Posted on April 4, 2023

ESPN’s Jay Williams Not Hiding His Racial Bias

Mark Harris, Outkick, April 3, 2023

Accusing people of being racist while blatantly showing your racial bias during your national radio show is an interesting choice, but that’s become the go-to move at ESPN. Jay Williams stepped up to the plate for the worldwide leader and put on a world-class display of how to disregard reality and simply focus on the skin color of Caitlin Clark and Angel Reese.

During the final minute or so of LSU’s national championship win over Iowa on Sunday, Reese spent her time taunting Clark. The LSU star sought out Clark every moment she could pointing to her ring finger and doing the John Cena ‘You Can’t See Me’ hand motion.

Reese using the ‘You Can’t See Me’ taunt was a call back to Clark doing the same move earlier in the tournament.


These two situations couldn’t be more different, but Williams and other woke members of the media that quite literally only see race want you to think that they’re the same.

Clark threw up her hand for half a second while walking to the bench. Reese did the motion multiple times two feet from Clark’s face.


In the eyes of many, Reese overstepped the line and looked obnoxious walking over to Clark to taunt her for an uncomfortable amount of time.

Williams doesn’t agree with anyone criticizing Reese’s antics, he thinks those who didn’t like Reese’s over-the-top trash talk are racist.

“We have a certain section of people that want to come out and call out people like Angel Reese, who is 20 years old,” Williams said. “Now think about this, the narrative that’s been following this team is that they’re ghetto, they’re thugs…”and today I’m pissed off because instead of congratulating and celebrating LSU, we’re talking about elements of race and double standards.”