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Even legal immigrants might be afraid to participate in the Census.

Fatal drug overdoses among non-whites rose 39 percent from 2015 to 2016.

New Black Panther Party leader is forced to repay money he took from a client.

There is no chance that issuing this card will increase voter fraud.

50 percent of diversity lottery winners are from Africa.

Perilous Times for Black Colleges, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

White colleges are picking off HBCUs’ best prospects.

California’s real poverty rate is 20.6 percent.

Analyzing DNA, we don’t fully know how to determine skin pigmentation even of living populations.

White male president can’t understand what it means to be “reduced” to his sex and race.

British racing needs to overcome biases against women, non-whites, and the disabled.

Expropriation Without Compensation

South Africa is a window into a non-white future.


AmRen “touts a philosophy that it’s ‘entirely normal’ for whites to want to be a majority race.”

Twitter claims its censorship tools are “apolitical.”

“They took advantage of catch and release.”

It’s no good if diversity “sits at the bottom.” You have to “stir it up.”

“Die cracker.”

White-Hispanic is the most common form of intermarriage.

They want more non-whites and more women.

Defense argues it is not a crime to destroy public property if it is “racist.”

Even African immigrants are complaining.

Racial preferences trump competence.

Wall Street Journal reports on Taylor v. Twitter.

Op-ed in the Daily Caller on our lawsuit against Twitter.

“Infamous white nationalist” and “white supremacist site” sue Twitter.

Is new sub-prime lending in order?

Activist for illegals: “We’re supposed to be a united community and we obviously are not.”

A UC Berkeley op-ed said to contain “libelous, racist, sexist, homophobic or highly offensive” content.

WHO says it’s because of low vaccination rates.

Bill allows for longer detentions and shorter time to file appeals.

In some districts, “ethnic studies” classes are compulsory for all.

The reason is “persistent biases we’re not even aware of.”

110 suspects—most Pakistani—and more than 1,500 victims.

Man attacked in a “no-go” zone of Paris.

Shadow home secretary says Labour Party will not favor EU citizens over non-EU citizens.

Production standards should be lowered “a smidge” to bring in more blacks and other minorities.

Helping students to understand and counteract whiteness.

A new entry in the list of forbidden words

Land redistribution is an opportunity, not a threat.

The taskforce was announced following a series of crimes committed by Africans.

Closings due to record low numbers of refugees.

The truth is no defense?

Islam becomes chic.

With mass immigration, especially from Africa, “our worst nightmares can come true.”

Hungarian city therefore cannot be a “European Capital of Culture.”

Church of England prelate caught on tape wishing he had a hooker.

The “descendant community” wants $1 billion.

“The enrollment crisis at Evergreen, and make no mistake about it, it is a crisis . . . .”

She has still offered no evidence that she is part Cherokee.

Social justice race registry, good; crime perpetrators’ race registry, bad.

Hakuna Wakanda, TheZMan

“Black Panther is the ultimate Dissident Right movie.”