Posted on March 10, 2022

Meta Unveils ‘Afrofuturistic World’ to Let Users Experience Virtual Racism

Jack Hadfield, Valiant News, March 8, 2022

Meta has revealed a virtual “Afrofuturistic world” as part of their celebrations of black history month, allowing users to experience racism virtually while wearing the company’s Oculus headsets.

The virtual “I Am A Man” tour, designed by artist Gabe Gault, is an “immersive experience… that pays homage to Dr. King, Rosa Parks, the Tuskegee Airmen and more,” Meta explains.

“You can go to a museum, you can see artifacts, you can see writings of old history, but it’s one thing to see those visually, and I think it’s another to kind of be in a 3D environment created around that,” Gault said, who describes himself as “a Black American,” who is “re-appropriating, breaking down, and repurposing Colonial influences in order to celebrate Culture.”


“We are literally making history right now,” said Danielle Young, a journalist. “We tend to be left out of the tech culture a lot of the times [sic], and that ain’t right,” adding that she saw technology as “scary,” but that the virtual experience created by Gault “empowered” her.

“What if the world that Marcus Garvey wanted to see was built in the metaverse,” asked Jay Ellis, an actor who stars in HBO’s Insecure. {snip}