Posted on July 18, 2022

Mom of 10-Year-Old Ohio Girl Who Got Abortion Defends Child’s Rapist

Lee Brown, New York Post, July 15, 2022

The mother of a 10-year-old Ohio girl who crossed state lines to get an abortion has defended her daughter’s 27-year-old confessed rapist — who was wrongly listed as a minor during the medical visit, according to reports.

The mom spoke to Telemundo while hiding behind the door of the Columbus apartment that was also listed as the home of rapist Gerson Fuentes, an illegal immigrant from Guatemala.

Gerson Fuentes

Gerson Fuentes

“She’s my daughter,” the mom, who refused to give a name, confirmed to Telemundo of the girl who would have been just 9 when she was abused and impregnated.

“She’s fine. Everything that they’re saying against him is a lie,” she insisted of Fuentes, who confessed during police interviews to raping the youngster at least twice, according to court records and officials.

The defensive mom, who hid her face when speaking to Telemundo in Spanish, insisted that she had not been the one to file charges against her young daughter’s abuser.

The shocking case came to light when the girl was taken across state lines to terminate the pregnancy in Indiana on June 30, with President Biden highlighting it as proof of the evils of anti-abortion legislation.

However, despite Fuentes being 27, the person listed as getting the girl pregnant was described as a minor in the report her abortionist sent to authorities {snip}