Posted on May 16, 2024

Eurovision: A Festival of Degeneracy

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, May 16, 2024

And we can’t blame it on the Great Replacement.

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The Eurovision Song Contest is the most watched non-sporting event in the world. It started in 1956, as a way for European countries to come together with music to help heal the scars of the Second World War.

It has since become a full-blown festival of degeneracy. This group, Nebulossa, was one of this year’s competitors.

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Popular music has had revolting acts for a long time, but Eurovision is different.

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It is the Olympics of song. Every group is chosen by the national broadcaster — that would be the BBC in the case of Britain — and this is supposed to be the face of the nation.

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At one point in the contest, the participants come on stage with national flags, just like the Olympics.

Credit: Frédéric de Villamil from Paris, France, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

There is a strange whimsy about the countries that participate. This year’s 37 contestants included Australia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Cyprus, and Israel, though they aren’t in Europe.

Morrocco participated one year. China tried to join in 2015, but wasn’t let in. Israel has competed 45 times and won the contest four times, and this is probably why Turkey is the only regular Muslim participant.

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The stage has the words “united by music” projected on it, but Eurovision is drenched in politics.

This year there were thousands of pro-Palestine demonstrators demanding that the Israeli contestant get the boot.

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Greta Thunberg, hollering for Hamas, was arrested for failing to disperse.

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Watching the winners over the years is sobering. This act won in 1956. [0:12 – 0:22] By 1965, the songs were more up tempo. [3:17 – 3:28] In 1974, ABBA was the winner. [7:21 -7:32] Celine Dion pretty much closed out the 1980s. [12:10 – 12:22] By the 1990s, there was dancing that would have astonished earlier winners. [13:26 — 13:40] 2006 might have been the first year of the deliberately repulsive winner. [18:44 – 18:55] In 2009, backup dancers were doing pushups. [20:04 – 20:12] In 2010, it was still possible to win without being outright freakish. [20:13 – 20:22] Not so in 2014. [21:37 – 21:48] The man in the dress is an Austrian who goes by the name Conchita Wurst.

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Conchita is Spanish slang for the vagina and wurst is German slang for the penis.

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2022 was shamelessly political. Russia was kicked out because of war with Ukraine. And guess who won? The Ukrainians, of course, and they didn’t even have to be grotesque. [24:16 – 24:26] But last year’s winner was aggressively weird. [24:39 – 24:49]

You might imagine that this year’s acts from Eastern Europe would be more traditional than the decadent West. You’d be wrong. Here are the Serbians. [1:41 – 1:56] The Estonians look like they are trying to be black gang members. [0:15-0:27] And this Irish creature called Bambie Thug seems to a satanist. [0:33 – 0:45]

I expected an orgy of BIPOCs but was spared. This practically pornographic Austrian entry lets just a few non-white faces flash by. [1:24 – 1:42] The one out-and-out African contestant — representing Denmark, of all places — dressed relatively modestly and performed without acrobats. [1:08 – 1:20]

But, needless to say, the winner, crowned just last weekend, was a “non-binary” something from Switzerland. [0:32 – 0:42] This brings me to how the contest is scored. Half the votes are cast by professional, music-business judges, and half are cast by viewers who do it by internet.

The winning Swiss creature got a lot more votes from judges than from viewers, which leaves you suspecting a thumb on the scales.

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The Israeli girl, who got boos from the floor, came in fifth, but with a lot more viewer votes than judges’ votes.

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With huge crowds roaring anti-Israel slogans outside the hall, I imagine the judges were worried that if she won there would be riots.

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But even worse than the politics is the degeneracy.

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Along with a strong dose of salaciousness.

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Remember, this isn’t a private-enterprise race to the bottom; national broadcasters chose these acts to represent their countries. The goal of many groups seems to be outrage and even perversion — if we are still allowed to use that word. An old-style song, no matter how beautifully performed, would never make it through the national competition, much less win.

This is an internal sickness we can’t blame on The Great Replacement.

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Much of Eurovision is frankly nihilist. It says there is no such thing as beauty, good health, or purity of heart. The contestants carry national flags, but you wonder why. What does nation mean to these people? Increasingly, wherever they come from, they sing in English.

Laugh all you like at this North Korean girl band. [0:48 – 1:11] But which is better: Eurovision or these ladies singing, “Study now. Build up a wonderland of our special kind”?