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Before diversity, there were no gangs.

Another black NFL player in trouble.

Blaming whites for black violence.

Blacks burn down houses because it makes it easier to steal bricks.

Central American immigrant children may be infected.

Some wonder if it is racially motivated.

Black “jihadi” shot white Americans.

Asians in America are more likely than whites to get type 2 diabetes.

Muslims were to kidnap random Australians and video the beheadings.

Costs residents £40,000 a month in handouts.

Geneticists unravel some of them mystery of European origins.

No legislation requires this.

Only10 percent of eighth-grade black boys are proficient in reading.

Blacks in Ferguson don’t care about due process.

Local news salivates until the truth comes out.

There was a lull over the summer only because it was too hot to cross the border.

Reversed its earlier decision in a 4-1 vote.

America’s black colleges think they want to become “international.”

Former defense minister says it is time to fight back.

“I want Australia to remain European.”

3,000 US troops to be sent to infected countries.

Yet another way to get into the country.

Illegals may have been getting Obamacare subsidies.

Recommends “Critically Conscious Mathematics” and “Radical Math.”

Police in Charlotte, NC, have even recruited in Puerto Rico.

Non-white wore a shirt that said “Merit Matters.”

But will try not to offend Muslims.

Conservatives and liberals may smell different.

Before police arrest her for “racially aggravated public order offences.”

Traffickers intentionally sank the boat.

Down by 1.25 million from 2012.

Even small hospitals are being warned.

Liberals: “True” faith “promotes the kind of behavior we like.”

Modern humans arrived in Europe earlier than previously thought.

Three quarters of voters say immigration is an important issue.

Some have never attended school and speak only Q’anjob’al, Kachiquel, or Mam.

Black chief says flag is part of a “culture of racism.”

White teachers can’t relate to students, 98 percent of whom are black.

Blacks and Hispanics think they are victims.

Immigration-control party now the third-largest in Sweden.

Jeff Sessions hammers the “powerful interest groups” now pushing for executive amnesty.

Guarantees executive amnesty before year’s end.

Just 319 of the recent 59,000 Central American illegals have been deported.

Another way around bans on racial preferences.

Family event shut down by blacks.

Another crisis.

Neighbor: “I’m not surprised at all, not in this neighborhood.”

They say policy requiring drivers not to stink is “discrimination.”

60 more victims.

Spending that benefits white men is a “massive waste.”