Posted on August 1, 2020

How to Fight the Madness

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, July 31, 2020

Voices of sanity have never been more important.

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Today, we are seeing white surrender on an unprecedented scale. Companies that had their stores looted by blacks are splashing out hundreds of millions of dollars to — black activist organizations. All across the country, local governments are taking down not just Confederate statues but Columbus, pioneers, even revolutionary heroes.

You can be fired for saying “white lives matter.” At least a few whites have been seen publicly licking the boots of black people.

The spot where drug-addled George Floyd resisted arrest and died in custody has become a shrine. White people guard access to what they call “a sacred healing space” and refer to it as holy ground. Maybe a Biden administration would make it a National Monument.

And, of course, big tech is cracking down harder than ever on the least glimmer of common sense — and not just about race. Google has long pretended that my website, American Renaissance doesn’t exist, but now it doesn’t even return search results for Breitbart News. Here is a graph of Google-generated clicks and impressions for the term “Joe Biden” at before and after Google “adjusted” its search algorithms. Google doesn’t want you to know about a site that doesn’t support the Democrat candidate. That’s how terrified our media rulers are of people they can’t control.

So what do we do? We work harder than ever. It’s when the whole country seems to be going mad that voices of sanity are most valuable. You can be one of those voices. White Americans are angry, confused, groping for answers. You can help. Obviously, you can send people links to subversive — that is to say common-sense — articles and websites. But it’s just as important to talk to people. You can help them see through this giant con game. For many people, face-to-face conversation has more impact than anything they read.

Millions of Americans just need a nudge in the right direction to realize that BLM-mania is unhinged. Millions of Americans were shocked when Nancy Pelosi and her pals got on their knees to George Floyd. I know that, because the last few months brought hundreds of thousands of people to our site, Yes, we are being shadow banned and deplatformed and demonized, but people want answers and they can still find us.

Think about the people in your life who have persuaded you to change your mind about something. They didn’t do it by losing their temper or calling you names. They did it by trying to understand why you thought the way you did and by explaining — gently and factually — why you were wrong. You can do this. And the more practice you get, the better at it you become.

I know people who strike up conversations with strangers in the checkout line, with something like: “What are they thinking taking down statues of George Washington?” It doesn’t suit everyone to talk to strangers, but if you open the door, a lot of people will walk through it.

Now, I know some of you are thinking, “What kind of wimpy advice is that?” I hear from a lot of young people who have seen the light and want to throw themselves full-time into the fight for our people. They’re impatient. They see a crisis and they want to get right to work. But this is a long struggle, and they should take the time to prepare themselves. I tell them: first: finish your education. Then, establish yourself in a career, preferably free-lance or self-employed, so you won’t be fired if you’re doxed. Think about careers that will give you *skills* you can contribute to our movement. If you become a graphics designer, or a video or sound engineer, or a website programmer, or fundraiser, or a first-rate writer or editor, you can be a big help without exposing yourself.

Get married and start a family. That’s as important as anything else you’ll ever do. While you are building a career and starting a family, it may be that the most important thing you can do is give money to people and organizations doing work you respect. Every activist organization needs money; without contributors they die.

Once you are established, think about running for office. There are thousands of jobs in local politics that don’t take a lot of money or even a party affiliation: city or county council, school board, even state legislature. Don’t run as an all-out, pro-white candidate. In the right district you’ll get a lot of support simply by not kissing the feet of BLM and anti-racist activists, and by opposing illegal immigration. You’ll have to study up on local issues and find out what voters care about. But you can have a huge impact, just by entering the race.

You may have never heard of Frank Borzellieri, but from 1993 to 2004, he was the most famous local politician in the country. He first ran at age 30, and was releected three times to the school board in the Bronx, New York. He blasted anti-white bias and the idea, that, in his words, “white Europeans are to blame for all the historical troubles of man.” He caused a huge stink and he got more of the vote every time he ran. He lost reelection only because all the school districts in New York City were rolled up into one giant one. He influenced and inspired countless people. If you are smart and energetic, you can do the same.

And think about community. When you have children — not if, but when — you will learn just how important it is to be around other people who think as you do. Children need friends and playmates, and they are important influences on what they think. That is why people who have views outside the mainstream build communities: Think of the Amish, Orthodox Jews, Mormons. Their lives revolve around the ideas that are central to who they are.

You and your friends can become the nucleus of a community, but you may have to expand your circle. This is important because the more people you know, the more people you can influence. And the more people you know, the greater will be your network of supporters if you are doxed or fired or harassed in some way.

How do you expand your circle? Find a conservative church, whether you are Christian or not. Many churches very considerately post BLM signs or fly the rainbow flag, so you know which ones to avoid. All churches want more members and are very welcoming. With only a small effort, you can greatly expand your circle.

Join a gun club. You need to know how to use firearms anyway, and you’re sure to meet likeminded people. When I’m out of the house, do you know where I am most likely to be recognized by supporters? At the range. And if you are a woman, a gun club is a great place to meet lots of healthy-minded men.

To repeat: Yes, the country is going crazy — and that’s exactly why we have to stay sane. And that’s exactly why so many people will find a voice of sanity — your voice — so appealing.

There are still nearly 200 million white people in this country. They are not all lemmings and sleepwalkers. It is our job to find and encourage comrades, and to explain to our brothers and sisters the crisis we face and what is at stake.

Every social change starts with a few, dedicated people. Join us, and become part of the great challenge — the great adventure — of our time: the fight for our people and civilization.