Posted on November 14, 2023

Virginia Teen Shot Dead by Ex-Boyfriend in Murder-Suicide Weeks After Seeking No-Contact Order Against Him

Olivia Land, New York Post, November 10, 2023

A Virginia teen was shot and killed this week by her ex-boyfriend in a suspected murder-suicide just weeks after seeking a no-contact order against him.

Serenity Hawley, of Blacksburg, was just two days away from turning 18 when her ex-boyfriend, Croney Monk, allegedly shot her in the chest before turning the gun on himself Tuesday, her devastated family told 10 News.

The former couple’s bodies were later found in Hawley’s car in a local parking garage, according to the Roanoke Times.

Hawley sought a no-contact order against Monk through Blacksburg High School about a month before the tragedy, complaining about him harassing and blackmailing her, according to her family.

“I do believe that this could have been prevented,” her mother, Heather Waldron, told the outlet.

“People in positions of leadership knew that he has a history or a past, and I think that if that had been taken care of, we wouldn’t be here,” the grieving mom said.

“I just hope that this is a wake-up call for others that could be in this situation. And I hope that this will prevent someone else, another parent, from living this nightmare.”

Hawley’s father, John Hawley, said his daughter was being intimidated by her ex — but mostly kept it secret from her family.


“But we found out today that, yeah, in the hallways he would walk in front of her and make his presence known, and just do different things.

“He was on social media constantly. He was blackmailing her, telling her he was going to show this and show that. Those are not the types of things that kids need to be doing.”

Hawley’s stepmother, Katherine Hawley, also said there was “a lot of stuff that we found out after the fact that we wish we would have known.”