Posted on July 29, 2022

Swiss Reggae Band Canceled Because White Members Have Dreadlocks

Dan Lyman, Infowars, July 26, 2022

A reggae band from Switzerland was canceled in the middle of a concert after attendees complained about “cultural appropriation” by white members of the group who have dreadlocked hair, according to reports.

Lauwarm, an artist from the capital city of Bern, describes his style as “dialect reggae peppered with pop, indie and world music.”

Lauwarm and his backing band were reportedly asked to perform on short notice at Brasserie Lorraine in Bern on July 18.

During their set, the group was interrupted by organizers after several audience members reportedly voiced their “unease with the situation” over some band members’ hairstyles.


Bern City Councilman Tom Berger weighed in on the controversy, saying, “Let’s be honest. If you feel ‘uncomfortable’ because white people make reggae music, could it be that YOU are the problem…?”


Brasserie Lorraine released a follow-up statement on July 26 expressing surprise that the incident has made “such waves.”


They also asserted they don’t think the band members or white people are “automatically racist.”


Brasserie Lorraine has announced that a group discussion about cultural appropriation will be held at the cafe next month.