Posted on July 22, 2022

Ex-Trump Aide Calls January 6 Committee ‘Bolsheviks’ Who ‘Hate the American Founders and Most White People’

Elizabeth Elkind, Daily Mail, July 21, 2022

A former Trump administration aide called two female January 6 witnesses ‘hoes and thots’ and lambasted lawmakers on the panel as ‘Bolsheviks’ during a profane rant late on Tuesday after appearing before the panel.

Garrett Zeigler served as an aide to Donald Trump’s trade adviser Peter Navarro, who was charged with contempt of Congress last month for denying the committee’s subpoena.

On Monday Zeigler informed followers on his Telegram channel that he would appear before the committee the following day, and promised to ‘do nothing but tell the truth.’

‘Trump did nothing wrong and the election was stolen. Make America Great Again,’ he said.

The ex-adviser vented about his deposition on the same platform late on Tuesday night. Excerpts of the roughly half-hour tirade went viral on Twitter.

Comparing himself to other junior staffers who complied with the committee, Zeigler said: ‘I’m the young guy in the room, and they’re not even going after any other young people.’

He specifically named Cassidy Hutchinson, Mark Meadows’ ex-assistant who testified in public and in multiple times in private, and Alyssa Farah Griffin, who’s spoken to the committee behind closed doors and resigned in the wake of the Capitol riot.

‘The other young people are total hoes like and thots like Cassidy Hutchinson and this Alyssa Farah hoebag who are just terrible. I mean, they have no clue what they’re saying,’ Zeigler said.

‘Thot’ stands for ‘that hoe over there’ and is used as a derogatory term for women.

He also accused the January 6 committee of being an ‘anti-white’ group who ‘see [him] as a young christian who they can basically scare.’

‘This is a Bolshevistic, anti-White campaign. If you can’t see that, your eyes are freaking closed,’ the former aide fumed.

He said the lawmakers ‘hate America and most white people in general.’

But he did defend complying with the panel’s subpoena, unlike his ex-boss Navarro -and unlike Steve Bannon, who is currently in the midst of a criminal trial – by claiming he was ‘on an island’ where he did not have the same resources to fight the committee.

‘Steve and Peter are much older than me…They can pay attorneys to go to trial. I had to be very smart and circumstances circumspect. So my goal was to avoid contempt of Congress,’ Zeigler told his listeners.

He claimed to have invoked executive privilege or the Fifth Amendment to avoid answering questions ‘over 100 times.’

The ex-Trump aide remained defiant, insisting that the panel was misrepresenting key facts and blasted the media for reporting them.

For example, Zeigler tried to explain that Trump and his allies were not trying to pressure then-Vice President Mike Pence to ‘unilaterally reject elections’ but simply ‘kick it back to the states.’ The plan, as reported, did rely on Pence sending democratically-chosen electors back to battleground states with Republican-led legislatures. Numerous legal scholars as well as Pence himself have insisted he has no legal authority to do that.

But Zeigler accused the former vice president of having ‘betrayed his oath’ by refusing.

He also called President Joe Biden’s inauguration ‘illegitimate.’

‘We don’t have a legitimate Republic. It’s not legitimate. Does that mean that the police aren’t real? No. It simply means that Joe’s a fraud. Nobody believes he got 81 million votes,’ Zeigler claimed.

The January 6 committee was likely interested in details Zeigler could provide about a contentious December 18, 2020 White House meeting, CNN reported on Tuesday.

Witness testimony has already painted a heated confrontation between Trump’s outside allies pushing ways to steal the presidential election while White House aides vehemently opposed them.

Zeigler claimed he ‘wasn’t even at the White House grounds’ that night during his Telegram live stream.

‘The lame-stream press said that I had attended a meeting on December 18 and that i had escorted General Flynn, Patrick Gordon, Sidney Powell into the Oval Office. It’s not the truth. I’ve never said that,’ he said.

‘What I did was, I sent them a URL to a form to fill out, so then they can request the Secret Service to be admitted onto the property. That’s exactly what I did. I did nothing more.’

The January 6 committee is holding a primetime hearing on Thursday night, its final in a current set of summer presentations – though lawmakers have suggested more could come later this year.

Thursday’s hearing will reportedly see two former Trump White House staffers testify – ex-aide Sarah Matthews and former deputy National Security adviser Matthew Pottinger.

Both had resigned their posts after the Capitol riot.

Led by Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger and Democrat Rep. Elaine Luria, Thursday’s hearing will focus on Trump’s actions, and lack thereof, in the 187 minutes between when his supporters first broke into the US Capitol and when he finally called on them to go home.