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New trick to attract whites: admission by lottery.

A “neutral” group that reports on non-profits is doing the SPLC’s bidding.

He proposed it at a campaign-style rally in Iowa.

The “unaccompanied alien children” are prime recruits for gangs.

Even though the DOJ cleared Darren Wilson of wrongdoing.

Courts now interfering with ICE removals.

And still has a job.

The US has been fighting Islam for longer than you think.

Hundreds of kindergartens in Austria teach the Koran.

The kids are alt-right.

They weren’t willing to link to American Renaissance.

All 11 names have something in common . . .

A longtime liberal offers some advice.

Kidnapping rates going up, too.

Interior Minister: “The terrorist threat to France shows no sign of abating. The hardest is predicting when and where terrorists will attack.”

They contribute to the climate of hate they claim to abhor.

Every major American city is now a sanctuary.

Irishman gets the boot.

Hungarian woman attacked while on vacation in Germany.

Commissioner for refugee integration in Germany says it will take ten years for many refugees to get jobs.

Suspect had a Canadian passport.

Jeff Sessions explains the DOJ’s new priorities.

Census numbers can’t be trusted.

Baked Alaska’s bodyguard has been hospitalized.

Wife of President Mugabe is pleased.

The sum awarded will not be disclosed.

He claims his teammates bullied him into doing it.

“Instead of bombs and guns, they use bricks and bike locks to intimidate and harass and suppress civil liberties.”

He yelled “Allahu Akbar” before detonating.

YouTube viewers not fooled by open-borders propaganda.

Are circumstances really comparable?

Absurdity at Evergreen State College.

Artist: “I want the unveiling to be a catharsis for us.”

The question is whether the people will follow them into the dark.

Her goal isn’t to win, but to show the strength of indigenous people.

Washington Redskins are now more likely to be allowed to keep their name.

Prof: “Being called a racist is the worse slur that anyone could possibly make against me.”

Anger Privilege, Frontpage Mag

Only lefties are allowed to be angry.

Nine Eritreans are being held.

Knife attacks increased 25 percent last year.

Jurors would be told, “We all have unconscious biases.”

Kris Kobach wants proof-of-citizenship laws in every state.

Trump vs. the Neo-Fascists, American Thinker

Judges can now read minds.

Hate crime hoaxers get probation, fines, but no jail time.

This wouldn’t have happened if our immigration laws were enforced.

“The system continues to fail black people.”

A new way to criticize Jared Taylor: He is anti-modern.

County officials expect at least 800 overdose deaths by the end of the year.

Cuba defends cop-killers, says they are civil rights activists.

Germany’s largest Muslim organization refused to take part.