Posted on February 15, 2023

Democratic Rep. Angie Craig Calls for DC Crime Crackdown After Elevator Attack

Brady Knox, Washington Examiner, February 14, 2023

Rep. Angie Craig (D-MN) called for a crackdown on crime in Washington, D.C., after she was attacked in the district.

Craig was allegedly attacked by Kendrid Hamlin, 26, early Thursday morning in her apartment building’s elevator. Hamlin reportedly got violent after Craig declined to let him use her bathroom. He reportedly punched the representative in the face and grabbed her {snip} She was able to escape after she threw her coffee at him.

Kendrick Hamlin

Kendrid Hamlin

Hamlin was found to have a long rap sheet of over eight years. He’s been prosecuted for sexual and violent crimes. In November, he was arrested after getting violent with Capitol officers who found him lying on the ground. He assaulted several and spit blood in another officer’s face. He was released after just 35 days, and he went on to assault Craig shortly thereafter.

The Minnesota representative appeared on CBS News to discuss the assault. She used the opportunity to call for the city to be tougher on crime.