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Obama appointee lets white community have its own school district.

Berkeley mayor says Milo and Ann Coulter could be picking on him because he’s Hispanic.

Top 5 percent of black households are doing very well.

Judge let him post a $2,500 bail.

Some had criminal records spanning over a decade.

He told her he likes white women.

The police had to be called.

And he wants a “common Europe” rather than nationalism.

Deal lets British officials do immigration checks in Calais.

Professor says language isn’t “racist,” since 60% of its speakers are black.

Rural, white counties often have an annual murder rate of zero.

And Jeff Sessions is considering doing so.

Justice served.

John Kelly: “All crime is terrible, but these victims are unique – and too often ignored.”

She has not yet been fired.

Illegals from Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone can now be sent home.

“The road to acceptance will not be an easy one for me to travel.”

Sharia, Arkansas Style, Frontpage Magazine

Saudi money funds “Islamic studies centers” across the country.

The National Gypsy-Traveller-Roma Council is outraged.

Scientific consensus up until now had put human arrival in the new world at 15,000 years ago.

Based on a Soviet design.

Trump: This is “egregious overreach by a single unelected judge.”

President Trump has yet to comment.

. . . says the New York Times.

Funds seized from other cartels would also help pay for the wall.

Being an illegal will result in lesser charges.

Three quarters of the students at one US school live in Mexico.

His victim was three years old.

A new low for American cuckservatives.

Historically unpopular president warns of populism.

Some Amazonian tribes only have words for “some” and “a few.”

He says it can be funded later.

John Kelly is lining up against Jeff Sessions.

All but four were from Latin America.

They claim there is a secret policy that discriminates against conservatives.

Only six of the nine subway cars had working surveillance cameras.

Punjabi-speakers abort girls so they can have boys.

British left is cracking over immigration policy.

Europe’s Rising Islam-Based Political Parties, The Investigative Project on Terrorism

A Dutch Islamic party already has three seats in parliament.

Despite Fillion’s endorsement of Macron.

“Abnormal” beards are also banned.

“We’re going to end this illegality. We’re not going to stop until we get it done.”

Democrats are opposed to funding the wall.

A review of “A Colony in a Nation” by Chris Hayes.

Mayor: “There’s a better way to use the property these monuments are on and a way that better reflects who we are.”

Yet another hoax.

Intent is irrelevant.

Macron is almost certain to win.

City on its way to a record-breaking year.

“We have evidence that there are direct contacts between certain NGOs and people traffickers in Libya.”