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“In many ways, this election is a referendum on immigration reform.”

Young blacks and Hispanics “are made to feel like their lives are disposable.”

Some yelled “Black Lives Matter.”

Federal appeals court says it was “passed with racially discriminatory intent.”

Students of all races must be disciplined at the same rate.

AR Conference attendees tell their stories.

Mayor says BLM banner on City Hall is a recognition of “structural racism.”

He may face trial on 12 felony charges.

Says it will be “an order of magnitude greater than any diaspora we have seen before.”

He says Salafists are “winning the ideological and cultural battle.”

Conservatism failed, and the alt-right is filling the void.

Because Protestants once treated Catholics poorly, whites should give away their countries.

Democrats have found fence-hoppers they don’t like.

Half of voters say Trump’s convention speech reflects their feelings.

They’re alleging false arrest, false imprisonment, and defamation.

Whites can atone for their microaggressions from the past month.

They claim the censorship is to prevent “posthumous glorification.”

The country’s second-largest party takes a stand.

She claims “The terrorists want us to lose sight of what is important to us.”

Marilyn Mosby decries “consistent bias,” in the tone of a storefront preacher.

“Make room for the black and brown brothers and sisters.”

Surprisingly straight talk from National Review.

Clinton adviser finds some white voters are unwilling to tell pollsters they support Trump.

Commercial celebrates transracial adoption.

Researcher finds direct evidence of dysgenic breeding.

She says “history will condemn” the French government if it fails to act.

They spat at women and children.

Police chief says it’s a case of “taharrush”–mass Muslim sex assault.

Student groups want to keep Austria Germanic.

Trump was right.

He told Telemundo that Republicans will back amnesty under Paul Ryan.

100,000 Central American “refugees” have already crossed the border illegally this year.

He foresaw the divide between cosmopolitans and nationalists.

Some anchor babies weren’t getting the “benefits to which they are entitled.”

James Edwards was admitted to the GOP convention as a member of the press.

Black teenagers took what they wanted.

Jihadists slit a priest’s throat and took nuns hostage during mass.

It takes them through the “no-go zones” occupied by blacks after apartheid.

“The gravitational center of the Republican Party is white nationalism.”

Fences work.

“Trump’s speech was a bold and important shift in the prevailing discourse about policing and crime.”

Behavioral genetics gives the lie to blank slate fantasy.

They “rejoiced” at news of the Bastille Day attack in Nice.

It’s based in China.

Vowed Germans “won’t be able to sleep peacefully anymore.”

She was pregnant.

Interior minister: “How is it possible for society to prevent these attacks?”

But prosecutors say there are “no grounds for allegations of terrorism.”

“I am with you, I will fight for you, and I will win for you.”

Munich police say the gunmen have an “Islamist background.”