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Richard Spencer, leftist, not welcome.

Muhiyidin Moye has been arrested.

Bad nutrition, poor education, and high murder rates drag down US figures.

She wanted to know which programs could be expanded.

Says it won’t accept illegals from other countries who came through Mexico.

Police are looking for three young black men.

First use of the law in 46 years.

Resident: “I am scared most of the time when I leave my apartment.”

Wilders is worried he will be assassinated like Pim Fortuyn.

He was building a bomb in his apartment.

And 75% want more ICE agents on the border.

More lies from the left’s biggest fundraising scam artists.

Henceforth, no penalties for bad grammar.

And non-whites might not like it either.

The only requirement is being able to speak English.

Londoners protest Trump, but not mass-killings of Christians.

No one has been arrested.

Centrist aligns with Socialist because of the “threat and major danger” of the “far-right.”

French President: “the UK cannot shirk its responsibilities towards child refugees any longer.”

They were headed for Europe.

Anti-Trump groups vow to “keep the momentum.”

Now just being charged with a crime makes you a deportation priority.

There are an estimated 3 million illegals with criminal records.

He was accompanied by Ivanka, Ben Carson, and Alveda King.

This is to make sure no one is offended.

The mayor of El Paso was there.

Senator wants families to have at least 8 children.

Muslim attacker actually being prosecuted for a hate crime.

Meanwhile, French police were raiding her headquarters in Paris.

He has prophetic powers?

We will resume posting news tomorrow.

Illegals are afraid to apply for welfare.

And Trump plans to do something about it.

Straight talk from a conservative.

Polling finds interesting race differences.

A leaked DHS document suggests otherwise.

If Trump doesn’t have the “mental and emotional capacity” for the presidency, he could be removed.

And using ACT and SAT scores is “white supremacy.”

HP Mandates Quotas, National Review

And probably all its suppliers will obey.

They now get meals, a bed, counselling, and Spanish lessons.

She will certainly win the first round of voting, but the second round looks tough.

“Will illegal aliens who are drunk drivers stay sober to honor their boycott day?”

They are children of white liberals.

Cracks widen between local and federal government.

Syed Rizwan Farook converted Enrique Marquez is radical Islamism.

He also must write a letter of apology to the professor.

Black on black violence reaches new lows.

“Affirmative action and black economic empowerment do not demonstrate hatred to white people. I think.”

The left inflates hate crime numbers in the UK just as in the US.

Liberals finally look at how Mexico treats immigrants.