Posted on May 22, 2024

Outpouring of Support for ‘Victim’ After Sickening Video Emerges of Twisted ‘Bully’ Choking Him Unconscious

Martha Williams, Daily Mail, May 22, 2024

Disturbing video has revealed the moment a young boy was knocked unconscious by an alleged bully who put him in a headlock.

The shocking footage, shared on X by jiu jitsu star Dillon Danis, showed one boy preparing to put another kid in a headlock as he announced: ‘If I stay stop, you gotta stop.’

As the alleged attacker wrapped his arms aggressively around the other boy’s neck, the victim struggled to escape and pry the bully’s arms from around his throat.

While the boy was placed in a headlock, the cameraman jokingly said ‘worldstar’ – referencing the website World Star Hip Hop, known for posting fight compilation videos.

The incident occurred in Fowlerville, Michigan, around 30 miles east of Lansing. The circumstances of the incident are unclear, MailOnline has reached out to the local police and school district for comment on this story.

The video has been viewed over 5.5 million times. Do you know who either person is in the video?

Eventually, the bullied boy’s body went limp and he fell face first into the dirt – where his bully dropped him. The person videoing burst out laughing.

Danis wrote: ‘This makes me sick to my stomach,’ in his post on X. ‘Could have killed the poor kid. If we find his name, I’ll pay for his membership at any local Jiu Jitsu gym,’ he continued.

Users on X were outraged by the horrific video. One wrote: ‘The fact they recorded it and proceeded to say ‘worldstar’ make this even more disgusting.

‘At least they have already provided evidence for this case. Hope the kid doing the chokehold and the camera man get prison time.’