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“He is not yet in custody.”

“Let’s keep the pressure up.”

Our podcasts are popular.

The Nation of Islam denounced his “cowardly and baseless repudiation.”

Paul Kersey on John Glenn’s death.

One shirt reads: “GOD GUNS & TRUMP.”

But there will be no fine or prison time.

August and September were the most deadly months in almost 20 years.

Mexicans are at the bottom of the OECD in math.

She is “the Rosa Parks of Canada.”

Reporter was fired for a private Facebook post.

Krikorian: Andrew Puzder is a terrible choice.

Taking Back the Border, Washington Times

Congressman Steve King on what President Trump can do.

No data included on whites.

Suit hopes to break “a pattern of racial discrimination and retaliation against . . .”

Fewer than one a year.

Blacks and Hispanics are one third of the Democratic Party, but 3 percent of the senate staff.

Merkel is worried about next year’s election.

There is worry that Breitbart will help tip election to the AfD.

They are members of the ruling party.

His projection draws on UN statistics.

She says, “It’s the end of playtime.”

Last year’s choice was Angela Merkel.

15 stitches, a broken nose, eye swollen shut, and three loose teeth.

25 pounds of it.

The accused was arrested for burglary last year.

Michelle Malkin on the radical past of this CNN darling.

If the NYT ever writes anything nice about him we will know he betrayed us.

He joked about destroying ballots for Trump.

Police in riot gear maintained order.

Pro-white activists are making an impact.

Though GDP is expected to go down.

He was prosecuted after local media reported on his Facebook postings.

The latest PISA results.

SPLC up to its usual tricks.

Carson thinks government should leave people alone.

Now, she says, she can “devote myself full-time to the cause.”

One proposed bill would fund lawyers for immigrants facing deportation.

Many of the estimated 500,000 NYC illegals have gotten the IDs.

The 13-year-old has seven prior arrests.

There’s a general election next year.

The asylum seekers raped another Afghan.

The organization sets up refugees and asylum seekers with German families.

Jurors could not come to a unanimous verdict.

She may have been abducted by a Hispanic sex-trafficking gang.

Diversity campaigner decides to practice what she preaches.

Another hoaxer has been caught.

“Ask yourself if you’re willing to die for us.”

“Far right” leader still received 46.7 percent of the vote.

A new generation is fighting against the “Great Replacement.”