Posted on September 27, 2022

Maine Democrat Gov. Mills’ Education Program Teaches that ‘MAGA’ Is Covert Racism, White Supremacy

Ashley Oliver, Breitbart, September 21, 2022

Using the slogan “MAGA” is an example of covert racism and white supremacy, according to an instructional video available through Maine’s Department of Education.

The video, found in a publicly accessible slideshow about what makes communities “welcoming and inclusive,” also lists a stunning variety of examples of covert racism and white supremacy in addition to “MAGA,” the tagline of former President Donald Trump’s successful 2016 presidential campaign.

“Calling the police on black people,” “white silence,” “colorblindness,” “mass incarceration,” “all lives matter,” “white privilege denial,” “anti-immigration policies,” “meritocracy myth,” “claiming reverse racism,” and “paternalism,” are among the dozens of examples listed in the video.

The video comes as part of a slideshow, or “module,” recommended by the state Education Department’s Maine Online Opportunities for Sustained Education (MOOSE) for high school-aged students. The video, titled “Racism is a Virus,” is found on slide 19 of the module.


Slide 15 of the module offers resources for students, which include only a few links, two of them being to Black Lives Matter’s and GLAAD’s websites.


MOOSE provides another module to high schoolers that includes a video called “Root Cause,” which teaches about “power, privilege, and oppression.” The video notes, “Examples of privileged identities: white, male, cisgender, heterosexual, wealthy.”

“You could be talking about how white people have power over people of color, and it’s important to know that this is a system set up intentionally to deny people equal access to opportunities,” instructor Andrea Levinsky, who works for Portland Public Schools, says in the video.

Levinsky notes, “I also wanted to add that you don’t need all of the privileged identities to have privilege. So, for example, I’m white, so I have white privilege, but I’m also a woman, so I don’t experience privilege with being a woman.”

MOOSE offers numerous modules as part of Gov. Janet Mills’ (D) taxpayer-funded education plan introduced in September 2021. {snip}