Posted on October 26, 2022

Canada Commits $200 Million for ‘Black-Led,’ Black-Focused,’ ‘Black-Serving’ Organizations to Fight ‘Racism’

Robert Kraychik, Breitbart, October 4, 2022

The Canadian government announced its launching of a $200 million (CAD) endowment fund for “black-focused,” “black-led,” and “black-serving” organizations on Monday.

In the federal government’s solicitation of proposals from organizations seeking to become the administrator of its forthcoming “Black-Led Philanthropic Endowment Fund,” it applied the left-wing stylistic capitalization of “black,” partly popularized by the Associated Press.

The $200 million fund, according to the federal government, is intended “to reduce anti-Black racism and improve social and economic outcomes in Black communities.”

The Canadian government added:

The investment income will provide funding to Black-led, Black-focused and Black-serving non-profit organizations and registered charities across the country. It will apply a Black-centric and intersectional lens to its operations and granting strategy to ensure that they reflect and benefit the full diversity of Black communities.

The eligibility criteria for organizations seeking to secure the open position to administer the $200 million fund include a racial dimension for people who “self-identify as Black.” {snip}


Arielle Kayabaga, Liberal MP for London West, framed the $200 million plan as a tool to “combat systemic racism and hate” and “advance social and economic equity.”