Posted on September 14, 2022

Greg Kelly Says the Media Has ‘No Respect’ for ‘Missing White Women’

Michael Luciano, Mediaite, September 7, 2022

White women have been “demonized” for years, according to Newsmax host Greg Kelly.


Kelly discussed the case of Eliza Fletcher, a jogger in Memphis who was abducted and murdered. {snip}


“We have seen this all too often,” Kelly said. “However, the mainstream media, they want to put the brakes on covering stories like this because of well, the race of the victim.”

He then aired a montage of various television commentators talking about “missing White woman syndrome,” which refers to the tendency of news outlets to disproportionately cover the plights of attractive White women who have disappeared, while largely ignoring others – especially women of color.

Kelly dismissed the idea. As he spoke, the chyron on the screen read, “Fake News Has Spent Years Demonizing White Women.”

“They have no respect – it seems – for missing White women, or White women, period,” he continued. {snip}


“So this is a very toxic stew right now in America for White women,” he continued. {snip}