Posted on March 28, 2023

DOJ: Feds Gave Green Card to Haitian Mayor Who Ordered Political Killings

John Binder, Breitbart, March 27, 2023

The former mayor of Les Irois, Haiti, was awarded a green card to permanently resettle in the United States despite allegedly carrying out political killings and human rights abuses, the Department of Justice (DOJ) alleges.

This month, 50-year-old Jean Morose Viliena — the former mayor of Les Irois — was arrested, charged, and indicted in federal court on charges that he fraudulently obtained a green card by failing to disclose political killings and human rights abuses that he allegedly carried out or ordered {snip}


The indictment alleges that in July 2007, a witness accused Viliena of assaulting his neighbor during criminal proceedings in Les Irois. {snip} Viliena led an armed militia to the witness’s home, murdered the witness’s brother, and smashed his skull with a rock {snip}

In a second incident, the indictment claims, Viliena and an armed militia forcibly shut down and seized a local radio station that had been founded by journalists and activists. {snip}

Viliena, in the midst of seizing the radio station, allegedly pistol-whipped and assaulted an individual before ordering his murder. {snip}