Posted on May 2, 2024

Fox Business’ Larry Kudlow Claims Biden Tax Policy Is “DEI”

Media Matters, April 30, 2024

LARRY KUDLOW (HOST): Joe Biden’s strong support for woke DEI policy — diversity, equity and inclusion — that his administration has inserted into virtually every aspect of American life and government, and of course these colleges. {snip}

The basis of DEI in economic terms is socialist class warfare. {snip}

But, the Biden budget has come up with this crazy idea of taxing white people because they own more assets than people of color. So, Bidenomics seeks to raise the capital gains tax all the way up to 44.6%. And the Janet Yellen Treasury Department points out that white families disproportionately hold assets. {snip}


So, yes, Biden is proposing a five trillion dollar tax hike overall, which will punish the economy and raise the inflation rate. But when you look under the hood of this tax policy goals, you see class warfare, you see diversity, equity, and inclusion, you see racial warfare against white folks and especially successful white folks. {snip}