Posted on July 28, 2022

Video Shows Cops Breaking Up Brawl Between ‘Several’ Kids at Parking Garage Near Universal Orlando

Stephen M. Lepore, Daily Mail, July 26, 2022

For the second time this week a brawl at a major Florida theme park has gone viral after video showed brawling youngsters causing chaos at Universal Orlando CityWalk.

The video, recorded on Saturday, forced police in Orlando to evacuate a parking garage because of a fight involving ‘several juveniles.’

The clip shows at least a dozen kids converging toward one area of the parking lot, with several hitting the pavement before cops arrive at the scene and the young brawlers attempt to scatter; some remain and are told to get on the ground by officers.

The cops eventually become furious with a couple of the teens, saying: ‘You’re not allowed to be here, leave!’ and suggesting they’ll be taken to jail if they don’t.

The young people then explain they need to leave with their friend, who apparently isn’t among them.

Authorities said all this was merely done out of an ‘abundance of caution’ and they didn’t find any guns or hear any shots fired, according to the New York Post.

No arrests were made in relation to the brawl and no one was injured in the fracas, which came on a chaotic day in Orlando, as just hours earlier a false alarm at a nearby mall occurred when customers ran for cover after hearing loud noises that turned out to be fireworks.

The parking garage clip surfaced just days after a similarly shocking brawl at nearby Disney World.

A member of one family left to retrieve her phone from an electric scooter but when she returned to the line, another family – all in white shirts and red shorts – prevented her, pushing the young woman, according to WDWNT.

The family of the woman who returned to the queue has been banned from Disney World for life, one member told the news outlet, while two members of the other family were allegedly arrested.

Several involved received cuts and bruises while one was taken to hospital in an ambulance with large lacerations on their chin.

The initial footage spread like wildfire on social media last week, with Disney cast members and fellow visitors trying to step in and intervene.

Footage shows the family of the woman who had tried to rejoin the queue saying: ‘Listen, man, we don’t want trouble; we don’t appreciate you guys pushing my younger sister.’

That’s when things escalated to shouting and eventually the brawl that has since gone viral. The brother of the girl who was pushed eventually started pushing back and the fisticuffs began to play out.

The new video footage shows two of Disney’s ‘cast members’ and several guests trying to stop the fighting.

Some reports suggested one group stole or damaged several personal items belonging to their opponents including mobile phones and designer clothes, though this could not be verified.

Footage of the incident quickly set social media ablaze but was later removed from video sharing platform TikTok.

Shortened clips of the brawl have continued to circulate on Twitter and Facebook and show how the chaos left garbage and clothing strewn across the ground as scared families attempted to shield their kids from the mayhem.

Orange County Sheriffs, the Reedy Creek Fire Department, and paramedics were all called to the scene shortly after to aid in defusing the situation and treating wounds.

Incidents of mass violence at Disney parks have increased considerably since the COVID-19 pandemic, with the Florida resort reporting more than a half dozen reports this year alone.