Zimmerman.

But the victim was white, so few have heard of him.

Saying a perp is black promotes negative stereotypes.

Two tweets and you’re out.

He called the Civil Rights Act “the nigger bill” when he was with Southerners.

His family is rich and he graduated from the University of Westminster.

They also blew up a library of 10,000 books and more than 700 rare manuscripts.

Senate Republicans want to leave stopping amnesty to the courts.