Posted on January 11, 2021

Welcome to the Gulag, Mr. President

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, January 11, 2021

Even the president of Mexico says this is an “Inquisition.”

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Welcome to the Gulag, Mr. President. Since the takeover of the Capitol building, you have been wiped off the internet. You lost your Twitter and Facebook account. Instagram suspended you. Your Twitch and Snapchat accounts disappeared.

You had stores on Shopify where you were selling campaign merchandise and Trump products. They’re all gone. You even lost the payment processor on your campaign website, so you can’t take credit cards.

So there was a time you could talk directly to your 88 million followers on Twitter – just the way Louis Farrakhan and O.J. Simpson talk to their followers. Now, you can say to them only what CNN and the New York Times want them to hear.

This sort of thing has been happening to your supporters for years, and I can’t say you did much about it.

Your friends are getting the ax, too. General Michael Flynn, your former National Security Advisor lost his Twitter account. Sidney Powell, who has been suing over election fraud will also tweet no more. YouTube pulled down your recent videos, and will ban any channel that keeps posting them.

Steve Bannon used to have a channel on YouTube, but two days after the Capitol takeover it was gone because he talked to Rudy Giuliani about the election. A former special assistant to the President and a former mayor of New York City can’t have a conversation without being muzzled.

It’s getting hard even to talk about you. There used to be a Discord server called and a subreddit called r/DonaldTrump. Not anymore.

When Twitter chases people away, a lot of them go to Parler. I’m there, along with Ted Cruz, Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and about 12 million other people. But since the Capitol takeover Apple and Google banned it from their app stores and Amazon kicked it off its’ web hosting service. It’s down now, and no one knows when it will be back. I call this a high-tech lynching of an uppity website.

So, into the Gulag with millions more.

CNN’s media correspondent, Brian Stelter is happy that tech companies can ban people he doesn’t like. He just wishes he could ban television he doesn’t like. He’d like to shut down Newsmax, One America News, and even Fox News. What a great way to throttle free speech and your competition.

Missouri Senator Josh Hawley was one of the senators who challenged electoral votes. He had a book deal, but Simon & Schuster broke the contract and won’t publish him. The irony is that the book is called The Tyranny of Big Tech, about the tech companies that are trying to monopolize information. Simon & Schuster clearly wants to join them.

Ariel Pink the godfather of hypnagogic pop – whatever that is – was dropped by his record label jut for attending the rally – before the Capitol takeover.

All this because at the January 6 rally, you told people to go demonstrate peacefully at the Capitol. I guess that’s a dog whistle for “go run amok” because Joe Biden says you incited “insurrection and domestic terrorism.” What a dope. It was a leaderless rabble, with no plan, that caught the Capitol police unprepared and broke into the building. The Capitol police had twice refused offers of help, both from the National Guard and the DC Police. And there’s a simple explanation. There were two huge Trump rallies one in November and one in December — and the only violence was when lefties attacked Trump supporters. The Capitol Police hadn’t even been told to bring gas masks, so they had to be very careful using tear gas.

And as soon as the police got reinforcements, the occupiers left. Peacefully. And we’re supposed to think these guys were trying to overthrow the government?

They weren’t even trying to subvert democracy. Rightly or wrongly, they thought they were saving democracy and recognize the rightful winner.

Where was Joe Biden with his talk of insurrection when people in Portland, Oregon demonstrated and rioted for 100 straight days? They tried to burn down the Police Union building not just once, but three times. Night after night they attacked the federal court house. These guys aren’t worried about tear gas. When police boarded up the courthouse, mobs tried to burn the building. One night they started the fire by burning a US flag and a Bible. This is what the place looked like one morning after the rioters left. There was nothing like this at the US Capitol, was there?

Rioters tried to kill police by firing commercial-grade fireworks at them and to burn their eyes out with lasers. Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler said “You are not demonstrating, you are attempting to commit murder.”

Rioters in Portland tore down statues of Washington, Jefferson, William Clark, and even tried to burn a beloved statue of an Elk. This is where the elk used to be. This will bring root out systemic racism for sure.

And what about the people who attacked the historic St. John’s Church across the street from the white house and set this fire in its basement? Police had to protect firefighters from the mob as they put out the fire.

But that wasn’t terrorism or insurrection, just as in Minneapolis where arsonists destroyed scores of buildings. Unlike at the Capitol, this place burned all in the name of racial justice, so it was OK.

If you can identify any of these dangerous insurrectionists – most of whom just walked through an open door — the DC Police will pay you an award of up to $1,000. If you have any videos of these domestic terrorists, the FBI wants to see them so they can be tracked down, wherever they are, and brought to justice. Kind of like Osama bin Laden

But there’s no reward, no manhunt for these guys even though the Target they looted had be completely torn down and rebuilt. Nobody cares about these guys either, just youthful hijinks, I guess.

Which is why it is contemptible for Joe Biden to claim that the rioters got kid glove treatment because they were white. “We all know that’s true, and it’s totally unacceptable,” he said.

Really? How many rioters did the police kill? Any idea? Two, and only one case was ambiguous. Sean Montorrosa was a looter who led the police on a midnight car chase and rammed a squad car. He had a hammer that the police thought was a gun, and an officer shot him. The other guy, Jorge Gomez, was carrying three guns and was stalking the police with a drawn pistol.

That’s two police killings out of what must have been millions of man-hours of riots that were so bad, 300 cities had to impose curfews.

I suppose Mr. Biden realizes that Capitol police shot dead a young blonde, unarmed Trump supporter Ashli Babbit who was a threat to no one. How many would Mr. Biden like to have seen shot? A dozen people? Fifty? Would that have made him happy?

And how’s this for lefty race rubbish?

The Capitol Riot Was an Attack on Multiracial Democracy.” This in the Atlantic, for heaven’s sake.

And Politico says, “There’s a Term for What Happened at the Capitol This Week: ‘Whitelash’” Here’s the Guardian’s idiotic headline: Insurrection Day: When White Supremacist Terror Came to the US Capital. The idea seems to be that whenever you have more than 10 white people in one place, it’s really a Klan rally. Black Congressman Hank Johnson, who once worried that the Island of Guam would capsize if we sent too many troops, gets first prize with this headline: “Congressman: If an Officer Hadn’t Fired the Shot That Killed Ashli Babbitt, Rioters Would’ve Hanged Black People.” This man helps make our laws.

So, again, Mr. President, welcome to the Gulag and to the upside-down world of the United States, where your supporters are terrorists and where antifa – who are anarchists who really do want to overthrow the government — are romantics who just want justice for black people.

I suppose you know that the day before your Twitter and Facebook bans, Michelle Obama put up a tweet that said, “Now is the time for Silicon Valley companies to stop enabling this monstrous behavior – and go even further than they have already by permanently banning this man.” And that’s what happened. Michelle just asks her billionaire pals and they snuff out her number-one political enemy. Isn’t that what Vladimir Putin is supposed to do?

I’m not the only one who thought of that. Alexey Navalny, the number one dissident in Russia was horrified at the Trump bans. “This precedent will be exploited by the enemies of freedom of speech around the world,” he said. A dictator can say, “Trump got blocked. Why not you?”

And here’s a headline: “Mexican President Defends Trump and Calls Out Big Tech for Violating Free Speech.” He said Social media banning Trump was — “like the Holy Inquisition, for the management of public opinion. I never thought we would deserve lectures on free speech from Mexicans.

It’s getting pretty crowded here in the Gulag, Mr. Trump, with all your friends and 12 million Parler users. I think pretty soon we’ll have enough people to start our own country.