Posted on February 26, 2021

Are Asians Going Nuts, Too?

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, February 26, 2021

Even the “model minority” is now terrified of “white supremacy.”

Thumbnail credit: © Lev Radin/Pacific Press via ZUMA Wire.

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In the last couple of weeks, there have been more than 20 attacks on older Asians in the San Francisco Bay area. Some have been robberies but many, like the ones caught on these videos, are pure viciousness. The second guy who was pushed, Vicha Ratanapakdee, died, and has become a symbol of what many think are racial attacks. [0:38 – 0:47] Every known perp is black.

Which is no surprise. This is a table from the DOJ on inter-racial violent crime. All it takes is simple arithmetic to calculate that any given black person is more than 45 times more likely to attack an Asian than the other way around.

The only surprise is that the media have paid attention. As NPR reports, “Anger and Fear as Asian American Seniors Targeted in Bay Area Attacks.” But NPR was cagey about the perps. The only clue was the otherwise baffling observation that city council members have “joined social justice groups warning against scapegoating and calling for solidarity between Asian American and African American communities.” Scapegoating? You mean Asians have noticed that the perps are all black?

Well, yes. As a story in The Guardian discovered: “For some Asian elders in the Bay Area, memories of a decade-old spate of attacks on Asian elders in the city’s majority-Black Bayview district is fueling fears and bias.” When Asians notice a pattern, that “fuels fears and bias.

Fortunately, anti-black bias has been stopped in its tracks. As the Guardian explains, “Organizers, activists and academics have repeatedly said that it is white supremacy, a system that oppresses non-white groups, that is at the crux of these racial divisions.” It’s not the fault of black people when they attack Asians. White supremacy makes blacks attack Asians and fools Asians into thinking blacks are violent.

And so, when hundreds of people rallied in San Francisco last Saturday to protest these attacks people wore T-shirts that said “Black and Asian Unity” – in black and yellow, no less – and Eddy Zheng, an organizer from Oakland, explained the real problem: [ video, 2:03 – 2:17] As another person at the rally said, “White supremacy has always pitted racial groups against one another.”

There was a rally in New York City the same day. Justice for Vicha Ratanapakdee” – he was the guy who died after he was knocked down – “End the violence towards Asians. Let’s unite against white nationalism.” You end black violence against Asians by fighting “white nationalism.”

A few benighted Asians persisted in thinking that the problem might have something to do with black people, but as Eddie Zheng, the Oakland organizer explains, they’re ignorant. “For these communities, they’re just focusing on the harm and trauma they experienced without understanding the origins of this country and white supremacy.”

To understand why a black teenager attacked an old Chinese man, you have to understand white supremacy.

Eddy Zheng is just passing along what the authorities say. Janelle Wong teaches Asian American studies at the University of Maryland. As she explained to NBC, If addressing violence against Asian Americans entails furthering stereotypes about Black criminality and the policies associated with those stereotypes … we’ve misdiagnosed the problem.” She says that both Asians and blacks are victims of white supremacy, so “engaging in anti-Black rhetoric or blame does nothing to get at the roots of this prejudice.”

As Xiaofeng Stephanie Da explained in the Michigan Journal of Race and Law, <<and I quote>>, “the racialization of Asian Americans and Blacks in our country is rooted in the preservation of White hegemony; this racialization is harmful to both subordinate groups and serves to reinforce White hegemony by exploiting areas of White privilege and domination.”

It’s hard to understand how Asians are victims of white privilege and domination.

They make a lot more money than whites. As you can see from this table, whites are on the bottom line at $65,900 a year. Every one of the Asian groups makes more money than whites, even Hmong and Bangladeshis. Indians make twice as much money as whites.

Of all groups in America, Asians have the lowest crime and illegitimacy rates, the lowest welfare use, longest life expectancy, and the most years of education. They are doing a lot better than white people.

But it’s wrong to notice that, and it’s especially wrong to call Asians a “model minority.” An Asian activist named Michelle Kim wrote an article about the black-on-Asian violence at Yahoo News called “On Anti-Asian Hate Crimes: Who is Our Real Enemy?” I think you can guess who is.  “Today, white supremacy is in action again, pitting our communities against each other.” The way white supremacy does that is by inventing the myth of the “model minority.” As Miss Kim explained, this myth “was created in the 60s to position Asians in opposition to the Black community, whose social justice activism was seen as a national threat to the status quo of white supremacy. Over the years, this politically motivated and fundamentally anti-Black myth has successfully achieved its purpose of driving a wedge between Asians and other people of color.

Why is the idea of the “model minority” anti-black? Because it falsely suggests that if you work hard you can succeed in America even if you’re not white. *Asians* got ahead. But somehow, whites are oppressing them, too.

How do Asians manage to do so much better than their “white supremacist” oppressors? Beats me. But we’re supposed to believe that if it weren’t for white supremacy, blacks and Asians would love each other. Vicious whites tricked black people into attacking Asians, and tricked Asians into thinking that – well – black people attacked them. If you think that’s how it works, type the words “blacks in China” into an internet search. White supremacy is hard at work over there, too. Dare I call it a conspiracy theory?

So far, Asians have been less likely than blacks and lefty whites to fall for this white supremacy stuff. But two forces are pushing them towards lunacy. One is the huge moral advantage of being a victim. If whites are making blacks attack them, even rich Asians can be victims.

The other force is the hysterical fear that “white supremacy” is everywhere, and the dogma that everything bad is somehow the fault of white people. Even things that aren’t inherently bad become bad when whites get hold of them. As I noted in my last video, even math has to be purged of white supremacy before blacks can learn it.

The implication is that without us, America would be a multi-racial paradise. As Michelle Kim explained in the Yahoo article, the real enemy is white people. So, what’s the solution? Get rid of us? At least some of us.

Joe Biden himself recently said white supremacists are the most dangerous people in America. His nominee for Attorney General, Merrick Garland vows to target white supremacists.

Just this week, the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres warned that white supremacy is a “transnational threat,” adding thattoday, these extremist movements represent the number one internal security threat in several countries.” No doubt, including the United States.

If white supremacy is a such a powerful, terrifying, world-wide force, it’s a cinch to get blacks to beat up Asians. But if whites and their system are so vicious, won’t people begin to think it’s justified to use violence against such evil people?

We are sure to see more attacks on whites – just as the Biden administration cracks down on whites economically in the name of “racial equity.”

And when anti-white violence mounts, who’s fault will that be? Why, ours, of course.

This insanity has dug in for the long haul. Even Asians are losing their minds. This means, the whiter your surroundings, the safer you will be.