Posted on April 23, 2023

EU Lawmakers Demand Obligatory Hosting of Migrants Under Looming Overhaul

Gabriela Baczynska, Reuters, April 20, 2023

European Union lawmakers voted on Thursday to require member countries to host some of the refugees and migrants coming to the bloc at times of high arrivals, part of a fiercely contested reform due ahead of a 2024 pan-European election.

The European Parliament adopted its position on the looming reform of the bloc’s migration and asylum rules ahead of negotiating its final form with the 27 EU member states that have long been split over the so-called obligatory relocations.

Countries including Poland and Hungary refuse to host any of the new arrivals while others including Italy and France – where people from the Middle East and Africa arrive on smugglers’ boats across the Mediterranean Sea – say they cannot cope alone.

Warsaw, Budapest and their allies say they can help by providing money, staff or equipment instead of being legally obliged to take in people. The Mediterranean countries of arrival and the rich destination states like Germany say that falls short.