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He says it can be funded later.

John Kelly is lining up against Jeff Sessions.

All but four were from Latin America.

They claim there is a secret policy that discriminates against conservatives.

Only six of the nine subway cars had working surveillance cameras.

Punjabi-speakers abort girls so they can have boys.

British left is cracking over immigration policy.

Europe’s Rising Islam-Based Political Parties, The Investigative Project on Terrorism

A Dutch Islamic party already has three seats in parliament.

Despite Fillion’s endorsement of Macron.

“Abnormal” beards are also banned.

“We’re going to end this illegality. We’re not going to stop until we get it done.”

Democrats are opposed to funding the wall.

A review of “A Colony in a Nation” by Chris Hayes.

Mayor: “There’s a better way to use the property these monuments are on and a way that better reflects who we are.”

Yet another hoax.

Intent is irrelevant.

Macron is almost certain to win.

City on its way to a record-breaking year.

“We have evidence that there are direct contacts between certain NGOs and people traffickers in Libya.”

Leftists finally seeing the light.

AmRen makes Newsweek’s cover story.

But many Republicans aren’t getting the message.

Translation: Coulter vowed to speak no matter what, university caved.

Kentucky University students want open access for all blacks.

White man takes the fall.

He had been convicted for attacking police in the past.

“The war that is waged against us is asymmetrical, revolutionary. We cannot afford to lose this war.”

French Muslims tend to vote Communist or Socialist, but support anyone who opposes the National Front.

A team has been assembled to look into the problem.

Then he set them on fire.

Colin Flaherty documents Hillary Clinton’s anti-white presidential campaign.

The Anti-Free Speech Movement, Frontpage Magazine

Berkeley cancels Ann Coulter.

Which ensures that there will be no diversity of thinking.

His three murder charges will receive “hate crime enhancements.”

Nearly half of Canadian citizens think illegals should be deported back to the US.

The hijab “destroys rape culture because it commands men to reform themselves first and exclusively.”

Edward Enninful of Ghana plans to move beyond token black models.

Some polls suggest former supporters of Macron are now leaning right.

Police: “The suspect is described as a black male, aged in his early 20s.”

German leftist can’t help noticing that Turks lack Western values.

Auburn administration tried and failed to ban him.

He had four convictions.

He spared the lives of Hispanics.

Others are getting the word, too.

“VDARE, American Renaissance and Radix have become part of the political landscape.”

Officers will now face greater scrutiny when they use deadly force.

Looking into Tweets, Inside Higher Ed

Professor who championed white genocide is under investigation by his university.

Sanctuary city becomes sanctuary courtroom.

Objectivity is a plot to hold non-whites down.

South African blacks don’t buy it either.