Posted on October 4, 2023

Tennessee Father-Of-Three, 38, Is Shot Dead at Point Blank Range on the Way to His High School Reunion

Martha Williams, Daily Mail, October 3, 2023

A Tennessee father-of-three has been shot in the head by a career criminal after arguing with him on the way to his high school reunion.

Christopher Wright, 38, was a prominent businessman and beloved dad from Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Christopher Wright

Christopher Wright

He was on the way to his 20th-anniversary high school reunion at Baylor School in downtown Chattanooga on Thursday when he got into a fight with two men.

Video surveillance reviewed by police showed the moment Wright was shot in the head at close range by Darryl Roberts, 57, also known as ‘Too Tall’, presumably for his height of 6’6.

Darryl Roberts

Darryl Roberts

Roberts was found on Friday at 4pm and taken into custody after being arrested for at least the 60th time in his life.

He will face a first-degree murder charge for shooting Wright and jail records show that his bond was set at $5million, according to the NY Post.

Wright’s wife Acacia had given birth to their child Aprilia just eight weeks before his tragic death and already had two young boys – Declan and Abbott.

A GoFundMe was organized to raise money for the grieving family and has gathered over $413,000 as of Tuesday afternoon. Over 1000 people have donated to the fundraiser ‘In Support of The Wright Family’.

The organizers wrote: ‘As Acacia and Chris’s family are faced with the unimaginable, we come together in this most difficult time of grief and sadness to support them. Your donations will directly support their three children and their educational pursuits and future obligations.’

Wright was a high school athlete who played football and basketball at Baylor School before attending Yale University. He returned to his hometown of Chattanooga where he worked as a partner at Alderman Enterprises.

Witnesses of the crime said that Wright and Roberts had a dispute that resulted in the killer walking straight up to Wright and placing the firearm against his forehead before shooting him, according to the affidavit.

The seasoned criminal’s previous charges are shown by court documents to include theft, traffic violations, vandalism, driving under the influence, possession of prohibited weaponry, domestic assault, public intoxication and others.

One charge brought against Wright’s killer was filed in 2010 for first degree murder, but the charges were dismissed by the court.

A GoFundMe was set up for Wright and his family which has received over 1000 donations and $413,000
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A GoFundMe was set up for Wright and his family which has received over 1000 donations and $413,000

Roberts pleaded guilty to a charge of domestic assault and vandalism in 2016 after he pushed his then-wife while she was working at the fast food restaurant Wendy’s and then punched the drive-thru window.

Despite facing at least 66 charges since the early 1990s, he had never served time in prison for his crimes. Court documents show that most of his guilty pleas resulted in community service or suspended sentences.

Chattanooga Mayor Tim Kelly said on X: ‘Last night’s shooting was a terrible tragedy that our community will not soon forget. My heart goes out to Chris Wright’s wife and children, and all his family, friends, and colleagues, who have suffered this terrible, unjust loss.’

Speaking about gun violence, the Mayor said: ‘I’m sick of it, and as mayor, I will not tolerate it. If you commit violent crime in Chattanooga, you can be certain that we will use every tool in our arsenal to lock you up- and we have a nation-leading closure rate of more than 80%.’