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Exempting “bona fide” family relations is not good policy.

The Windy City is becoming more and more like Johannesburg or Sao Paulo.

Organizers discovered that famous atheist dislikes Islam as much as he dislikes Christianity.

Cooperating with the federal government no long necessary for receiving money from the federal government.

His last wife threatened a lawsuit.

Governor and Lieutenant Governor double-down on support for statewide anti-sanctuary bill.

Race of customers unspecified.

30 didn’t even have criminal records.

Bridge has never been closed before.

Claims that letting them dock would be “very dangerous for public order.”

Brain imaging finds disgust is a common reaction to mixed-race couples.

Media spin-masters get to work.

Bangladeshi immigrant cheated Medicare out of $132 million.

Should white men be allowed to make a show with black slaves in it?

Mandela’s widow bemoans current global trends.

Mohamed Noor was an “affirmative action hire” if ever there was one.

New visa requirements are rigorous.

40 percent for each, and 20 percent “not sure.”

She used the word in jest in a private Twitter message.

Critics said the same about “Gettysburg.”

Trump vs. the NAACP, American Thinker

President refuses to address their convention.

Donald Trump vs. the Post-West, American Greatness

The Left’s reaction to the President’s speech says more about it than it does about him.

Apparently, he is not a threat anymore.

“Clowns Without Borders” will liven up integration events.

Parking dispute headed to Human Rights Commission.

Somali cop worries that “racism” is keeping other cops from standing up for him.

He thanks the President for “taking the handcuffs off law enforcement.”

Another way to demonize the South.

Gay activists attack Peter Brimelow and Jared Taylor.

Lauren Southern reports from the front lines.

But also says promises from refugee resettlement agencies won’t be honored.

The year’s total so far is 583.

A socialist tells a comrade that “white privilege” is probably worsening his depression.

The visas would allow migrants into any EU country.

Black Land First activist told journalist he’d have gotten worse treatment if he had been white.

Hispanic woman teams up with two black men to kill a white mom.

Aspiring boxer hit her as hard as he could.

The two “doctors” now face life in prison.

Quaint Mexican practices come to US.

Muslim militant bags $10.5 million, plus an apology.

A conservative consigns Europe to a mulatto future–with a shrug.

Age is not the only thing they had in common.

H-2B Visas and Labor Shortages, Economic Policy Institute

These are jobs Americans are doing.

“The center contributes more records to the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) than any government entity.”

He’s a member of the nationalist/populist 5 Star Movement.

Somali-refugee cop kills unarmed white woman. Will whites riot?

New book on the Karl Rove of nationalism.

Facebook Bows to Sharia, American Thinker

Mark Zuckerburg doesn’t want to offend over a billion potential customers.

“Youths” burn nearly 900 cars to celebrate Bastille Day.

German Constitutional Court says secession is illegal.