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73 percent of Iraqis don’t want an unmarried couple for neighbors.

The Colonization of Europe, AR Classic Article

How Europe could become Eurabia.

And there are no signs of a new one.

It’s a small part of the school’s $57 million annual diversity budget.

Researcher thinks “salesmanship” on the benefits of diversity will solve the problem.

The hire will help protect the environment with a “diversity strategy.”

To 65 million.

The country let in near record numbers of immigrants last year.

The dialect in London will become “Multicultural London English.”

But the New York Times calls it “new face of California.”

He got cold during an exercise in Wales.

This falsifies crime statistics.

It will “help them reconnect with their cultural heritage.”

This is the annual “Students of Color Leadership Retreat.”

Diversity in the Army, AR Classic Article

A thin veneer covers serious trouble.

We will all be saying “dis” and “dat.”

If Muslims don’t become more like liberals, will liberals become more like Muslims?

He doesn’t like political correctness.

The Wages of Idealism, AR Classic Article

A white woman who wanted to change the world.

38 percent say increasing racial diversity is “harmful because some people feel like they no longer belong.”

Don’t Write Off the Liberals, AR Classic Article

A real racial movement cannot be exclusively conservative.

Paying the price for foolish policies

“The force has already approved hijab-wearing officers.”

Norwegian king betrays his country.

But in the West they quickly learn to play the multi-culti game.

Multiculturalism and Marxism, AR Classic Article

An Englishman looks at the Soviet origins of political correctness.

Some Asians want statistics on Hmong, Samoans, etc. Others would rather not know.

The beating of a newspaper intern stopped when one attacker said, “Stop! He’s not white! He’s Asian!”

Leftists bemoan the “racist” origins of our National Parks.

Donald Trump and the Demographics of Protest

What Donald Trump rallies tell us about America’s future.


Louisville bureaucrat: “We understand you need to teach these boys a little bit different.”

Fifteen French towns have banned burkinis.

Canadian grocer had to pay $21,000 for wrongly accusing a black man of shoplifting.

GAO: “Having a demographically and economically diverse board strengthens an organization . . . .”

Poll suggests US may be the most brainwashed Western country.

Virginia Tech claims these are just “guidelines,” not “mandates.”

Even hourly employees must submit personal “diversity and inclusion” statements.

They say it’s information investors should know.

And now president announces “a host of new diversity initiatives.

Some people think parks are “white people’s preserves.” This must change.

Twitter’s workforce has dropped to 0 percent black.

College wants to hire 50 new non-white professors in the next four years.

Because “diversity is central to the nature of WSU.”

Sound thinking from Thomas Sowell.

But he didn’t seem dangerous.

Shooter, Omar Mateen, is probably a jihadi.

National Review gets it half right.

Is Diversity a Strength for America?

Remarks at a debate at Kentucky State University.


There also weren’t enough pictures of non-whites on the walls of British nursery.

Council says residents speak too many languages to make an inclusive commemoration possible.