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It’s not race; it’s poverty, unemployment, drug addiction, and crime.

You should never kiss a stranger when she is sleeping.

And now Zambia sends food to Zimbabwe.

Jihad not against Christians or Jews, but against other Muslims.

Someone suggests “Considerate Avenue.”

Facebook will have to hire 500 new people so it can comply with law.

Chidren need more “positive interventions highlighting role models” from other races.

Makes comment at Native American “Un-Thanksgiving Day” held on Alcatraz.

“He has a great ability to put his head down and not let criticism get to him.”

For blacks, it’s the whites and the police who are the enemy.

“Black History Month” continues past February.

Hispanic victim’s heart was buried with him in Montgomery County, Maryland.

69 murders a day — so far.

Campaign against an unnamed chain will be Trump administration’s first.

57 percent of jobs requiring a bachelor’s degree in Silicon Valley are held by foreigners.

Diversity Obsession,

University officials are America’s main diversity hustlers.

Canadian government doesn’t know how well 40,000 Syrians are being “integrated.”

White scholars are retiring.

Hispanic caucus demands DACA fix or they will vote against the funding bill.

White generosity remains unsurpassed.

Neighbor: “Someone breaking into your house, you got a right to shoot them.” Burglar survives.

Bank is refusing to process National Front’s check and credit card payments.

Watches, parties, and a Batmobile: What happened to the wealth of Rhodesia.

Border controls make Hungary one of the safest countries in the world.

Refugees and “migrants” cost Austria $2.12 billion annually.

School challenges authority of DOJ to investigate whether it discriminates against Asians.

“This Administration seems determined to Make America White Again.”

The student is non-white.

Police place school on “lockout” after brawl between Hispanics and Kurds.

Without H-4 visas for spouses, fewer H-1B visas will be sought.

Montrreal mayor disappointed that her party didn’t elect more non-whites.

Civil rights icon John Conyers said to have abused staff and used tax funds to fly in mistresses.

DOJ says Obama appointee oversteeped his authority.

Neanderthals survived nearly 3,000 years in Spain after dying out in the rest of the world.

The despot is out after 37 years in power.

“Anti-Muslim racism” is responsible for all inequalities between Muslims and others in Britain.

The purpose is to “give the existing refugee population a chance to integrate.”

Important human traits may have developed in East Asia.

“White, male privilege is an attractive quality in men for straight women.”

Residents required to show indentification before entering neighborhood for nearly five days.

Video from 1978 leads students to demand “annual anti-oppression workshop.”

Powell wrote her a poem every year on their wedding anniversary.

Impeachment proceedings now probable.

Former mmigration judge explains the connection between immigration policy and gang violence.

And women get lighter sentences than men.

Black man hits white woman in the face and says he has raped other white women.

Enjoyment of the great outdoors is a manifestation of white privilege.

Blacks are 54 percent of the population, but only 5 percent of those with management jobs.

Preofessor tweeted that a “white Europe of fraternal nations” is a “wonderful goal.”

Black nurses ignore white nursing-home patient’s calls for help.