Posted on April 15, 2022

America Is Up for Grabs

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, April 15, 2022

Because we have stupidly made it so.

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The United States is one of the few countries left that has what’s called birthright citizenship. Anyone born here becomes a citizen automatically. Almost all other countries require that one or both parents be a citizen. We don’t care. The parents can be illegal aliens, tourists, terrorists, even passengers on a cruise ship in US waters. They may not speak a word of English. The baby is as American as apple pie. The only exceptions are supposed to be children of diplomats, but some of them get citizenship, too, because no one checks.

There are millions upon millions of people who would rather be US citizens than, say, Haitians or Nicaraguans, so for decades, pregnant foreigners have been showing up at hospitals, and giving birth to brand-new Americans.

Some are here legally, others have sneaked in.

How often does it happen? Nobody knows for sure, but a non-profit group called the Center for Immigration Studies tried to find out. In this 2018 report, it estimated that about one fifth of the births in the United States — about 800,000 babies — were to mothers who weren’t citizens.

Nearly 300,000 of those mothers were here illegally. There is not one country in Europe where those babies would become citizens.

Let’s think about those illegal-immigrants and their 300,000 births. That is more than all the annual births in Alabama, Mississippi, Kansas, Iowa, Utah, Arkansas, South Carolina, Nebraska, and Mississippi — combined.

And who are those foreign mothers? Here is a table from the report from the Center for Immigration Studies.

The highlighted row shows the percentages of the different groups for which the mother was uninsured or on Medicaid. That means the taxpayer picked up the tab for the birth, no matter how complicated it was. As you can see, that included 66.6 percent of illegal mothers, 46.9 percent of legal foreigners, and 41.8 percent of native — that is, US born — mothers. That’s the share of births you helped pay for.

The average bill for an uninsured mother runs from $8,805 in Nebraska to $29,048 in New Jersey, with California next highest at $26,380. Illegals and foreigners tend to go to the expensive states, so we pay billions to help them produce these US citizens.

If we go back to the table, the second highlighted row shows the percentage of mothers who were not even high-school graduates.

That was 40.7 percent of illegal mothers, 16.4 percent of legal immigrant mothers, and 10.9 percent of native mothers. Just what we need.

Illegal immigrants aren’t supposed to get welfare, but their babies get it. The Center for Immigration Studies finds that households with children headed by an illegal immigrant are almost twice as likely to be using at least one major welfare program as households with children headed by a native: 71 percent to 38.7 percent.

It’s crazy enough to let any foreign woman have a US-citizen baby just because she was passing through. Its’s craziness on stilts to give citizenship to babies with high-school or even grade-school-dropout mothers who sneaked illegally into the country, got you to pay the costs of childbirth, and then went on welfare.

Some of the women go back home. Often the plan is that once the US-citizen baby turns 21, he can sponsor his brothers and sisters and spouses and children and parents all to come live in the US. That’s why these birthright citizens are called “anchor babies.”

Once a family sinks an anchor into the country, the whole gang can follow it in. Aging Mom and Dad can come over, go on Medicaid, and enjoy all the handout programs for indigent old people.

Having a baby American in the family is such a nice insurance policy that some well-off foreigners get tourist visas just to show up and have a baby. That’s called birth tourism. According to some estimates there are as many as 500 Chinese websites that advertise deals that cost up to $60,000 to fly Mama in and put her up in a hotel until she gives birth.

Look at this happy little bun in the oven already licking his chops at the idea of being an American.

It’s against the law to write on your visa application that you are a tourist when your plan is to be a mother, but offenders are almost never arrested. And some of them, despite having money for plane fare and hotels, stiff the hospital, so we pick up the tab. In a unusual 2019 prosecution, Long Jing Yi was indicted for skipping out on a $28,000 bill, but she escaped back to China.

There could be as many as 36,000 birth tourists every year, with the largest numbers coming from China, Korea, Nigeria and Turkey.

No self-respecting country would put up with this. Britain, France, and Germany used to have birthright citizenship, but abolished it. So did Australia, India, and New Zealand. Ireland was the last country in Europe to end birthright citizenship — by national referendum in 2004.

Nearly 80 percent of voters voted to end what they thought was an insult to the very idea of being Irish.

In 2010, when the Dominican Republican ended birthright citizenship, it did so retroactively. It stripped citizenship from thousands of people.

We and the equally bone-headed Canadians are the only advanced countries that still hand out citizenship this way. Canada has birth tourism, too. Look at these happy Chinese on a website that touts the juicy reasons to come and produce your very own little Canadian.

Two thirds of Canadians oppose this, but no one is listening.

In the US, I don’t think even Democrats want pregnant illegals sneaking into the country, having US-citizen babies, and going on welfare. Only people who outright hate America would think this is wonderful.

Some people say that the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, passed in 1868 to grant citizenship to freed slaves, makes anyone born here an automatic citizen.

There can be some legal debate about this, but I will note only this: Plenty of American Indians were born here after 1868, but they weren’t made citizens until an act of congress in 1924.

That was 56 years later.

When Donald Trump was running for president, he thought he had the power to revoke birthright citizenship by executive order. He promised to do it, but never did. I guess he forgot.

If the United States is to be a real country and not just a cow with a million teats, this foolish policy of birthright citizenship has got to end. Especially now.

As this article from just this week points out, the Biden administration has opened the border to the point that we can expect 15 to 18 thousand illegals showing up at the Southern border every day.

They will pronounce the magic word, “asylum,” and be turned loose. Some will be pregnant. A lot more will waste no time getting pregnant. Next year, I predict a bumper crop of anchor babies. A new record.

Did I say that only people who outright hate America could like birthright citizenship? That might include the entire Biden administration.

Vice President Joe Biden addresses National Defense University at Fort McNair in Washington, , D.C. April 9, 2015. Biden spoke at NDU about US military successes defeating ISIS. Original public domain image from Flickr