Posted on May 8, 2024

Asian Americans Fear Hate Crimes Are Rising

Niala Boodhoo, Axios, May 1, 2024

While most Americans overall think hate crimes against Asian Americans are going down, Asian Americans disagree: 1 in 3 reported being the subject of hate this past year, a new survey finds.

Why it matters: Four years after the pandemic when the nation saw surges in anti-Asian hate, Asian Americans still feel they are targets despite anti-hate campaigns and assurance from elected officials.


By the numbers: Americans in the survey believe hate has increased the most toward Black Americans (42%), followed by Asian Americans (33%) or Hispanic Americans (25%), according to the STAATUS Index (Social Tracking of Asian Americans in the U.S.).

  • In stark contrast, 61% of Asian Americans feel that hate toward them has increased, the study showed.
  • The percentage is higher for Black Americans (73%) and lower for Latinos (41%).

Zoom In: 41% of Asian Americans think they are likely to be the victim of a physical attack in the next five years because of their race, ethnicity, or religion, the survey found.

  • Only 38% of Asian Americans completely agree they belong in the U.S., and just 18% completely agree they are accepted in the U.S. for their racial identity, the survey found.
  • 59% of Asian Americans think it is at least somewhat likely that they will be a victim of discrimination in the next five years.