Posted on May 10, 2022

Packers Post Fan Letter: Why Didn’t We Draft Any White Players?

Jenna Lemoncelli, New York Post, May 9, 2022

Mark Murphy, the president and CEO of the Packers addressed the team’s decisions in the 2022 NFL Draft, and a fan inquiry that expressed curiosity as to why “out of the 11 players drafted by the Packers, none are white.”

Murphy addressed the fan, who is also a shareholder in the team, by name in his monthly Column, “Murphy Takes 5,” which is published on the team website.


“In case you haven’t noticed, approximately 80% of the players in the league are Black, and it has been that way for many years. There was a time, though, many years ago when teams were reluctant to draft Black players. Vince Lombardi, who was discriminated against because he was Italian, helped change things when he came to Green Bay and built the Packers into a dynasty by focusing on bringing in Black players. I am very proud of our players, both Black and white, when they speak out on social justice and equity issues. {snip}”

The fan, Marilyn’s question read in full: “Out of the 11 players drafted by the Packers in the 2022 NFL Draft none are white. I also looked at the first two rounds of 64 and found that only 11 players drafted by all the teams were white. {snip}

“I suggest the NFL is actually racist for always choosing and highlighting black players. {snip}”