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Three blacks three whites; blacks face more serious charges.

Charges include second-degree murder.

Confidentiality is an important part of the investigation at this point.

Ideas of a “degenerate black culture” are “myths.”

Rate is eight times higher than for whites.

Science for the simple-minded.

Carolina paper publishes call for white solidarity.

SPLC testified in favor of birthright citizenship.

Permitting birth tourism is apparently now an American principle.

81 languages are spoken by students in the Wichita school district.

98% of the Harvard Law faculty, 96% of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

Just wanted to attack someone who wasn’t black.

Labour leader says “Islamophobia” should be an “aggravated crime.”

Head injury matches a bolt in the back of the van.

Gray was reportedly “banging against the walls.”

Relative of one of the arresting officers speaks out.

Protests erupt around the country.

Eleven employees are out of a job, and the store may not reopen.

Protesters firebombed her workplace and her house.

He was collecting on a settlement for lead poisoning when he was a child.

Article includes arrest and damage figures for Baltimore, Ferguson, and New York.

Broken noses, stolen cameras.

She wanted blacks to “shoot every white cop in the nation.”

36-year-old mother was killed by a former resident of the shelter she managed.

. . . are not all in the South.

But the National Guard was able to enforce the curfew last night.

Says she “fought to get a CVS to invest into this neighborhood.”

Eighteen arrests in the last eight years.

Freddie Gray was just an excuse.

A gas station was looted for the third time.

Flash mob of around 50 blacks attacked whites at random.

Congress may actually recognize reality.

“Openly racist magazine” is American Renaissance.

No free speech for him.

Should trademarks be an expression of free speech?

He says the solution involves more “investments in urban communities.”

Gangsters directed looters away from black-owned stores to Chinese- and Arab-owned stores.

A full account of the mayhem from the Daily Mail.

Accounts of two white reporters who were attacked in Baltimore.

Hispanic gangsters appear to be settling scores.

“Expert” says faculty should be hired and fired according to whether they understand diversity.

Obama part of a steady trend toward government secrecy.

Yet another legacy of apartheid.

Seven officers hurt; one unresponsive.

Police are injured, businesses are closing early, U of M and some Metro stations shut down.

Mostly locals arrested Sunday, but police and the mayor blame “outside agitators” for riots.

“It’s a very delicate balancing act.”

Black Guerilla Family, Bloods, and Crips will unite against police.

She was filming “youths” when she was attacked.

Readers aren’t buying it.