Posted on March 10, 2022

NYT Reporter Secretly Recorded Saying Indoctrinated ‘Woke’ Colleagues Are Ruining the Paper

Elliot Dordick, Daily Caller, March 9, 2022

A Pulitzer Prize-winning correspondent for The New York Times said “there’s a real internal tug of war” at the paper between “the reasonable people” and “the crazier leftist shit that’s worked it’s way in,” according to undercover video released by Project Veritas {snip}

The national security reporter, Matthew Rosenberg, who appears to have been recorded without his knowledge, purportedly said he has “a lot of younger colleagues who don’t seem to get what we do (at the NYT),” referring to “woke” employees who arrive after “indoctrination” from “a fancy Ivy League school.”


Asked if this practice of “giving in” to “the crazier leftist shit” pays off for the NYT, Rosenberg said “no, in the end it does not.” “I think we’re alienating more subscribers than we’re getting out of this shit,” he said. “Most of our subscribers are prosperous. Most of them probably don’t want to hear that they’re awful people all the time, and the really woke kind of racial stuff really bugs them.”

“They don’t think a world in which everybody is defined by their racial identity is a good idea,” Rosenberg said {snip}