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Dan Rather’s forthcoming book is a can of Fix-a-Flat for the Hindenburg.

Defending Our Culture

We must first define it and live it.


Moment of Unity in a Disintegrating World

The unity following the Las Vegas massacre will be short-lived.


The Obama Foundation wants to hire a diversity consultant.

Facts on U.S. Latinos, 2015, Pew Research Center

Minimal gains in English proficiency by foreign-born Hispanics since 1980.

What Cultural Marxists Would Say About Looting

There’s one rule: Don’t mention race.


Hispanic Consciousness, AR Classic Article

Happy Mexican Independence Day.

Diversity brings vibrancy to high school football game.

Yet another benefit of diversity.

Who brought these third-world conditions?

State must pay for interpreters in civil as well as well as criminal cases.

The Camp of the Saints: This Century’s ‘1984’

Does the West have the will to survive?


Notes from a White Country, Part IV

Diversity and tokenism in Poland’s media.


An anti-white Muslim ghetto, celebrated by elites.

Especially since more and more schools are majority non-white.

Diversity inevitably brings conflict.

What Still Unites Us?

Pat Buchanan doesn’t have an answer.


Georgetown Law no longer looking at LSAT results.

A good interview—and with a compilation of Mr. Taylor saying “huwhite.”

With Muslim immigration comes terrorism.

The Death of Europe in 29 Pictures

Scenes from the “refugee” crisis.


“Clowns Without Borders” will liven up integration events.

Is America Still a Nation?

. . . probably not.


Census numbers can’t be trusted.

The question is whether the people will follow them into the dark.

Diversity is Bunk, American Thinker

It brings no obvious benefit.

Tales from the Hood, AR Classic Article

A Chinese woman tells what it was like.

Our embassy in Brussels wants to make the world a better place.

Common sense still common in the UK.

BBC make a compelling dramatization of the Rochdale sex grooming scandal.

Middle Eastern ethnic conflict comes to DC.

Dances with Mexicans

What I learned as a warehouse worker.


The Liberal Need for Exoneration

It blinds them to the obvious.


Silver Spring: Third-World Melting Pot in Maryland

A glimpse of multicultural America.


But they still won’t release their hiring figures.

Common sense is punished once again.

Notes on the coming demographic transformation.

Professor says language isn’t “racist,” since 60% of its speakers are black.

Is Democracy in a Death Spiral?

Democracy is increasingly seen as a means to an end, not an end in itself.


The usual kind of “diversity” doesn’t help at all.

The Han don’t like the Hui.

Immigration and Human Nature, AR Classic Article

A comprehensive diagnosis of our current insanity.

There were only 47 English majors in 2016.

Austrians and Czechs are the least “immigrant-friendly.”

Soccer hooligans exploit multiculturalism.

Asian woman admits she can’t be truly American.

Being married and white helps.

He is the son of Egyptian immigrants.

Remembering Lawrence Auster

His insights should be remembered by everyone who cares about whites today.


Mustafa Bashir was angry his wife was wearing Western clothing and socializing with “English slag girls.”