Posted on September 11, 2020

How They Kill Each Other in Chicago

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, September 11, 2020

It’s a black thing. You wouldn’t understand.

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Chicago made it through Labor Day with a surprisingly low death toll. A three-day weekend usually means a shooting spree, but it rained all day Monday, and Chicagoans don’t like to shoot each other in the rain. So the typical headline read “At Least 52 Shot, 7 Fatally, Labor Day Weekend.” The “at least” means there could always have been more people winged that the police didn’t hear about.

So it was just a typical weekend. For the two previous weeks, it was 55 shot, 10 killed, and 66 shot, five killed.

For anyone with a taste for the morbid, there is a very informative website called that tracks the shooting, practically day by day.

Click here for a full-size version.

At the top, near the middle, are the year-to-date shooting figures, as of early September (the numbers are sure to be different by the time you read this). So far this year, there have been 495 people shot and killed, 2,414 shot and wounded, for a total of 2,909 people who have stopped bullets. Chicagoans love to shoot each other, but occasionally they get creative. About four percent of the time they stab each other to death, and occasionally they beat each other or strangle each other until dead. Only about half a percent of killers this year ran someone over with a car. These unorthodox killings have brought the death toll so far to 541. But nearly 3,000 shootings? That is a lot, especially during a serious ammunition shortage. And we still have almost one third of the year left to go.

As you can see in the upper right, Chicagoans have bad aim: More than 85 percent of the people who stop a bullet survive. This is partly due to top quality first aid and emergency rooms. Doctors save a lot of people who would have died even just 20 years ago. If you’re going to get shot, Chicago is a good place for it.

HeyJackass has a grim sense of humor. What it calls the shot clock reports that so far this year, a Chicagoan was shot every two hours and four minutes and murdered every 11 hours and eight minutes. There is lots of other information here, about which part of town have the most killings, day to day activity, and yearly homicide figures. There is an interesting graphic of shot placement, as you can see towards the lower right. Not surprisingly, head and torso shots are most likely to be lethal.

What HeyJackass calls the Summer Shooting Season begins at the end of May and runs through Labor Day, and this year’s season has been brisk: a body count of 342, compared to last year’s 172, which is almost exactly double. It’s unusual for a murder rate to double, but these are unusual times.

So, who’s doing the killing? We don’t know, and that’s partly because the Chicago PD arrests so few murderers. Last year, when 489 people were killed, police made only 109 homicide arrests. That’s an arrest rate of just 22 percent, and I suspect this year that figure will be lower.

We do know the race of victims: 79 percent black, 16 percent Hispanic, and 4 percent white. We know the racial demographics of the city, so we can calculate that a black Chicagoan is 20 times more likely than a white Chicagoan to be killed, and a Hispanic is four times more likely. White supremacists must be roaming the city murdering people of color, right? No. Chicago used to release data on race of arrested murders, (see page 35 of report) but it stopped years ago. Still, we know from those old data and from data from other cities that almost every black is killed by a black and almost every Hispanic by a Hispanic. Whites kill very few people who aren’t white, while a somewhat larger number of whites is killed by a person of color. So, it’s safe to estimate that a black person is *at least* 20 times more likely that a white to be a murderer, and a Hispanic is at least four times more likely. Put another way, if Chicago were all white, and the additional whites killed people at the same rate as whites living there now, the murder rate would fall by at least 87 percent. You could lay off a lot of cops.

Sometimes a killing is caught on video. Here is one from May 31 this year. As you can see, the shooter’s pal, at the left, checks to see if the guy they want is in the car, and then the fella in white opens up, apparently catching his dreadlocked pal somewhat by surprise. He empties his pistol, and walks away without his pants falling down. The man in the car was pronounced dead at the scene. No arrests so far.

How about shootings with lots of victims? The record this year was a hail of bullets in which 15 people were shot. That was at a funeral There have been 11 cases with five victims, 21 cases with four, and 76 hat tricks.

Sometimes, the Chicago police shoot people. So far this year, they shot 13 compared to the 2,909 criminals shot. That is 0.4 percent – not exactly a plague of police shootings.

As in just about every American city, on those rare occasions when the police do shoot someone – a black someone, anyway – there is always the chance of a riot. In 2018, word got out that police had killed an unarmed man and this happened. [[0:05 – 0:21]] So the police released body-cam video. [[0:10 – 0:32]] Yes, that does look like a handgun.

Chicago cops have better aim than criminals. Out of this year’s 13 shootings the tally has been five killed, eight wounded, for a kill rate of 38 percent, which is better than double than 17 percent for the bad guys. Cops call an ambulance right away, so the people they shoot get quicker treatment and that lowers what would probably be an even higher kill ratio.

For the curious, the average hospital costs after a Chicago shooting are $55,000. Just the first 35 minutes costs $21,000. The average Chicago ambulance ride costs $1,000, and a homicide autopsy costs $800. All this murder and mayhem has drained $154 million so far this year from the city budget.

With all these killers on the loose, it is surprising that this year there have been only 15 cases of justified self-defense shooting. Five killed; 10 wounded.

How do the murder figures – 541 so far this year – compare with other ways to die in Chicago? In all of last year, only 96 Chicagoans died in traffic accidents. Death in house fires? Last year, there were only 91 in the whole state of Illinois. So it should be no surprise to learn that murder is the leading cause of death for Chicagoans, ages 15 through 34, and it’s the second cause of death – after accidents – for newborns up to age 14.

So far this year, Chicagoans have shot 47 children age 12 and under, and killed 11 of them. Just last weekend, police identified this eight-year-old murder victim as Dajore Wilson.

Dajore Wilson

Here is an interesting graph one of our viewers put together, comparing deaths by homicide to deaths by Covid so far this year. The purple bars are homicide and the blue bars are the virus. Homicide was a much more likely cause of death for Chicagoans ages 0 to 17, and still about twice as likely for 30 to 39-year-olds. Only after age 40 does Covid become a more likely killer than fellow citizens. Data on Covid deaths are here.

While we’re at it, it’s worth noting that car jackings are way up. So far this year there have been 727, compared to 603 for all of last year, and there have been arrests in just 5.1 percent of them. That means 95 percent of car jackers got away, despite the fact that the victim usually gets a good look at the perp. We have no info on race of perp, but I suspect there is a pattern.

Just for fun, here is a graph of homicides per 100,000 residents that is to say, the murder rate — in the city during the Al Capone era in the roaring ’20s and since the ’60s. The ’20s are in blue, then there’s a gap, and the 1960s start in red. Chicago was relatively tame in the ’20s.

Click here for a full-size version.

Of course, in the 1920s, Chicago was more than 90 percent white, and now it’s about one third white.

It can’t be fun to be a cop in Chicago. Just this month the FBI field office reported that there has been a pact between about 30 gangs in the city. They have promised that they will shoot any officer who draws his weapon in public. Some gang thugs may be keeping their word. Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown said recently that so far this year, 51 officers have been either shot or shot at. He said that was four times as many as in any previous year in the city.

So, Chicago is on track for a bad year. July was the single deadliest month in 28 years, with 105 killings, up from 44 the previous year. Chicago traditionally has a lower murder rate than cities with a higher percentage of blacks — Detroit, Baltimore, Cleveland, Compton, Wilmington — but it may pull ahead of some of its rivals this year.

But, of course, the lefties are going to solve the problem. Not just in Chicago but in the whole country. They’re going to defund the police. If that doesn’t work, just loot all the luxury-goods stores on Michigan Ave. again. Black Lives Matter, right?